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Morgana's Featured Recommendation

Sharla Client Attraction

The Client Attraction Summit*

Because I’m traveling so much, and coaching less than I used to, THIS is my favorite resource to send holistic practitioners to (coaches, healers, heart based entrepreneurs) to learn how to grow their business with integrity and authenticity.

And Jesse and Sharla are gifting my community with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP (valued at $997).

Morgana's Business Rolodex

This is where I get to share the companies and professionals that I use, adore, and want to reward for overall fabulousness.

Sizzling Speaker-Sheet*

This is what I used to create my own Speaker-Sheet, and the results have been golden: more speaking gigs this year than ever before. I used to have “speaker sheet shame” when I attempted to do this on my own. With Nancy Juetten’s template, I have speaker sheet PRIDE! I bring extra copies to every speaking gig. Grab your FREE TEMPLATE and create your own Speaker Sheet that gets you booked!

Website Creation Workshop*

I tell ALL my clients to build their professional websites with a WordPress template, so they can get tons of search engine traffic, and make their own changes any time they want. My friend Christina Hills teaches how to build your own WordPress website, easily. Much better investment on your first sites than paying an expensive web designer!

Direct Pay Inc Credit Card Services (Merchant Account)*

I’ve been processing client credit card payments with Direct Pay for 15 years. I know the owner Neil, and the company understands the coaching world. When we have big income days of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, other merchant account providers may freeze your money and not give you access to your income, even though you still have your affiliates and vendors to pay. The owner Neil understands the “feast or famine” nature of online launches and high end coaching, and he’s been very good about making sure we get our money.

* The fees per transaction are lower than paypal/stripe/square:
* DP fees are 2.33% and 27 cents per transaction.

Acuity Scheduling

I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month for the hours my assistant was spending on phone and email-tag to set up appointments. Now we just send a link and let clients, media interviewers, and JV partners pick their best time for themselves. The software even sends reminder emails and links to cancel or change appointments without our involvement… freeing up my assistant (and my cash) to focus on other things!

Live Your Message Branding and Web Design*

I get asked ALL THE TIME who designed this website. Because yes, I went all out and hired a rockstar webdesigner, Marisa Murgatroyd. And it was a big investment. And totally worth it. But you can access Marisa’s genius for free and cheap: she offers an in depth free report, and she periodically leads a not-to-be-missed “Message to Money” group coaching program for branding and webdesign guidance.

Optimize Press*

The NEW Optimize Press WordPress Theme is out! It used to be you had to spend thousands of dollars to put up a single page sales page for selling something on line. Or thousands of dollars to put up an “opt-in” page, where you give something of value in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address. With the “Optimize Press” WordPress template you can build those pages yourself with pre-fab templates, and point and click features. Even I can do it!  And now they’ve added more themes, more flexibility, and even membership sites for recurring income. Incredible! P.S. Optimize Press is so good that all my big, multi-millionaire e-commerce buddies use it. Saves us a fortune.

Audio Acrobat*

On today’s websites text is not enough. Photos are not enough. You MUST have audio and video. And you don’t want to be held hostage to your professional webnerd. Broadcast your seminars, create podcasts and video downloads, record conference calls, record testimonials, and on and on, for next to nothing, without needing to be a techie. I’ve used audioacrobat for years, I use it ALL the time, and there are still a ton of features I haven’t tried out yet. Amazing bang for your buck!

Maestro Conference*

With Maestro, you can re-create the dynamics of a live workshop through an ordinary teleconference. Create breakout groups, takes orders by phone — you can even “pass the mic” to people who “raise their hands” (no annoying background noise or anything like that). Try it for free.


This is the easiest high quality bridge line service with a simultaneous webcast option. Excellent sound, takes written questions before and during the call. Also has “hand raising” and “pass the mic” functions, but doesn’t have break out session rooms, order taking rooms, or multiple hand raising options like Maestro.

Joel Roberts Media Coaching

Are you ready for Oprah? If “Good Morning America” called you today, would be ready to maximize your 2.45 minutes of fame tomorrow?

I first studied with Joel in 2004, when my first book came out. He’s why I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times on radio, television, magazines, blogs, and spoken around the world… and have never paid a cent for advertising. I simply did a fraction of what he taught me.

I cannot recommend Joel highly enough. Seriously: if you want to be a best-selling author, act like a best selling author.

Here’s a brief sample of his clients:

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Stephen Covey, of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Jack Canfield, of The Success Principles
  • Harv Eker, of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • Marci Shimoff, of Happy For No Reason (currently a PBS Special)
  • Byron Katie, of Loving What Is
  • Lisa Lillien, of Hungry Girl
  • Robert Allen, of No Money Down
  • Jay Abraham, of Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got

Contact Joel through his website at Tell him Morgana sent you.



Morgana's Personal Rolodex

This is just fun stuff…

Vice is NiceAngela Moore

This is the website of award winning artist Angela Moore, and the art is INCREDIBLE! It figures that Angela and I have the same taste: she’s my cousin. Her pictures are magical, lyrical, and fantastical. Pretty and spooky. Scary faerie tale stuff. Really awesome.

The Forever Bride

Follow my husband and I as we get married 100 times in 100 countries! (15 weddings so far in 12 countries.) Pictures, Videos, stories, and tips on travel and love.

I Love My Psychic” Lorrie Kazan

My friend Lorrie was chosen as one of the top psychics in a world-wide audition by the Edgar Cayce Institute. Be sure and register for her Free Psychic Thought and Prosperity Meditation at 310/376-5742




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