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Financial Alchemy–Anna K’s story

“True alchemy begins with inner shifts and transformations on deep levels. Financial Alchemy offers clear and accessible tools for creating inner shifts around our money beliefs– which are so connected to our beliefs about self worth and much more. This work is different, because it goes much deeper than the “getting information” level. It’s really about creating dynamic inner change, that can bring about dynamic outer results.

The Financial Alchemy Workbook is amazingly helpful, and designed so that as we work with it, we can also track our progress around change, and our results too.

I’ve been sharing startling and happy results via e-mail with Morgana since I started working with Financial Alchemy over two years ago, so I’m happy to write this review and share with you some of what’s happened for me. I’m well into my 2nd workbook at this time. Results came quickly. I’m going back into my books to share some of the money manifestations, and overall positive changes in my sense of self. I do feel quite magical now in this work!

I had wanted music work closer to home. I do children’s concerts, which are wonderful to do, but travel is tiring after awhile. I also (love teaching) teach piano. I asked Money Honey for more students and a close to home and happy work place for teaching. I walked into a music school with a wonderful vibe, and was instantly hired. The school is a perfect fit for me. And though many apply there, I just “happened “ to meet the owner at the right moment and it clicked instantly. And it’s less than 1 mile from my home! I went in the first year from one student at my home studio to over 25 at the school. It is
indeed the “right and perfect” place for me.

My husband suddenly lost his high paying job and within a week we received an unexpected financial windfall of a lot of money— enough to see us through a transitional year seamlessly. I’ll always remember him saying, “You’ll never believe what came in the mail!” I laughed because I did believe it– a great big check!

I also asked Money Honey for higher paying concert work, and went from an average fee of $500, which is still very good, to just being booked for 45 minutes at $2,000. I asked Money Honey again for gifts and financial surprises from the Universe, and got a repeat $2000 booking, which came in ON MY BIRTHDAY!

I really believe in this work, and so am diligent in my use of the Financial Alchemy Workbook. I use it daily. One has to do the work, for it to work. There’s definitely magic in it, lots of playful synchronicity in the results, which I take as magic indicators. But it’s not hocus pocus. You have to let Money Honey in, and let go of a lot of preconceptions. I’ve read spiritual-financial books for over 30 years.

This one is the most on-target and useful book I’ve ever experienced. And of course, it’s not just about money. Much of this was about healing my own inner doubts about worthiness. And healing that is the greatest gift there is. Thank you Morgana! My husband, after seeing 2 years of these results, is asking for his own workbook!”

Anna K, New York

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