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VIDEO: How to help more people WITHOUT lowering your fees!

I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by Dan Hanneman on my Virtual Blog Tour promoting my book launch of “Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation.”

I shot a video of my response, and I included an (edited) transcript below.

Dan Hanneman: how can healers and other spiritual entrepreneurs best address their feeling like they should charge less to help more people?

Morgana Rae: I understand that tension so well! I face it daily! My desire to save the world and give everything away for free, versus my knowledge that doing this will burn me out so that I won’t be able to serve anybody. It’s also really hard to save the world if you can’t eat or pay your rent!

I’ve been coaching a long time. More than twenty-five years now. Thousands of clients. I’ve found that people get better RESULTS when they invest in themselves. At whatever level is going to stretch them to a bigger place. Because at the end of the day, no matter how gifted we are as healers or teachers or service providers, the best we can do is give others an opportunity to help themselves. So they can own their solution! In the end, we all save ourselves.

I’m going to answer this question in a second part, as well: Make decisions in your business on where you must respect and protect yourself, where you must charge well for your own value and self-preservation, so that other people value your contribution.

Then I highly recommend that you have another track of products or services that you can give away for less, without sacrificing yourself. I believe transformation should be possible at every economic level, but the delivery may look different. That is the key. That’s always the key.

The question I like to ask myself is, “how can I help the most people possible, without sacrificing myself in the process?” Because the path of self-sacrifice, martyrdom, burnout, etc, is not sustainable; and it’s not what I want to model for other people.

So pick your premium offer. For me, this is anything in-person, anything one-on-one. Because the one thing that is limited in life is not money, is not love, is not energy; it’s time!

So the area that, for me, is always very expensive (and always getting more expensive) is working with me one-on-one. However, because I want to help as many people as I can and save the world–like you do–I also create tons of articles and videos and teleclasses that I give away for free, or I give away really inexpensively, so that thousands of people have tools to heal themselves. Then just a very few people who must, absolutely must, work with me directly, will invest at the price that is fair for working with me personally, so that I can do both.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Great advice – thank you!

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