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Doing what you love IS the Revolution

Around the time I learned my father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I also learned that partner dancing (swing, tango, salsa, etc) prevents and reverses the disease by up to 75%.
So my husband enrolled us in dance class a little over a year ago. Little by little we’re getting better at West Coast Swing. (Which has become my obsession.)
Click the picture below to watch us practice…

I had an amazing moment over the weekend, celebrating the 40 year anniversary of my dance teacher’s career as a full time teacher.
This one man launched the dance lives of at least a million people. around the world. All the dance teachers, dance champions, and life long dancers who can trace their lineage back to Phil Adams. It’s awe inspiring.
And it all started when he was a 21 year old kid who liked to dance.
(Many of his students back them are still taking classes with him today. Can you imagine inspiring that kind of love and devotion from people who pay you money?)


We never know the impact we have on the world. And it doesn’t have to look like we’re chasing some big dramatic impact to have a big dramatic impact.


I truly believe making money by putting LOVE first is a revolutionary and world changing act. Serving love with our businesses. It doesn’t matter what that business is. If you do what you love and love who you serve, you are a hero and the world is forever changed by you, beyond what you can possibly know.


BTW… Phil also was able to raise two children (and is now the proud grandfather of 4) on his dance teacher income. Think about that. Cause making money by putting LOVE first only works if you’re making more than enough money to live well. Suffering is not love.


And if you’re not there yet–living well doing what you love, with the people you love-what’s a BABY step you can take in that direction?


And seriously, I’d love to see you post a first SMALL step HERE, so I can celebrate you and we can spread encouragement. No step is too small. (You know how I am: I like easy peasy baby steps.) 🙂 


  1. heidi says:

    Stop in this moment and receive the energy / space/ awareness of what it is, that is waiting for me in the wings of the stage and let it be center stage…Just in this moment to let it grow…thank you Morgana.

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