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How I Hit My FIRST 6-Figure Year

Would you like to hear how I had my FIRST 6-figure year?
(And have been multiplying that ever since?)
This is a story I’ve shared with my coaching clients, but I
don’t often share it publicly.
This happened nearly fifteen years ago. It really started with a shift of consciousness.


And then it got really messy. Totally not what I expected.


I had already slayed my money monster, and I had my Money Honey. My finances were stable. I was making a decent living, and I was aware that I was hitting a way-too-low ceiling of what was possible for me.
I made a decision, as I was designing my new lesson for the year, (those of you who have done the Renewal Ritual in my Financial Alchemy workbook on Amazon know what I’m talking about) that I was going to “take off the limits of what I believed possible for myself.”
Boy did that change things for me! Because as soon as I took off the limits of what I believed possible for myself, I took off the limits on what I’d been investing in my business. I started spending money like someone who believed she was going to make 6-figures that year.
I bought all the classes, programs, and coaches I had been too cautious to buy in the past.

I spent more than I ever had before. Without seeing my income rise.

It was like a bad joke. Not at all what I imagined when I set the intention to “remove limits.”
By the time August came around, that year, my bank account was at ZERO. I swore to myself I wouldn’t hire another coach.
But instead I charged another $8,000 to my credit card, transferred the balance to a 2.99% card, and flew across the country for a 2-day seminar on something I believed I needed to learn.

Because I believed in myself enough to invest with money I didn’t have yet.


The teacher was awful. I don’t recommend him. But someone IN the class with me made a suggestion while we shared a cab ride back to the airport. I took her advice. And here’s what happened:

  • I had my first $20,000 month when I got home.
  • Followed by my first $30,000 month.
  • Followed by my first $50,000 month.
I made over $100,000 in under 90 days!  After never having reached that before in a 12 month period. I was a bigger person, and I could never go back to playing small.
I learned some golden lessons that still work for me today. Here are my 4 BIG TAKEAWAYS:
1) If you want to succeed, you must make decisions from the perspective of your successful future-self.
Those decisions will always be more expansive and courageous than decisions based on fear and lack of confidence.
2) Don’t let your circumstances make your decisions.
I invested in myself even when I had debt. Debt is temporary. Never wait until such-and-such happens to take action. That thing you’re waiting for is waiting for YOU to step up. The clients and the money always come AFTER you act like the person you want to be.
3) My success doesn’t depend on my coaches.
I’m going to get really honest and personal here. I’ve hired some truly terrible coaches. And I’ve made that “mistake” more than once. Cause I tend to see the best in everybody, and I assume other people share my values.  So I paid tens of thousands of dollars for programs and promises they never delivered.  Once I paid them I discovered I knew more than they did, made more money than they did, and had better relationships than they did.
I never asked for a refund. (I probably should have.) I always felt this is my business, so it’s my responsibility to make sure I grow and get something I need from the experience.
Often the real value was the other people I met in the group.
Or it was seeing exactly what NOT to do in my own business.
Or simply the act of believing in myself enough to invest at such a high level.
And I always multiplied my income and my happiness anyway.
4) Be the kind of coach/service provider YOU would want to have.

When your competitors are under-delivering, maybe even bringing down your industry, this is an opportunity to be the solution! You may not see the rewards overnight, but if you keep plugging away, respecting yourself and your clients, and delivering superior service and results, it WILL catch up to you. And your success will last!

It ALWAYS comes down to finding opportunities, not excuses. No matter what.
The clients, the money, the relationships come AFTER you say yes to yourself.
Because that’s how life works.
PS: Let’s hear from YOU!  Have you had a similar experience? What’s worked for you?
Please post your comments and insights below!


  1. Fredrick says:

    I believe every single word of what u talked abt, infact it has been my way if life nt it has never dissapointed me. speaking of only when i change my line of thought.

  2. Lisa Dale Jones says:

    Thank you – that was exactly the kick in the butt I needed today!

  3. Susan says:

    But someone IN the class with me made a suggestion while we shared a cab ride back to the airport. I took her advice. And here’s what happened:

    I would like to know what that someone in the class – while sharing the cab ride said to you. What advice did she give you?

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Susan. I’m happy to share.

      The whole time I was in the class, I was getting emails from clients who were having breakthroughs. In fact one of my clients hit his first million while I was at the seminar, and I read his email out loud to the class.

      The advice my seminar friend gave me was that, given my client results were so dramatic, I shouldn’t charge less than $1,500.

      So I went home, raised my price from $375 to $1500, and immediately picked up 14 or 15 (It’s so long ago I don’t remember) new clients at the higher price. And 20 people hired me the next month. And so on.

      FYI… MORE people wanted to hire me as soon as I charged more.

  4. Millie says:


    What if one has been through bankruptcy? Bankruptcy was not due to buying expensive stuff but to cope with paying bills and buying food and paying the rent while rebuilding one’s life after a serious trauma.

    So it would be difficult to breakthrough that barrier of using the credit card to purchase a workshop to upgrade and maintain one’s professional practitioner work title. Say, upgrading a holistic healing practitioner level from 2 to 3, etc….. that I just don’t understand.

    But I do believe in faith and trust and miracles (love in action)……

    Would love to hear your input, if any.

    Thank you so much!

    1. morgana says:

      I understand, Millie. And when one option isn’t available to you, then it’s an invitation to look for others. Back in the days when money was tight, I’d brainstorm what I could sell, what I could borrow, what new program I could create or class I could teach… it’s a great opportunity to be more creative and resourceful than you think you are.

  5. millie says:

    Thanks Morgana,
    I have to thank you so much for not criticizing me for having been through bankruptcy……it was an extremely difficult time of my life a few years back. thanks for understanding.

    And thanks for your suggestions, I think I would create a class to help people and this way I am helping myself at the same time to raise the money that I need to further my work.


  6. Eugen says:

    Thank you Morgana.
    Money monster to my experience is a three heads dragon. Which are Anxiety, Insomnia and frequent Headaches.
    The closer I studied the LOA, the harder IT has beaten me, and IT wined always. Whatever I did against IT – breathing deeply, meditating, eft, feft, release techniques, has had temporary results only. IT has three heads which did grow up again, after cutting off one. This fighting may be would going on even until now, if recently I am not rediscovered the power of Body Flex system. Boom! That it .Immediately, no matter which of heads was terrifying me, it killed off. More than three years of ridicules efforts turned into a few minutes of heavy artillery from my side, and I am a winner. It is fanny to see how things started to change, but much more important is that finally I am become able to master my feelings. It is very important to have a proper remedy when you need. I am not disposed to regular workouts so monster helps me with it and He knows very well the power of heavy artillery – Body Flex. We comes to this planet to mastering ourselves,(at least I am and this is a pretty work) and that is not so difficult thing if you find a proper environment. I am doing that if anything else does not work. Thank you. With unconditional love.

  7. Sean says:

    Awesome article Morgana. I really loved it and I agree with you whole heartedly. I’m getting more and more used to to trusting myself to go big even when it might look irresponsible or downright crazy to others. Each time I go big and bet on myself I win!


  8. Alex says:

    Thanks for this perspective, Mogana. I’ve invested in myself more and more, and have had up and down results. Each time, I get more clarity on what I really want, and recently ran into the fear of investing more. What was funny was how much stress there was over such a small amount – but really it was a bigger fear of what all it represented. I made a new choice, more flow opened up, and here I go!

  9. amanda says:

    THISSSSSSS is life, Morgana. LIFE. Thank you for sharing.

    1. morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Amanda!

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