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Morgana’s July 4 Financial Freedom Tips


In honor of Freedom Day in the United States,

I’m going to share one of my most valuable

Financial Freedom Secrets, and then some

tips to move YOU forward:




When I make a decision to invest in something

important, like hiring a coach or buying my first

house this year, I don’t make my decision based on

the money I have now.


I NEVER ask, “Do I have the cash for this?”


Instead I ask myself, “Is this the right thing

to do?” and then, “How can I get the money

for this?”


That’s the question that will GROW you!


This approach teaches us how to be resourceful,

courageous, and creative in raising funds.


In turn, I’ve seen the same thing happen with my

own clients.


For example, when I’ve led my high end retreats in Bali,

almost NONE of the women who attended had

the money when they made their commitment to join me.


But they learned how to make miracles happen

and get the money to be there.


And now they’re leading their own retreats in

Bali, Tongo, Morrocco, Hawaii, and Peru.


Totally inspiring!


Here’s what I know to be true

When you have DECIDED 100% that you MUST do

something, you will find a way to make it happen.


So instead of making money the excuse, here

are some my favorite $ Freedom Actions for

raising money FAST for something important.


Financial Freedom Tip: Quick Cash Ideas


1) Use a credit card, then transfer the charge

to a low (or zero) percent balance transfer

credit card. This typically gives you 14 to 18

months to pay off the investment in manageable

increments. (I hired a $20,000 coach this way,

back when my bank account was at ZERO!)



2) Borrow — from friends, family, or

retirement. (This is one of the most

successful strategies that I’ve seen,

to not only get the money, but to Motivate

you to do the WORK to make sure you

get your desired results!)



3) Have a Sale — create and sell a

new product or program, or create

a special sale of what you already

offer. (I made a quick $13,000 in

a week with a 1-time-only “flash sale”

to cover all my new house




4) Sell to Make Space — sell some

things you have to create more space

in your life. (Great energetic benefits!)



5) Get new clients. The interesting

thing about this one, is I usually see

my clients get the new client RIGHT

AFTER they say yes to themselves.



For example my client Shalini was stuck

for a couple of months, debating whether

she was really going to hire me for a whole

year. (Huge commitment!)


As soon as she said yes to herself and

committed to my program, she signed

her first $10,000 client.



 What does NOT work


1) Waiting for your ship to come in.


2) Making your circumstances more

powerful than YOU.


3) Giving up on yourself.


4) Thinking that wealth will come

from outside of you.


These are all Money Monster SCAMS!


Getting rid of your Money Monster


What has become crystal clear to me

in my 20 years as a coach, is that when

you are taking the right actions and not

seeing results, you are almost always

PROTECTING yourself from what you

want. And you always have good reasons,

but they are unconscious.


When you protect yourself from what you

want, it feels like you’re driving with the brakes



You need to address the problem–the monster–

before you can experience the solution.


If you are new to my work, or need a refresher,

check out my “Make Money Fall In Love with You”

audio class for free.


I wish you a spectacular July 4, wherever you are.


As we (at least in the States) take this day to

celebrate Freedom, my wish for you is this:


  • May you always know yourself to be bigger

than your circumstances.


  • May you always know that you have choice.


  • May you always make good use of your obstacles,

and find the Honey waiting for you on the other side

of the Monster.





When Virginia Orgonista went to Bali with me in 2013,

for my Money Goddess retreat, it coudn’t have been a worse

time for her.

Her mother had just died.


She didn’t have the money.


She had only two weeks before the retreat began.


Here’s what she says about how she made it happen:


“For me it was about two weeks before the trip…..I wanted it so bad and KNEW I had to be there. At the time I used the rest of my savings and asked for help from friends and family. They knew I needed to go. When you really really know you are going, the universe believes you and it happens in ways you don’t expect. At least that was my experience.

In the meantime use all of those doubts, judgements, and negative self talk you have and put it into a monster. See it smell it feel it. Go deep with it until it feels so tangible. I usually close my eyes to do this work. Once it feels real as hell destroy by any means necessary. Then when it feels gone and you feel lighter and peaceful, call in your new money honey. Hold him hug him and just be with him breathing. Then when it feels right talk with him but only when you feel safe and peaceful. That’s the process in a nutshell.”


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