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Success Stories

Laura Koehne"Not only have I attracted more spontaneity to my life but more money too – $10,000 within 48 hours of our first session! No kidding. Fueled by your solid wisdom and fun approach, I find the new clients and checks continue to show up steadily and I'm having a blast. Thank you Money! Thank you Morgana!"
Laura Koehne, Professional Coach, North Carolina
Elliot Malach"Immediately after our session I got a call from my office. They wanted to know how to book the $87,000 check... A few days later, they called again with the same question on another smaller 5 figure check. Not a bad way to start out the new year!"
Elliot Malach, Book Publisher, Galveston, TX
Lavon Lacey"Morgana has been coaching me for several years now and I'm finally getting to a place in my life where I'm seeing success beyond my wildest dreams. I have an entertainment company and last night I received "The President's Award" at the annual Georgia Meeting Professionals International Phoenix Awards... I'm constantly blown away at the business and new clients that I'm attracting. Morgana has coached my love life and kept me sane when I was attracting wacko's into my life. I treasure the time I spend talking with her and look forward to every call. The thought goes through my head many times a day now 'I do live a charmed life'."
Lavon Lacey, owner of Quantum Entertainment, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
Katie Curtin"Over $20,000 has come to me in different, unexpected ways outside my regular income since I have been using the Financial Alchemy method. The experience has given me the confidence to move ahead on a major life dream of mine."
Katie Curtin, Toronto
Jim Hague

"I got more from Morgana's 45 minutes speech than three days at T Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive."

Jim Hague, CEO Truth Seeking Souls, Inc.
ElinAnna Bjarnadottir

"After working with Morgana my financial situation changed drastically. Even when my husband lost his job our lives actually improved. Our financial strength allowed us to enjoy the increased time together and you could say that we had our second honeymoon for nearly a whole year."

ElinAnna Bjarnadottir
Elle de Champagne"I was coached by Morgana for a year and a half and what I accomplished during my time with her was truly astounding. My life has so radically changed for the better that I often don't even recognize myself. I often say to myself "Who is this person? I love her!". Thank you Morgana for your wonderful spirit, wisdom and guidance."

"The most amazing thing happened! Shortly after changing my way of thinking and discussing things more openly with my 'money honey'... I was blessed with a pleasant surprise: I was informed that due to a lawsuit regarding overtime payment with a rival company to my previous employer, I will be receiving retroactive overtime payment from the last 3 years! Based on my calculations, the amount should be 6 figures!!! Omigosh!!! I've already gotten in touch with my former HR and will be in the process of filling out the forms shortly!!! This is such a wonderful blessing!"

Garry G, Toronto, Ontario
Joseph Kraut"I love your products. Your Financial Alchemy Workbook is great. I don't go a day without using it. It takes just a few minutes and the results are wonderful. I am in sales and I have consistently surpassed my monthly targets with ease. Your products have allowed me to create a healthy relationship with money. I find money exciting and rewarding to deal with now. I look forward to successes everyday. The best part is that your methodology has improved other areas of my life as well."
Joseph Kraut
Anna Stookey"People who haven't seen me in a while have literally said, 'Hey, what's going on with you – you're glowing...' when they see me. It's setting my life on fire, and that feels magical.This work is most certainly a gift."
Anna Stookey, Los Angeles, CA
Kirsten Nelson"What I found was that having my "Money Honey" loving me completely and supporting me absolutely helped my marriage immensely. Suddenly because I was being supported perfectly in all the ways I needed to be supported, I was able to love my husband so much more and allow him to just be him, imperfections and all. He was no longer responsible for filling all the needs I had that he just couldn't fill (as wonderful as he is) and that really aren't his job to fill to begin with and it's unfair for me to expect him to fill anyway. Money now was there to fill that void. Pretty darn cool! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the toppest most part of my soul for all the love and support you have shown me on this Money Goddess Journey."
Kirsten Nelson
Catherine Behan"Money elude you? One hour with Morgana Rae and magically, $3000 appeared on my door step. No Kidding."
Catherine Behan, San Diego, CA
Nina Kruse"THANK YOU! For your time, insight and support. There is not price tag that would measure the value you and your work have added to my life and what I see as possible for my future. I am starting my work book that I bought and you have set me on a path which is finally in line with who I am authentically, valuable and worthy!"
Nina Kruse
Aime McCrory"Morgana Rae is magical! Her "Financial Alchemy" program and workbook helped us to let go of negative beliefs around financial and material wealth, replacing them with perfect control over our finances."
Aime McCrory, marketing expert,, Burbank, CA
Alesia Zorn"I'm a newly self-employed artist and was journaling about how the Financial Alchemy chapter made me look at money in a whole new – and admittedly much healthier – way. The phone rang during my writing and voila! it was a big job."
Alesia Zorn, Portland, Oregon
Preston True"Morgana, thank you so much for being with us tonight. In 60 minutes, I learned more about money than I've been taught in 39 years. Your work is a blessing and breakthrough."
Preston True, Accomplishment Coaching
Margot Dengel"I was so captivated by your ideas that I listened to your interview twice through, ordered the book that night, and told several friends about you in an e-mail. The next day I got home from work and in the mail was money! Not bills, but money! There were two small rebate checks AND a child support check from my 19 year old daughter's father. What is truly amazing is that I had not received child support from him since she was 3 years old! It has been coming faithfully ever since."
Margot Dengel
"I created a new relationship and just a few days later I received almost $4,000. Some of this money I had given up on collecting. It came from multiple sources all on the same day. Great stuff!!! I am excited and love this new relationship. Your financial alchemy program is so very powerful yet simple and fun. Again, Thank You Morgana."
Jason Hignite, Multi Level Marketer, San Bernardino, CA
"When I contacted Morgana I had lost direction of my company. In a short amount of time the transformation of my business has been phenomenal. I am still in a state of awe. Sales have jumped by 50% and growing. I am talking about a 30 day period!!! I wished I had discovered Morgana sooner. Morgana, you are absolutely magical. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel so energized everyday and this is only the start."
L. van Echtelt, Entrepreneur, Holland
Lisa Molinaro Yallup"Before our coaching session our income was about 50,000 for the whole year. I started appreciating my husband more, and WOW he brought home $30,000 for June and is on line for $55,0000 in July! You've really opened my eyes to the intrinsic power of women."
Lisa Molinaro Yallup, Seattle, WA
"I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the wonderful work that you do. It seems that ever since I started working with you a couple of years ago, I've doubled my income every 6 months. Granted, my initial income was only $3,000, but by November of last year I made over $100,000 (which means I actually MORE than doubled the previous 6 months' income). If I continue on this abundant path, I should be bringing home $192,000 by September 2007."
R.K., Entertainer and Multilevel Marketer, Los Angeles, CA
"Interestingly... within 48 hours of doing the exercise I received calls for 3 freelance jobs which collectively brought in more than $3000."
Erin McReynolds, Make up Artist, New York City
"There is, inevitably, a moment during all of our sessions when Morgana speaks words that provide instant illumination and resolution to my situation... In fact, she consistently produces faster and more satisfying results than I have ever experienced. Thank you, Morgana!"
G. Knight, Writer
"Thank you so much for your Financial Alchemy course. It's amazing how one evening of my time could effect so many changes in such a short period of time with so little effort."
Andrea B.
Linda Crawford"WOW...Sistah...since committing to your online Financial Alchemy Academy Program..."
  • 2 speeding tickets I got came back as cheques in my name in the mail as the Court of Queens Bench deemed them inappropriate (when does that ever happen????),
  • unexpected $2300 Income Tax return credit to me,
  • increased my pricing and packaging this morning and
  • sold my first new and improved ultimate package for $1575 this afternoon,
  • not ONE but TWO offers on our house.....
  • not to mention so so many other gracious acts of kindness all around me....This stuff is magic and so am I....sending love....
Linda Crawford, Alberta, Canada
This is soooo different. When I just follow Morgana's instructions week to week, EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T SEEM TO MAKE SENSE, I manifest so easily, including those things that are completely out of my control. And I wasn't a savvy manifestor before this, much to my dismay. In fact it was the opposite. I struggled while watching others easily create their lives and I was left feeling like I was just one of those unfortunate people who was never given the "instruction manual" everyone else was given. Now, I just keep marveling at what's happening for me and my loved ones. The best part is that I'm having so much fun! Yeah, I said it, this workbook, for me at least, is fun.
Darby Totten
"Since purchasing your tele class package and doing the deep money monster work and aligning with my higher self Ally -- Money Ally..or Money Honey...I immediately received new clients and delinquent loan payments to total $8,000.  I continued to do this daily work plus other inner work... and I have received other money from unexpected sources that when paid forward will more than make up for my Real Estate losses in retirement funds. I  could feel that the universe was looking for a way to share the abundance and I was really ready to receive after doing your work --it was  the cherry on the whip cream. Thank you so much...for your delicious approach to working with the shadow."
Lynn Horton
Dear Morgana - I want to let you know about the good fortune I've received since I bought your Breakthrough Package two weeks ago. Last week I won a raffle at my real estate investment club meeting worth $50. This week really blew my mind. Monday, I received a phone call from an attorney who tracked me down to inform me that an old family friend whom I haven't spoken to in at least four years, passed away and left me $3500 in her will! Sad news, however, I'm very thankful for her generosity. I was surprised she even thought of me. I wanted to share this with you and thank you for your work. In just these last few weeks, I feel a great shift in my relationship with money as I continue to be a "work in progress." My Money Monster was very stubborn and didn't want to break up, because we were together for a very long time. My Money Honey is beautiful, and we are really getting to know each other. So far so good! You do great work, and I thank you very much for sharing your blessings! Namaste.
Yvette Saunders
Megan BrownMorgana uses spiritual tools to connect you with your inner knowledge while outlining concrete actions to help manifest those goals. Morgana’s gentle presence is a safe place for your dreams, and her firm faith gives you the courage to go after them.
Megan Brown
Tom MarcouxMorgana’s coaching gave me a profound experience. I feel energized!
Tom Marcoux, America’s Communication Coach
I just want to keep on thanking you. During one of our sessions we had discussed my battle with fibromyalgia. Well I am here to tell you that I am living a relatively pain free life. I am in shock Not only does the business continue to grow but my health has improved. Woman you rock, Morgana!
L. Van Eckeldt
Connie Nash #2I read your entire ebook this morning and did the steps (it is excellent)... you should have seen my money monster..yikes! My Money Honey looks like Brad Pitt (yum!). My brother put $300 in my checking account today (more than he owed me) AND offered to buy my dinner at my Mother's birthday party. My credit card company increased my credit limit by $200 and that is what I used to buy your program. All of this happened TODAY. I have a coaching call at 6pm...yeah! My Money Honey told me what to charge for coaching and I created several packages today to promote. YES YOU CAN share my story publicly, i would be honored. XOXO I feel so much relief and excitement for the first time in a LONG time. Thanks again!
Connie Nash
Connie Nash #1


Your interview with Darius showed me where my problem is with money. I have struggled with money all my life, started my dream business a year ago and currently have less than $100 to my name with piles of debt. I understand about the money monster and it makes SO MUCH SENSE.

I listened to the first 30 minutes and had to go out and when I returned, for the FIRST time ever, I had 9 requests for coaching clients in my email where I previously only had 1 if I was lucky.

THANK YOU Morgana, you are a blessing and an angel sent to me I know it.

Connie Nash
Connie Nash #3Hi Morgana! I did what my Money Honey wanted, I colored my hair, put on my makeup and a SKIRT! He loved that so much I got ANOTHER coaching client the SAME DAY, another $1600 (the most money I have seen in over 2 years!) AND I won $25 on a $3 scratch off ticket...The MOST I have ever won in the lottery! WOO HOO! This work, you, have been so life changing for me. I teach law of attraction and yet money always eluded me. Until its rolling in! Feel free to share my successes on your blog...I am so grateful to you!
Connie Nash
Joe McCreary

This is a weird approach but it works! I have slain money monsters from my life at different ages, from past lives and even alternative realities. I slayed some new ones and can now say "My financial situation is perfect" and just have a warm glow rather than some remaining negative feelings. I don't often write testimonials and I want to thank you very very much. I feel great!

Joe McCreary
Dr. Irene Conlan, Self-Improvement Radio"Morgana's Financial Alchemy workbook is the most workable thing I've found on manifesting."
Dr. Irene Conlan, Self-Improvement Radio
Ruth Leilani Smith"Last night I listened to Morgana. I have been unemployed for 14 months, used up all of my savings and resources. I have signed up with agencies, filled out so many applications, listened to so many life coaches. I did what she said; found and destroyed my money monster and met my "Money Honey." I felt the love. This morning I went to a job fair, went to an agency, had 2 interviews and only 5 hours later I was offered a good job starting Monday! Thank you, Morgana!"
Ruth Leilani Smith
Tanja JaegerI just had to share this with you. I cleared my money monster and invited my money honey in last week and this morning I hit a wobbly (a bit of old money monster stuff 🙂 and my money honey said that he loves me and I deserve happiness and how he can’t stand to see me sad. He showed me a suitcase full of money and said it was for me. Literally THREE HOURS LATER, I received a loan to PAY MY DEBTS IN FULL!!! Thank you Morgana, I look forward to my new relationship with money and all the adventures that we will have.
Tanja Jaeger, South Africa
"I had attended your last workshop at Learning Light, and then you were kind enough to speak with me at length on the phone a few days later. Since then, my finances have steadily improved. In fact, I won $1300 in the lottery last weekend. I believe that by purchasing your Workbook and CD now, I will learn how to achieve better and faster results."
Jeff F., Irvine, CA
Terez AutrandBy day 2, I was ecstatic, the fog had lifted. My chakras were blown wide open. I could feel myself coming out of a shell, being authentic, unafraid, being my true self. And it tasted like freedom.
Terez Autrand
Ann Rusnak

“Major thanks for your program. It allowed me to take the past year off without financial worries. Giving me plenty of time to decide what I wanted to do with my life.”

Ann Rusnak
Jonna Tamases

"I worked with Morgana in 2002 and 2003, and found her excellent at helping heal me exactly where I was at.  She started with committed listening, taking careful consideration of exactly who I was and what my emotional needs were.  Then, like a target shooter or an expert tailor who knows how to fit each unique body, she was able to pinpoint what the real issue was for me, and give me specific and relevant guidance that was both gentle and dead-on enlightening. She guided me to identify and start to let go of some big blockages in my life and spirit; she helped me tremendously. Thank you, Morgana!"

Jonna Tamases
Tonya Anderson"Morgana, I am deliriously happy, thank you, I had the courage to live this life because of you... And I picked up 4 new clients this week!"
Tonya Rene
Tonya Anderson"Morgana’s Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat saved my financial sanity, restored my spirit and career dreams. The financial coaching, the goddess networking, beautiful head shots, the lush experience of Bali, and abundance of organic food proved to be an excellent investment into myself, my heart and soul.
Tonya Rene
Pamela Chen

I would just like to say thank you so much for your guidance and for sharing your amazing energy with me. Today I had a major break through! My money honey has guided me today to create a new program and totally shifting my brand and business. I feel right and more passionate than ever about my business now and really understanding my life purpose. I couldn't have done this without you and my money honey! Thank you again for introducing me to someone I can trust deeply and rely on fully and letting me keep my honey money!"

Pamela Chen, Psychic Doll
Julie VanderhulstI have my first client just about to start. If it wasn't for you going to Bali, and me getting on that gravy train, I wouldn't be doing it and forging ahead with all sorts of amazing, exciting, adventurous business. And when I say business, I mean making money in a fun and meaningful way. Thank you, beautiful Morgana, for putting yourself out there to find your tribe.
Julie Vanderhulst
Tanja Jaeger (2)So, yes it does work every day, I am loving life, feeling loved, filled with joy and gratitude and you know it's not the money, but the fact that I so totally feel worthy and love myself. So thank you so so much you have changed my life.
Tanja Jaeger, South Africa
Pirie Jones GrossmanI NEVER thought money and my finances were attached to love. But when I heard Morgana talk about a Money Honey and Money Monster, it really made sense. My relationship with money is no different than the love relationship I have with myself or “THE MAN IN MY LIFE”! When I did the work, and completed all the exercises in her book, and was open to learning about money in a new way, my bank account started growing! I learned that when you truly believe you deserve to be loved, then you’ll believe you deserve money. That’s really the essence of this workbook and Morgana’s creative teachings about money. I was surprised that my emotions about money was the elixir. How did I feel about money? I never thought about money, other than in a cognitive way. However, my thoughts and words were primarily negative. I learned from Morgana’s workbook that it was more magical for me to feel how money felt about me. I learned that I needed to shift my thinking into “feeling” about money, which as a highly creative woman worked much better! I would definitely recommend this workbook for anyone who wants to create more financial success in their life. It definitely worked for me.
Pirie Jones Grossman, E-Entertainment Host, TEDx Speaker, Best-Selling Author and award-winning Master Coach, Sun Valley, Idaho
This is what has happened so far. Gifts to me: - $100 tip yesterday - tai chi camp - offer to buy me a new door and stove - new clutch on my car - 4 tui na massages - ALL GIVEN TO ME IN THE LAST COUPLE WEEKS Happy new year!
Ruth O.
I listened to your recent teleseminar with Bill Baren. I'm a year into starting my coaching business and my money story is that I have always had "just enough," if that. The past few months have been particularly bad as I haven't been able to cover all my bills. I did the exercise and it showed me the money holding pattern I've been stuck in my whole life. My Money Honey showed me a picture of myself surrounded by stacks of cash. Within 5 days of doing the exercise, I got a check for 5K in the mail! Just wanted to share this. Thanks for helping me create a hugely powerful internal and external shift. Cheers,
Leilani IshiI had no idea this was going to be so wonderful.  I was actually originally planning to multi-task through the coaching call, because most other people's calls know, I'm sorry but they're not as content-rich or inspiring or educational.  Wow thank you so much, Morgana, for this semi-private coaching, because I now have the equivalent of about six nicely-written notes--pages of notes--and I'm fine with that.  I really needed this inspiration and fire.  And now I have many things that I can work on, so I'm looking forward to this. I know know...that I'm accountable until the second call to get my homework done.
Colleen Norris SucheckiI killed my money monster and had my 1st $10K month in January! YAY!   .    
Colleen Norris Suchecki
Betsy DundaYour 90 Days of Money Honey Love coaching program, including all the tools before and now, the gift of the death of my Money Monster, and even more importantly the gift of having an ever blossoming relationship with my Money Honey has been very healing and transforming! Living life feels a whole lot more sacred and increasingly more joyful!
Betsy Dunda
Free SpiritSince having my session with Morgana, things changed very quickly. I received more clarity. I raised the cost of one of my courses and someone signed up the very next day. I also received many more online orders as well as many other unexpected and amazing surprises. New ideas and inspiration came as well. All in just a few days! Morgana is a perfect mirror for your thought processes around money abundance and she can help you to see things in a different light. I can highly recommend her for matters of money manifestation and business matters.
Free Spirit
Kim RobinsonI purchased your book and it literally turned my life around! I had trouble breaking through earning more than $4,000-$5,000 per month as that was what employers had conditioned me to receive. As an entrepreneur I knew I could do better but I had sticky beliefs. Well, after meeting my Money Honey things turned around quickly! I had a $21,000.00 month in June, and so far July has brought $12,500.00 my way. I adore my Money Honey! Thank you Morgana!!! You transformed my life!!
Kim Robinson
Sue BennettMany thanks again Morgana for your phenomenal call yesterday. I gained such clarity and have renewed hope for living the life of my dreams. Today, my outlook and energy are stronger, more focused and I am in constant dialogue with my Money Honey. Your point about "did I just have one conversation with my hubby of 26 years" drove home the idea of [money] is a relationship. I also see, already, changes and improvements in my communication with my husband and son - oh the possibilities.
Sue Bennett, Canada
Carmen Taylor“You are in for a treat. I've had many coaches and no one come close to Morgana Rae. Get ready to cry, get ready to laugh, get ready to change your life forever more.”
Carmen Taylor, Colombia
Gabriela B"Coaching with Morgana was the best investment I ever made. I never had financial problems again. Life just kept giving me opportunities that not only created financial freedom but also taught me to value myself and feel indescribable gratitude and joy. It is now easy to let go of people and situations that don't serve me, I finally know what I'm worth."
Gabriela B, Peru
David Kaiser“Before I bought Financial Alchemy by Morgana Rae, it was a lot harder to get things done, especially the larger projects that seemed to take so long that they would be forgotten before completion, and doing it was often unpleasant. The system she outlined in the book helped me to make peace with the work to do, as well as track it slowly and gradually, so that more got done, and it was a lot easier to do. Now I regularly finish projects, quickly, and I feel empowered as I grow my business.”
David Kaiser
"A delinquent client paid me, I signed on two new clients, had conversations with people about money that I would never have comfortably had before, and experienced the joy of NOT feeling the icy-cold, pit-of-my-stomach fear sensation I've had for years. I insisted that someone follow through on a commitment she made to that was very uncomfortable for me to pursue...and she came through!"
B.J. King, Washington, D.C.
Traci Maddox"Morgana-Right you are! I hired you at one of the bleakest economic times in my career. And it was worth every penny I invested. I learned a ton and am back on track. I think it was worth the leap of faith."
Traci Maddox, author and coach
Carmen Smith
"Today, Morgana changed me forever!
I started my third session with her in frenzy full of anxiety around money, marketing and self love. Morgana waved her magic wand and within 1 hour I had an entirely new and powerful direction to market my business and a deeper connection with myself, my Money Honey and the love I deserve. Oh and did I mention the $3,200.00 that had just literally showed up out of nowhere! Morgana has given me relief, education and a true knowing of who I really am. My business and I Thank You!"
Carmen Smith, The Work at Home Mom
Leah Hewston

"My wins have been SO amazing, so tangible and they just keep getting better! First of all my herbal topical line went from $1000.00 a month in sales to $1,000 a week in sales. They keep coming in!! My relationship with my real life honey has only improved through this process as well. I literally look at my boyfriend with google eyes again and my heart flutters. I feel so confident about myself, my future and even enrolled back in school to finish out my training. AHHH life is good. Thank you Morgana Rae for being a wonderful, positive coach and although I haven't spoke much in our calls, I thank you to everyone who has because your stories have touched and changed me as well. FINALLY, my money honey is the most amazing, loving, and unconditional relationship I have ever had. It's teaching me that the premise to a happy life is self-love."

Leah Hewston, Tucson, AZ
Sonia Trejo"After our 15 minute chat this morning, my MM got tossed into the fireplace with all the bullshit he's been telling me for years! Then I asked my MH for a sign that he's really listening. And,... OMG! I just had a 20min consult & made $2500 for entry level program!"
Sonia Trejo
Thank you Morgana. Because of our work together, and the excellence of the personal coaching I received from you, I have decided to jump in with both feet and enroll in a year-long mastermind program to continue my healing work. I wouldn't have had the courage to face my TRUST issues without the work we did together. So thank you so much! It's amazing how progress shows up so differently for each of us.
Susan MMoney just blessed me with a new job in a field that excites me AND a beautiful apartment for my son and I to live in while he finishes his Senior year at the school he (unhappily) had to leave last year. All this happened in one week after spending 4 concentrated months of Financial Alchemy, working in my workbook. I have such a delightful Money Honey. We've been together for 2 years now and our love and respect for each other continues to grow. Oh, and he digs my cozy, feminine new bedroom! So much love and appreciation to you.
Susan M
Kira Palmer"After only three days in Morgana Rae's Destination Retreat Blueprint, I feel as though I have learned/confirmed so much and simultaneously let such HEAVY things go! I feel light and energized for action!!
It was such an amazingly validating experience! Not only did I get to listen and talk with some amazingly inspirational women, I am SO FRICKIN' EXCITED to start putting the wisdom and insights I gained into action -- for both the Money Date Mastery Retreat I'm planning for next year AND for the content/ strategy in between now and then!!! Let the magic begin..."
Kira Palmer
Jude Wrege"I have had a huge shift since our call last week! It is like I am in a flow and not worrying about anything and fear has gone. I have noticed that I have been laughing a lot and having more fun! Also have decided what other people think is what they think. I am who I am and so it is! I am learning to love myself. I am finding it easy to say, 'I LOVE YOU I AM SORRY I FORGIVE YOU' Thank You Morgana Rae."
Jude Wrege, Arizona
Daniel Rosenstein"I feel so different now. I feel lighter, happier and more self confident. I feel like now it's safe and good for me to take action on starting my own Internet Marketing business."
Daniel Rosenstein
Deb Sakal"Thank you so so much Morgana for this amazing and totally transformational coaching program over the last few months It's totally changed my life for the better. Thank you also to all the members of the group for sharing your journey too - we totally rock x x"
Deb Sakal, United Kingdom
"I had the courage to bill one of my clients over $7000.00.  Not only did she thank me for the discounts, she agreed to give me $10,000 in merchandise and services! Thanks to you, I was able to pull out my MM and "kill" him. I've literally lost weight as a result. In addition, my MH and I are learning to  get to know each other better and due to our love for each other :-), monies are coming in. I'm learning that when I have money challenges to just love my MH more instead of dealing with  mini-MM. I can't thank you enough for providing me with an important and powerful tool that continues to change my financial and spiritual lives. May you continue to have many more wedding ceremonies with your husband in the years to come!"
Lynn, Arizona
Ana MenendezMy bank account was $17 and I had a debt of $8,500. As a freelance producer I had no stable job and I had no family member to help me (my dad has been fighting cancer on stage 4 for almost two years). I was surviving paycheck to paycheck at the same time I was trying to create a unique project that would launch my production company for real... I got a consultation job during the week that pays amazing and allows me to combine it with my production company and my new project. I am having very deep feelings and a lot of magic and chemistry with a very good friend of mine, he treats me like a princess. My life has changed completely. I am proud of my rough journey and how I have come out on the other side with more love, happiness and light than before. I feel calmed, balanced, present and excited about all these changes. Your program was so visual, creative and fun. I truly enjoyed it and I would love to keep in contact and continue under your coaching this astonishing and wonderful transformation. Thank you so much, Love, Ana
Ana Menendez, Los Angeles
Carmel Morgan DickersonThank you Morgana Rae for all of your amazing wisdom. support and information. You helped me heal my money wounds and step into owning my special flavor. I am so grateful to have studied beside you,learn from you and I am forever grateful to your contribution with Bad Girl Wisdom. Today I become an international published author with my chapter contribution as a women's health expert to help women heal their emotional body and heartbreak. You inspire me to be my best and show up everyday! Hugs!!!! Blessings!!! Thank you for sparkling so bright!!! xo
Carmel Morgan Dickerson
Janet Breitmaier

Hi Morgana, Guess what? When I got home from (your speaking) event last Wednesday, there was a telephone message waiting for me which resulted in several thousand $$ for me. It was unforeseen and unexpected.

Janet Breitmaier, Toronto, Canada
Sofie AddeBig changes. Synchronicities show up like magic every other day. Feeling very connected to the divine, my spiritual practice deepens. Decided to spend the summer in my favorite part of Sweden in the most breathtaking nature, and I found a job there the same day. My son got a job/internship within the film industry, so he is becoming more and more independent, doing something he enjoys. My eczema is gone... And even if emotions arise I am connected to my joy constantly underneath it all. I dance every day as if nobody is watching (and nobody is), I even went to a tango evening the other week, something I have put off for years and used to do a lot before. Every week I do something to stay connected to my Aphrodite energy and I try to spend more time with my girl friends. Life is good.
Sofie Adde, Sweden
Spring Lovelle"LOVE this advice from fabulous life coach Morgana Rae: "never underestimate the value of a lot of little steps taken over a long period of time." In 2 years I designed a website with everything I wanted, completed music video #3, and I'm recording an album of brand new music! Doesn't it feel great to honor those commitments to yourself and accomplish what you set your mind to do?"
Spring Lovelle
Desiree Gerretzen"It has been quite a journey and so much has happened.  At the end of last year I was really stuck in a corner and could act like a scorpion or claim a change, so I did scream for help and so much has happened.  I really went through an emotional tsunami and coming out of it feels so wonderful. Doing the ritual and receiving the gift of 'loving my own money' feels so good and grounded and safe.  It changes my perspective to look into everything around money into our daily life, savings etc. Morgana, I am happy I went to Bali with you. For me I feel so much more grounded, have boundaries, and feel more relaxed and happy and stronger for having the tools of the Goddesses, the money monster, and the money honey.  I feel ready to sit in the driver's seat and move forward having a conversation with my money honey on developing my business online, blogging, how much to charge a client etc. and even getting my own retreats. Merci beaucoup for your coaching, love you." Save
Desiree Gerretzen, France and Holland
Tiffaney Pitts
"I have learned my worth, and I'm First Class. We ALL deserve to be first class, and you can't do that without having your Money Honey."
Tiffaney Pitts, Ohio
Kira PalmerI love that you teach ways to bring money (ie; life, success, interaction with other people) into alignment rather than trying strategies to get around it.
Kira Palmer
"Morgana, I bought your package from the Manifesting telesummit you did with my friend Kristen Howe. I am AMAZED at how cool your approach is and how WELL it works! Every time I get really close with my new Money Man, money shows up in my bank account. Last week, I was ready to flip out because TWO sources of cash were completely blocked for about FOUR months. My Money kept telling me to finish and submit an article for a guest blog. Well, as soon as I did that last Tuesday, BAM! Wednesday one of the blocks shifted and cash rolled in. Then BAM! Thursday, the other block released. It is CRAZYTOWN how incredible this is! Also, I was single and bored silly by every man I met for the past three years. As soon as I killed my money monster and met my new Money, less than ONE MONTH later I met a guy who is really holding my attention. So I am here to say THANK YOU Morgana Rae for shining the light!"
Pam Wills
Shalini Joshi YamdagniMorgana Rae, thank you! Thank you for showing up in my life at the right time, via the Bali Retreat. For being my year long mentor after that—through one of the toughest periods -- UPGRADING -- and helping me do all the heavy lifting of reinventing my website (which I am SO proud of today), and for helping me REBRAND to "Magical Pain Free Living." Most of all thank you for believing in me. I recall some of our coaching sessions had very little to do with strategy, more emotional coaching! Thank you for always supporting me even after our year long mentoring — introducing me to others, interviewing me. Publicly supporting me by saying wonderful things. Reposting my posts on my fan page to yours. And because of you so many doors keep opening up. I just go invited to do another interview…. Have a hundred new opt-ins because of the shows I’ve been on — thanks to you. I have never come across a more generous mentor, and I’ve had great mentors! I am soaking in deep gratitude. Thank you for helping me live my soul’s dream.
Shalini Joshi Yamdagni, Thailand
Lori Ann Lothian"And the magic was, for me, is that soon as I said yes, all these synchronicities and all these things started to flood into my life that had to do with this trip. One of the things I heard about Morgana, but I didn't know if it was true, she has magic spillover. Kind of like you get in her shakti magic field, and things start to happen. I think that the biggest piece for me on this retreat was I felt like there was an invisible force field around me that kept me from really stepping into this big quality of my own life. Not just with money, but big in all ways, expression, where I'm willing to go, what I'm willing to allow in my life. And during one of our exercises in the very beginning, in the one-on-one vortex coaching that she does, or whatever you do, I got this incredible shift of perspective. I saw this hidden, invisible force field. For the first time in my life, I saw what it was. Like, "Oh." And I've lived with it all my life. It's kind of, I'm 55. And I've done so much inner work and so much stuff, and suddenly I could see it clearly and dissolve it. Well, actually, it was a little bit more than dissolving it. I'm obliterating the money monster, the force field. That was worth the price of admission, that one shift."
Lori Ann Lothian, Canada
Suzy McCalleyIt was an Honor to participate in this incredible transformative experience with Morgana in Bali. She is a badass woman of integrity, love and fierce grace. One of my favorite things about you, Morgana, is your comfort and (dare I say) pleasure with imperfection. You seem to relish it. I love how grounded and rooted you are in a world of pie in the sky, airy fairy coaching ;)). You were So generous with us – giving your time, love, attention and all the planned dinners and experiences. You freaking rock. Much love.  
Suzy McCalley, Brazil, then USA
Aime McCroryMorgana Rae's Financial Alchemy coaching program is the best program I've ever been part of. It has proven to be far more effective then my U.S.C Business degree! Within 24 hours of a session with Morgana, I made $6900.00 in one day. Not only has she taught me how to attract wealth, but she has taught me proven tangible ways to effectively make this kind of money CONSISTENTLY by doing what I love.
Aime McCrory, marketing expert,, Burbank, CA
Demetria Manouselis To say that I am a huge fan of what you are doing is a huge understatement. I am so glad I made the decision to go on the retreat with you in Bali. That truly was one of the best experiences I have ever had for a multitude of reasons. Thank you for your commitment and undivided attention the entire time. More than anything, thank you for showing me what is possible. Save Save Save
Demetria Manouselis
David K.A week and a half after our call, I got a job offer for a great position at a company that does best practice programming, and a friend will be starting there a bit before me. I thought this job opp was dead until I got the call. The pre-job background check has been a hassle, MH is guiding me though that. Excited to start in a couple weeks!
David K.
Ahalya Ketheeswaran“Before I started working with Morgana, I wasn’t able to articulate what I do or why it matters.  Morgana helped me identify my target market and what words best describe what I offer.  I coach young professionals to gain confidence, clarity and life direction.  Knowing that makes such a difference!  Potential clients finally understand what I have to offer and why it’s worthwhile to work with me.  Thanks Morgana!”
Ahalya Ketheeswaran, Toronto, Canada
Kamala Strohmeyer"I just got back from Africa. Yee ha!!! I was sharing time and communication with the Sacred Star White Lions... I'm going back to Kenya in November to get pictures to promote my upcoming retreats like you suggested. I Am very Grateful for all your love, advice, and support! Your Goddess Journey was transformational for me in so many ways.  Bonding with a Sisterhood of Goddesses who are so loving, supportive, and empowering is a Blessing. Arm in arm with my Money Honey, my Heart is open to receive even more Love, Joy, and Abundance in every Magical moment! Bless you for all your Ahhhmazing gifts that you share with others, so we embrace the Goddess and the Money Honey in us all!!! Infinite Love for ya!"  
Kamala Strohmeyer, Tennessee
Athena Murphy“I am your newest raving fan! I, too, like the guy on the case studies page, am getting more out of your work in a few minutes of videos than I did out of my Quantum Package with Harv Eker. He’s great, but you are truly tapping into something unmistakable at a level that I’ve never heard any other financial coach reach. You are being it!”
Athena Murphy
Joslyn Zale 3"Morgana helped me see patterns in my life so we could identify and eliminate negative beliefs. Being able to heal 12 years of stifling negativity and feeling half-alive in the month I worked with Morgana is truly miraculous!"
Joslyn Zale
Taina PembertonMorgana's Results Accelerator is like a little bubble of love and support in what can be a scary entrepreneurial landscape. This is an amazing tool that gives you direct access to invaluable coaching from Morgana herself! Thanks to this group I feel seen, supported and I'm more consistently productive! I High recommend this program for anyone looking to make a change and get more done in their lives or business!
Taina Pemberton, Finland
I just want to say thank you! I have gotten rid of my money monster and have a money honey, and I have started making more money as a freelance hairdresser. I now have bookings months in advance. Thank you so much, and I am sending love to you for the help all your videos have given me. I have a play list on YouTube that I listen to every night. Thanks again!
Angela Baillie, Aberdeen, Scotland
Charmaine Panares”By Gods grace and Morgana’s program I was able to literally see results in my finances I have never had in 11 years of being in America, being married, having 2 kids and stay at home mother running a business... I felt safe, secure and guided to trust myself and instincts. I feel it’s a major downpour of love in every area of my life after years menacing heart ache. I am so grateful to Morgana for this magical program. Yay!!!”
Charmaine Panares, Philippines
Marshall BurtcherMy first four weeks in the Results Accelerator coaching Program has brought about several things for me: 1) $12,000 in contracted revenue (where my average as been $4500 a month, so big increase) 2) Quite a bit deeper reach in my own blocks and seeing how to use the money honey to help bring those to closure and healing 3) finally a space where I can share my own struggles without exposure publicly and can get support I need personally I've really appreciated the love and concern and care I've felt from others in my group.  Its really been bolstering and empowering. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking support, community, encouragement, and more money!
Marshall Burtcher
Matt DeloffI know you address the ladies in your work a lot, but you were one of the first to help me get on a path to success 8yrs ago. And your book is amazing, helped tremendously. We spoke in 2009 when I felt desperate. You had a way of breaking down the stupid things in my head that were preventing me from success. Today I’m a successful owner of my own online marketing agency and have tremendous freedom. Certainly a dramatic change from when we spoke 8yrs ago. Keep doing what you do, you’re one of the best. A beautiful soul!
Matt Deloff, Arizona
Kim RobinsonI can't say enough good things about your Money Honey wisdom!! Not only did it heal my issues with receiving MONEY, it helped me draw it to me! It really is magical!
Kim Robinson, Stockton, California
One week after our VIP session:
"A few days ago I was asked to be a joint account holder in a financial instrument that was valued at more than twice what our VIP intensive cost me."
Sherman Lee, California
Deborah"I want to thank you here, Morgana, for the powerful work we did together that just popped a new iteration: I was working up some numbers for my 2020 infrastructure and launches, and I felt that familiar "uh-oh" come up that I always turn immediately over to my Money Honey for reassuring feedback (usually along the lines of, "Don't be silly, of COURSE you can do that")...and suddenly I saw a completely new Money Honey! Wildly different! Different look, time period, setting, a COMPLETELY new character, resembling nothing in my "real" life and NO ONE I've ever met or even seen before. Not even my type, generally speaking. But strong, sculpted, so powerful, actually breathtaking, and I thought, "This one can take me to the next level." I turned my thoughts to my previous Money Honey, and while he was still charming and positive, he seemed silly and lightweight by comparison. I left him there and came back to my new Honey, almost hiding because the feeling was, "Do I even get to talk to this one, much less claim him as mine?" So today I will come out of hiding and walk forward to this new Honey (who actually has sun-drenched honey coloring, unlike all my usual dark-and-handsome pretty boys) and I will ask him what he needs to stay with me right now. This month. This year. This $500K year for my business. And I'm in Costa Rica on a yoga retreat for a week so I cannot think of a better time and place to do this! THANK YOU, you beautiful fabulous rich witch, you!!"
Deborah, Los Angeles
Laura Carlin"Hi Morgana. Remember how the Results Accelerator® motivated me to focus on my book? Well... here it is! Clutter-Free Parenting: Making Space in Your Home for the Magic of Childhood and the Joy of Parenthood."
Laura Carlin
Dr. Ida Greene
"I was enrolled in Morgana Results Accelerator program and was able to own my Intuition and start my Intuitive Group Coaching Program , this is something I had always wanted to do but did acknowledge my Intuitive clairvoyant gift to make money doing this. With Morgana encouragement I was able to start my group coaching program "How to Develop and Grow Your Intuition" I am now doing this group live and online with confidence. Morgana said to me you can make money with your Intuitive gifts, I doubted it and she was right. Sometimes starting something you have never done is scary. Thanks Morgana for giving encouragement to the encourager! I am always encouraging others, thanks for helping me, a leader to acknowledge myself. It has been so easy for me to do things, that I took it for granted and had not taken the time to value and appreciate myself and the gift I bring to the planet. Again thanks Morgana for giving encouragement to the encourager!"
Dr. Ida Greene
Kelly RudolphMorgana, I LOVE your Results Accelerator program! Your daily check-in questions kept me tuned-in and on target. They opened my eyes, so instead of adding to my to-do list, they actually created MORE time by keeping me focused and on purpose. That helped my results multiply which became even more tangible when I shared them with other heart-centered entrepreneurs in my Accelerator group! The camaraderie was great, and the support, suggestions, and kudos from you and Devin were valuable and much appreciated!
Kelly Rudolph, San Diego
Jacqueline Hadden"Very few people truly move my soul. Morgana is someone everyone should know. From her core, she takes you through a journey and process that I have NEVER experienced before. I can say with complete integrity that Morgana has obliterated my darkest block and given me a relationship with money that I never thought possible. I never understood exactly how powerful she was until I experienced her in person. If she makes the live stream available from her event...JUMP in, this one is an authentic life changer!"
Jacqueline Hadden, Los Angeles, California
Deborah H’s Money Honey Adventure"I had a moment where I was scrolling through monthly credit card payments of the last year or so, just like the monthly credit card bill, which I now pay off every month, 9,000, 10,000, 15,000, 12,000, just every single month... And I suddenly had this kind of like heart palpitations, seeing that every month I'm paying down a credit card bill, that's five figures where that used to be a stunning amount of debt. And I had an upper limit moment and I went and consulted with Money Honey. And I just had this incredible sense of cutting away everything that didn't matter. And there was just that light. And then the last frontier, and this is where I'm in now is like, yes, there's just the light. There's just the power, and we're living in these bodies. And so that's what I'm working with right now. That's the next level thing.I wanted to share that with you personally and thank you again, because this shit just keeps rolling out, man. I love you."  
Deborah H
Linda Xochitl AvalosRight around my birthday I visualized again a money monster! It was a troll... when I went to annihilate it, it turned out to be a younger version of myself that was hoarding all my money in my home that I had with my parents. She was still living there waiting for Momma. She had become ugly... so I injected her with love. The next day I got some blocks cleared in this physical realm. Still have more blocks to uncover. Just wanted to let you know! I hadn't ever had an immediate experience like that before. Grateful! <3 <3
Linda Xochitl Avalos, Long Beach, CA
Sara MartinI think you mentioned in one of your transcripts for your calls that this is, at its roots, a shamanistic process. For me this description really clicks. I'm venturing into heretofore uncharted/unknown territory. Considering the ethnic background of my particular money honey, it makes perfect sense. And we are both artists. By the way, yesterday before the end of the day, I had 2 more clients call, so now I'm booked for next week, plus I received a couple hundred dollars credit from one of my supply catalogs for some silver scrap I had sent in last week. It was much more than I was expecting it to be! So, with that, I was able to order more materials.
Sara Martin
Dorothy Davis"Each time I do the workbook, I realize even more about myself than ever. For one, I no longer have to beat myself up. I can forgive and move on. Secondly, I have all the time I need to accomplish and improve my life. It is no longer a rush. All I have to do is stick to it and keep moving. Third, despite fears, doubts, anxieties or apprehensions, I just let them pass and do what I want any how. It is not that these things won't present themselves, but my reaction to them. Lastly, I am more powerful than I realized in the past. Power is not something you take from someone, because you have it yourself...each of us!"
Dorothy Davis
Nadia RaeCan I say how utterly inspired I am by your work and how pivotal you’re messages have been in my life? Because of your work I linked love and money, and when I finally let go of my ex the money poured in so fast. I turned my money monster into my money honey!!! Thanks for your divine work, for showing and for shining your light. I can’t tell you how thankful I am!! As I grow my following it is a dream of mine to eventually interview you as so many people can benefit from your message the same way I did. Thank you so much!!
Nadia Rae, United Kingdom
Rush Cole
"Hi, Morgana! I just wanted to share something with you that is making my Money Honey SOOO happy!
I finally finished all of the writing, the rewriting, editing, reediting, formatting, proofing ad nauseum, painting the art for the cover, designing that book jacket, and book spine, including creating a logo, and on and on and on for my 600 page memoir, and sent the files to my printing company on Friday, the 11th.
I don't even know how to feel, yet, except that my Money Honey is over the moon that I trusted him each time the going became impossible, and just kept going.
Thanks again, for all you do, and for giving me access to my perfect partner."
Rush Cole, Texas
Selina Jo JohnI can’t believe I found you in 2010 and transformed my life to an extent I could have never have imagined. Plus, the love of my life found me only 10 months later and the level of love and the pace of development we have is in huge parts thanks to your work.
Selina Jo John, Stockholm
"Thank you! My journey over the past few weeks since beginning the Rich Witch Challenge has been AMAZING. I had no idea the Universe had so much lined up for me and just waiting for me to open up to it. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. It's impacted every area of my life, including my marriage (which was in the middle of considering divorce). I had no idea how much love I was blocking out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Kathryn Cipriani
Alex Terranova"HOLY CRAP!!!! EVIN & MY 4TH PERSON JUST APPEARED TODAY, TALKED TO US BOTH AND PAID $7K IN FULL!!!!  My mind is a little blown."
Alex Terranova,
Tamar Baruch"I love the money monster work.I felt my force, and then the money honey coming there, and since then, I've really felt a peace within myself. There is no competition, all of seven of us, including Morgana, beautiful, complex, and yet simple female creatures who all... I've never actually... How to say this in English? I've never actually... I didn't want to say encountered, but lived through, felt, the sisterhood, just, there's no jealousy, there's no one trampling, the other person. Just feeling safe, feeling really safe, and feeling how wonderful it feels to feel safe, and to feel safe really, really profoundly within myself. Oh, the investment was really the best investment I guess I've ever made or done, and it's nothing once you've done it."
Tamar Baruch, Paris
"You have been such an inspiration to me, and I cannot thank you enough for your curriculum and coaching. For so long I have expected a savior and for once I finally feel like my inner Athena is stepping into her role. I do not wish to be saved. FINALLY! You are the ultimate Psyche and all the other goddesses in one badass combo and I'm so lucky to have been able to experience your work. Thank you for your boundaries and introducing me to Hekate (& the others). I have love for myself and I owe it to you for showing my what worthiness truly is. Blessings!!!"
Morris Sims
Since our podcast I've given my relationship with money a lot of thought, and I realize now that my vision of money has always been one of uncertainty. I have been afraid, all my life, that the money was going to stop coming in, and then what in the world will we do? CONSEQUENTLY, if we have money we better spend it fast because there won't be money in the future. NOW I can start changing my mindset. Thank you!
Morris Sims, host of The Business of Sales Podcast
Kelly RudolphMorgana, I LOVE your program! Your daily check-in questions kept me tuned-in and on target. They opened my eyes, so instead of adding to my to-do list, they actually created MORE time by keeping me focused and on purpose. That helped my results multiply which became even more tangible when I shared them with other heart-centered entrepreneurs in my Accelerator group! The camaraderie was great, and the support, suggestions, and kudos from you and Devin were valuable and much appreciated!
Kelly Rudolph, San Diego
Cheryl Woodhouse (10 years later)"More than a DECADE later your work is still positively impacting my life and I use your process to reach my goals. Just had a $25k month this month, allowing me to support 6 small businesses as well as my family, thanks to diving back into your process again."
Cheryl Woodhouse
"My life has greatly improved since the death of a money monster on August 10, 2023, and the working companionship of my Money Honey, especially in the intangible way that money now helps and loves and relates to its environment. Money is fun and caring instead of something to grasp for and hoard. It breathes and its heart beats, and my Money Honey understands completely. Thank you so much!"
Burton Milward
Caren Rich"Longevity-wise my money honey is aging very gracefully. When I retired in 2016 and went to Bali with you, I never thought of the long-term implications. I did lots of other travel, including South Africa with Naam Yoga. Each time I took the freedom off of work, I came back to better teaching positions. Whether I was long/term substitute teaching for a photography or agriculture class or now beginning another resource specialist position in Port Hueneme at double the price, most teachers are making. So I just wanted to say happy new year. Thank you. You’re the best."
Caren Rich
Tali Edit"My work with Morgana opened up profound insights around my relationship to money. I was inspired to launch a new course for my business, one that plays to my strengths. I’m doing so with a totally different attitude and energy. This is an amazing shift for me and results are already flowing in."
Tali Edit,
Masha Tikhonova"I like Tony Robbins. And Bob Proctor. And T Harv Eker. I've read every book on money I could find on Amazon, and the coach that influenced me the most is Morgana Rae. I've seriously read every book on Amazon on money and still struggled, and Morgana's method is so much more effective for me."
Masha Tikhonova
"I just wanted to share something with you – I listen to your interview from your website and within about two minutes of finishing the audio, an invoice that we were waiting to be paid for months got settled – it was quite remarkable! I just wanted to share this. Also enjoying the money honey visualization. Many thanks and wishing you all the best."

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