Morgana Rae & Charmed Life Coaching, Inc.

make money by putting LOVE first

Your Sisterhood for Advanced Alchemy: THE COVEN

You have already slain monsters, partnered with your Money Honey, and you are playing at a high level of mastery.

You find that mastery presents its own challenges:

* Maybe you’ve discovered a new money/love/health/life monster has arrived for your next initiation.

* Maybe you’re in a Money Honey happy place and you want support in expanding your powers of creation.

* Maybe you’ve outgrown what you’ve been doing, and you’re looking at what’s next.

You are tired of being the lone wolf who’s ahead of your pack, and you’ve yearning for peers of talent and experience who understand you, support you, contribute to you, who raise the bar for what’s possible…

You don’t need a guru, a shiny object, or information overwhelm.

You definitely don’t need a group of newbies that don’t understand you or play at your level!

You’re here to transcend the usual, not squeeze into it.

We know from experience that up-leveling is often a messy process of dissolution and chaos as we leave the old and familiar behind. Your next level of ascension requires support!

Our “Rich Witches Brew” for Success:

1) Private Coaching with Morgana (up to 2 sessions every 6 months).

2) Money Love Labs 2 times a month to drop in for what you need

3) Rich Witch Retreats: 1 in-person, on-location retreat (also accessible virtually) every 6 months.

4) Private, online micro-community to witness and support your progress and evolution

5) You are seen. You are loved. That’s why you’re here.

Grand Total Value: $49,000.00

2024 Tuition:

$30K for 1 year
$20K for 6 months.


“The Coven” is invitation-only, but you can put in a request for consideration.