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“Why isn’t it working?”

“Why Isn’t It Working?”

This was the most interesting question.

I’ll do a whole issue on this–because it’s so important–but for now I just want to toss out a few notes before I go to bed.

1) If it “isn’t working,” it (the alchemy) didn’t happen.
This is the tricky part. You can follow the steps, answer the questions, and come up with great ideas for your old and new Money. And nothing will change. Why?

The relationship didn’t really change. Your new Money is still a great idea, but the relationship with your new Money isn’t REAL. This isn’t your fault. You just need a coach.

2) You’re asking the wrong question.
Years ago when I first started coaching others on creating a new relationship with Money–and I was still figuring out how to make the process work every time– a client came to a coaching session saying to me, “Morgana. It’s been two weeks and I still haven’t received anything from my new Money.”

I asked my client, “What have you done to make your Money happy?”



This was a big aha moment for that client.

Two years later she realized that she had doubled her income every six months… and was making MULTIPLE SIX FIGURES.

But she had to shift her paradigm for the relationship from “What have you done for me lately, Money?” to “How can I make YOU feel happy, Money?”

3) Ask Money.
If you really have changed the relationship, and your Money Honey is as real and dear to you as the lover of your dreams, ask your Money what’s going on!

If you’ve listened to any teleclass or workshop I’ve given in the last two years, you know that I’m not always a happy camper in my relationship. I get frustrated, impatient, and down right pissy. If I have a complaint or a question, I bring it to my Money himself.

I’ve learned to say to Money, “I’m feeling anxious. What do you want me to do so I can feel less anxious?” Then I do whatever the heck he tells me to do.

Another tiff I have with Money is, “Look at all I’m doing to be a great relationship partner and show you how much I appreciate you and this is all I get?” (Can you imagine what kind of a wife I’ll make?) Money always grins and says, “It’s coming.” And when the cash comes, it’s bigger than anything I’ve known before.

I cannot stress enough that it all hinges on your relationship with Money.

Clients who come to me usually have a pretty good concept of the whole transformation; and most of my clients have already done deep, soul searching work on themselves, their money issues, or both.

NOBODY expects what they get when we do the process itself! This is what’s so much fun for me the coach: the shock.

It’s a whole new world, and you KNOW “it’s” working the moment you arrive.

  1. Jessica says:

    I just listened to the interview you did at and hopped over to learn more. I’m so glad I did–your approach to money is so intriguing and fun and I can’t wait to try out some of what I’ve read about here today. Something I’ve been doing for awhile is asking my business (when I feel stuck or unsure what to do next), and I’m consistently surprised by the answers, so I can’t wait to see what sorts of answers I might get by with step 3. Thanks!

  2. Ioan says:

    Hello Kind Human Beings, Friends,

    I always smile when I read, because I agree with the fact that in order to change the current state to another one, besides changing the paradigm we act to see different results.
    No action, no different results. 🙂

    I wish you a Happy New Year and a Brand New Relationship with the Money!

    Love for Humans,


  3. Whenever I forget, you always remind me 🙂 … and then I ask my money (my Walk-In-The-Clouds Keanu Reeves-esque money) what does he want and it’s always, “pay attention to me.” This is new for me because I used to be of the “close your eyes and hope it’s all ok” mindset but have since reformed. Occasionally I forget and need a nice smack on the head.


  4. Julie says:

    Yep I agree I need to be coached seems deeply ingrained, thats for sure for me at this time.

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