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What’s the deal with tithing?

Money FlyingA week ago, someone asked me my views on tithing.

After a decade of hearing from women who over-give and tithe themselves INTO poverty, my view may be different than she expected.

I don’t believe we can manipulate the universe into making us rich by donating as a vehicle to wealth creation. Life doesn’t work that way.

Here’s my take on tithing: it’s an individual choice. Give for giving’s sake. That can look lots of ways.

I’m a pushover for about a dozen charities, and typically spend LARGE amounts of money each year on stuff I believe in–animals, human rights, the environment, Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable Foundation.

NOT to get any abundance back… but because the pain of leaving things as they are is too great, when I could make a difference.

I don’t see this as tithing. I see it as an experience of abundance.

And I love to give nice things to my local Jewish Council Thrift or Good Will. Clean clothes, furniture, housewares in good condition. Because NOTHING makes me more aware of how much I have… than giving away beautiful things that I don’t need.

And back in the day when I had less cash and a tighter budget, I gave my time and effort (still do). That’s the most precious gift we have to give.

The bottom line is GIVE to the world because giving will make you a happier human being. Give love, time, effort, attention, expertise, things, assistance, and–when you feel called–give cash. Because you want to make a difference. Not because of some idea that giving will make the universe owe you something and reward you with cash.


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