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New Retreats: Combine Summer Vacation and Life Transformation in 2023!

I begin every year with the open-ended question: “What wants to happen this year?”

And then I find out.

This year has invited me to some of the most beautiful and luxurious resort towns in the world, for the sake of catalyzing new levels of manifestation in money, love, healing, and legacy.

I have 3 fantastic retreats coming up this summer. From Rocky Mountains to Mexican beaches, pick the best fit for you:



MillionQuest™ presents Imagination IQ in Utah

June 26-29 Sold Out!

UNLOCK the Quest for Self Mastery & a Manifest On-Demand Lifestyle!

Where are you in the Game of Life?

Are you playing the game, or is the game playing you?

Imagination IQ is a full sensory, co-creative gathering designed to help you play the game you want to play in your own life.

7 Master Sages (I am the Sage of Wealth, naturally) guide you through an immersive world of imaginary Monsters, Perils, and Magical Arts that directly relate to your own life experiences. You will walk away with new powers to change the game and manifest the life adventure of your dreams.

Learn more and get tickets:

Use Code–IMAGINATION and Manifest $100 off at checkout!!



Rich Witch (Reunion) Retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho

June 30-July 2

This magical and mysterious, invitation-only event is available exclusively to women who have already attended Morgana’s Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat in Bali or Mexico. Contact Morgana directly to find out more.



I Am Greater (IAG) Executive and Leadership Retreat in Los Cabos, Mexico

July 9-13  DATE CHANGE!!!  New dates: October 1-6

“Come Great, Leave Greater!” I Am Greater (IAG) is an exclusive education-driven executive retreat for executives and leaders from various industries across the globe. Self-care and balance are critically important for all great leaders. This is especially true for C -Suites and Leaders of the world who are constantly working to take their companies to the next level! The exotic, luxurious setting is chosen to help leaders and executives to unplug, unwind and revitalize for 4 uninterrupted days.

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