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Your Own Natural Magic

I just got off a coaching call with a client who wows the socks off of me. She’s a data analyst (smart!) who talks to ghosts and is one of the most powerfully magical people I’ve ever met. She was on my Money Goddess retreat in Bali last year, and she held the cloud cover for her goddess sisters during their photo shoots.

I was asking her what that was like, and she said, “I just asked them (the clouds) gently.”

That answer blew me away.

And that got me to thinking about what magic feels like.

In my experience magic is not heavy lifting. It’s not the sorcerer on the mountain top with the flying lightning bolts (as much as I love the movie Fantasia). Though I suppose it could be. For me it’s usually a gentle nudge that’s so quiet I can pretend it wasn’t there.

It’s alignment. Truth. Trust. Receptivity.

Sometimes it’s a flashing, whiny thought “I want that” and then it’s given to me shortly after.

It appears to me that many of my peers who teach magic and manifestation studied under schools and lineages and mentors.

That was not my path. I found studying someone else’s instruction felt manipulative, desperate, forcing and frustrating… like pushing up against water that simply wants to flow. It crossed my wires. Interrupted what comes to me automatically.

This is not most people’s experience. It was mine. And it felt so wrong that I’ve stayed in my own lane since. My job is trust what I already know:

My natural state is magical.

My journey has been to reverse engineer what I do that works so that I can teach it to others who want to learn it from me.

Cause the more you are your True You, the more the noise quiets and your life experience shifts. Synchronicities “happen.” You feel your own power, which can appear as gentle as asking the heavens to accommodate your wishes, and they agree.

The trick is to learn how to recognize, access, and return to your own natural state of magic.

That’s just my thought for today.


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