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“I got more from Morgana’s 45 minutes speech than three days at T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive.” Jim Hague

Big Shift Morgana Speaking

“My client and I attended an event in Mesa this past November I can’t thank you enough! Thanks to you, I was able to pull out my Money Monster and “kill” him. I’ve literally lost weight as a result. I had the courage to bill one of my clients over $7000.00.  Not only did she thank me for the discounts, she agreed to give me $10,000 in merchandise and services! In addition, my Money Honey and I are learning to  get to know each other better and due to our love for each other :-), monies are coming in.” Lynn P, Arizona

“In 60 minutes, I learned more about money than I’ve been taught in 39 years. Your work is a blessing and breakthrough.” Preston True, Accomplishment Coaching

“As an event promoter who has promoted over 75 events, I’m so happy to have had the pleasure of working with the powerful speaker and money coach Morgana Rae.  She is a GREAT draw and gives you the write up to make the marketing easy. She delivers her presentation with heartfelt grace and authenticity and moves the audience with her stories and examples. All of this, of course, leads to an exceptionally high number of people purchasing her offer at the end of the evening making the event a great financial success as well. On top of all this, she was easy to work with.  If you want an excellent speaker for your event, I highly recommend Morgana Rae.”
Dan Horner, New Ground Events

Morgana Rae’s #1 Keynote Presentation:

Make More Money By Leading With Love


(also called “Proven Steps To Be A Money Magnet”)

If you could RAPIDLY, RADICALLY, and PERMANENTLY change your Relationship with Money, what would that be worth to you?

International wealth coach Morgana Rae walks you through six time-tested steps to turn your personal Money Monster of scarcity into a Money Honey of abundance. “Your financial situation reflects your inner Relationship with Money,” says Rae. “If you don’t like your finances, something has to change in your relationship” and Rae shows how to jumpstart that transformation.

“When you imagine your money as a real, flesh and blood person, worthy of your deepest admiration, you embark on an amazing, love-at-first-sight affair of the heart. Pennies on the ground are like chocolates on your pillow,” says Rae. “I’ve had people report that within hours of hearing my talk, they’ve received unexpected money – tens of thousands of dollars or more!” (Read their stories at

Morgana will:

  • Uncover your hidden blocks to abundance.
  • Abolish your financial anxiety.
  • Change your relationship with money from a monster into your “money honey”
  • Reveal your next step to creating wealth.
  • Give you a Revolutionary System you will use for the rest of your life.

Morgana’s life-changing approach will give you a totally new relationship toward money enabling you to take a quantum leap toward creating the wealth and abundant relationships that you deserve.

How to Attract Money like a lover

Other popular presentations…


How to be a Money Goddess

Uncover and Master the 7 Feminine Archetypes for Money Magnetism

For enlightened female entrepreneurs who want to make and save six or seven figures with ease, grace, and feminine energy. Morgana Rae walks you through the seven goddess qualities of money attraction–love, pleasure, clarity, confidence, respect, play, and empathy–to create a natural, feminine model for success.

Here are signs you need a Money Goddess Makeover:

• You experience the energy drain of the “Athena Overwhelm Syndrome.”

• Your “Wounded Aphrodite” responds with compulsive eating and spending.

• In “Persephone’s Tailspin” you don’t fully realize your personal value.

• And much more…

Women are motivated differently than men. That take no prisoners, go for the burn, dominate your competition, success-at-any-cost mentality that can feel really good if you have tons of testosterone… can feel really BAD if you don’t! And because we’re told things work a certain way, and we should be a certain way, we blame ourselves when someone else’s model doesn’t work in our lives.

Or even when it does work financially, the cost of success is too high. It’s painful. Draining. All-consuming. Isn’t fun.

Yes, you get to be ambitious, strategic, powerful, wealthy and successful… and you get to BE YOURSELF, BE FULFILLED, and BE WELL-LOVED at the same time.


How to Create and Sell High Profit, High Transformation Destination Retreats

No more stuffy ballrooms!

While many of my friends are renting giant banquet rooms and spending 6 figures (and more) on their venue, the organizer, the advertising, the affiliates, the sales staff, the audio/video team, the stage and set, and the hotel room blocks for their live events… often LOSING money even after they closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales… and they still have to deliver their coaching programs to their buyers… Years ago I decided to do something EASIER!  And far more fun!

Instead, I deliver Transformational Destination Retreats that are so deeply impactful that my participants report their breakthroughs keep coming even years later.

I believe this is what clients want now: I double, or triple, my retreat net income every year…

You’ll get access to my secrets for

  • choosing the right location
  • choosing the right price point
  • producing 100% client happiness
  • filling your event without advertising or affiliates… you get to keep your profit!

In fact my events have filled themselves before I even sent out an email to my own subscriber list!

And I’ll spill the beans on my own costly mistakes, so you don’t have to make them, too.

Make money and change lives, while having the time of your life in exotic locations around the world.

The Secret to Getting Unstuck

and Activating Rapid Manifestation

For when you’re ready to take the lesson and move on…  Get unstuck and manifest your new life!

You’ll learn how to:
• Eradicate old life patterns that no longer serve you.
• Become an opportunity magnet.
• Accelerate your Evolution and Manifest Rapidly.

Create the Year of Your Dreams

Why do some people work hard, doing all the right things, yet never get ahead ─ while others get what they want effortlessly? Have there been times in your life when things came easily and other times when everything was a struggle? Discover the secrets of making things happen with ease, flow, and synchronicity! You’ll learn how to:

• Attract opportunity
• Reduce anxiety
• Do less and accomplish more
• Achieve goals that have eluded you in the past
• Create a compelling, self-fulfilling vision.

You’ll leave this dynamic talk knowing how to make your goals happen to you ─ instead of chasing them away!





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