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Money Likes to Come In

As a follow up to my Manifestation on Speed Dial post, I wanted to tell you about two client success stories that came in on the same day last week and delighted me.  I’m using their stories to highlight some underlying principles around money and manifestation that could help you.

The first text came from a psychic channel/energy healer client telling me that she just booked her FIRST PAYING CLIENT!

Her first paying client did NOT come from any of the sources she had set up (or her prior coach had set up) to bring her clients. 

Her ideal client simply found her. That first client is already referring her next paying client to her.

Money likes to come in.

When money loves you and wants to be with you, it’s very common for money to show up from directions you didn’t expect. 

Money is like water, seeking an opening to pour in.

Coincidentally, in the same text, it’s looking like this client will be offered a 6-figure dream job at her dream company. Her spirit guides tell her the job (at one of the biggest-name tech companies in the world) was created for her. What she’s being offered is a promotion above the project management job she thought she was interviewing for… a position being created just for her.

I foresee THIS is the environment where she’ll naturally attract her happiest, most appreciative, high-ticket clients for her woo gifts, too.

In fact I advised this client that posting videos for her channeling gifts on social media could DEPOSITION her. That doesn’t feel like her path. She is way too exclusive and high-value for that. Her clients will be referral-based and well-vetted tech people who are drawn to her magic, not open to the masses. And it will be easy and organic.

Sometimes everything you’ve heard about how to build your business is just plain wrong.

Trying to twist yourself to fit someone else’s business model can leave you feeling like a very poor pretzel. Untwist yourself. Take the step in front of you that is meant for you. Take the next step after that. The universe operates on a need-to-know basis. More will be revealed.

Obstacles happen for you. They correct your course.

One other thing we discussed: the years of financial struggle that motivated my client to hire me (when she totally did NOT have the funds to do so) and get her Money Honey, and then continue with me as her coach, is also what has brought her to be in this unique position to accept her dream job AND build her hi-tech woo empire as well.

But wait there’s more…

Another text arrived from client #2, who hired me this year to help him become a $50K/year coach. We started with a transitional target of $30K a year. He passed that. This week he signed his first $40K/yr client. It was easy.

Once again, the client didn’t come from where he was expected. Money’s like water, remember? You can’t push it, but it will find a way in.

This client is another great example of big box business coaching programs really not being a good fit. He’s not a generic-formula kind of guy. When he’s BEING himself, doing his own thing, having fun, his dreams really do come true. It’s fantastic.

Magic happens after commitment.

One thing I heard from both clients yesterday… and I’ll use one client’s words exactly: “The magic didn’t happen until I threw my hat into the ring.”

In other words: magic happens when you make a commitment that may feel scary, is super stretchy, and feels so right that you have to say yes to yourself and be bigger than you were.

All too often I hear people say, “I’ll do x when y happens.” I totally understand that reasoning. I lived that way for many years. That’s a perfectly valid choice, but it does give away your power and choice to outside forces. When I hear this, I immediately release any expectation or attachment to that something happening.

The response I listen for is, “I don’t know how I’m going to make this happen, but I AM going to make this happen. Just you watch.”

When I hear that, I know something amazing is going to happen. And it does.


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