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Pre-emptive Gratitude Magic

I’m ALL about small, easy steps that have huge returns.  I created my Results Accelerator program to prioritize that approach. (That’s why my RA clients stick around forever.)

At the same time I promised to share my best discoveries from my paid programs with you here, for free, so you can try them on your own.

Here’s today’s GOLDEN NUGGET.

I’ve been practicing a little science experiment in pre-emptive gratitude (gratitude for things before they happen).


First thing every morning I make a list of gratitude for what I want to experience that day.

Something interesting has been happening.

I’ve noticed that situations that were sticky seem to resolve themselves–as if by magic–when I put the solution on my list.

I’ve also noticed that when I delay the list, the things that happen before I write the list tend not to work out as well.

I find the pre-emptive gratitude list helps me because I come from many generations of worriers. It’s part of my family’s culture. The idea is if we’re pessimistic enough we’ll be safe. Except it doesn’t work that way. This approach just makes us anxious and depressed.

So for me the pre-emptive gratitude list helps me rehearse a different outcome that makes me feel more resourceful, energized, and powerful. I know it’s a game, but what I want feels more real and possible.

I’ve been so impressed with the difference that I’ve actually added a “Pre-emptive Gratitude List” form to my Results Accelerator program’s daily check in. The members LOVE it!

What kind of stuff goes on the gratitude-in-advance list?


I’ve been playing with being grateful for the things I want to happen THE SAME DAY… like great a podcast interview with a host I was having trouble with, and ease in rescheduling something else, and my dad’s co-trustee resigning so we can move ahead with the house sale without him putting up obstacles.

It’s still early on in the experiment, but I’ve been having some really dramatic results.

The co-trustee texted me his resignation about an hour after I wrote my gratitude list… without my even having to ask him.

The podcast went GREAT!!!! And I predict I’ll make a lot of money from it, too. (Since I’ve already expressed gratitude for the sales and new clients coming from that interview, before we did it.)

The reschedule I was concerned about was a piece of cake.

Another fun tip: if there’s something you’re resisting, you can use gratitude to reprogram yourself to want to follow through. For example I tend to avoid exercise. Lots of childhood trauma around sports, weight, etc, really anchored exercise as punishment. So I focus my gratitude on how wonderful it’ll feel to do yoga in the park, in the open air, overlooking the ocean, watching the waves come in… (specific details help a lot).  The activity shifts into feeling like a reward, something I want to do.

I’m also weaving in some things a further out… things I’m looking forward to manifesting this month, like selling my father’s house for far more than we expect. Gratitude for the wonderful people I’ll meet on my next business trip. Gratitude for the next 4 women to enroll in my 2019 Money Goddess Experience in Bali, who will happily pay this year for next year’s retreat.

And so on.

I’m sharing these examples so that if you have something scheduled on a given day or something coming up, you can sprinkle some extra juju fairy dust by plugging it into your pre-emptive gratitude.



As your own science experiment, try practicing advanced gratitude by writing gratitude for your FUTURE, first thing in the morning. Just try it for a week. See how it feels, and notice what happens.

And PLEASE come back and post your experiences below.

Already do this? Tell us about it!





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