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Romancing Your Money (National Networker Interview)

A while back I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Ann Sloan for the National Networker. For anyone who’s curious about Financial Alchemy, the inner workings of my business, or even my struggles and insecurities (betcha didn’t know I had those, didya?), read on…

How Hot is Your Relationship with Money?

“IF MONEY WERE A PERSON”, asks Morgana Rae, “what kind of person would reflect your current experience of Money?” Is it an ugly, disappointing, elusive, even frightening presence in your life, one you dread and even avoid ─ or is it a highly attractive, loving, sexy and exciting entity who finds you powerfully attractive and is always eager to please you?

What an intriguing question! Even more intriguing for me are the amazingly abundant (i.e., rich) results Morgana has achieved for her own business as well as her coaching clients through using this dynamic metaphor. I’ve been eager to learn to more and have planned for months now to get an interview. As you see, I have succeeded ─ so please read on!

Who is Morgana?

Morgana Rae is described as “The Coach with the Magic Touch” and the “Money Magic Queen”. It’s interesting to note that her mother named her after King Arthur’s sister, Morgana Le Fey (Morgana the Faerie), a priestess with magical healing powers.

Morgana’s web site,, provides this background information.

Morgana Rae, a certified Master Results Coach and mythologist trained in NLP, hypnosis, and co-active coaching, draws on these skills and 20 years in the entertainment industry to create fun, dynamic exercises that transform your life quickly – with stunning results. She owns Charmed Life Coaching, a successful life and business coaching company. Morgana guides clients to attract more than they chase, and to enjoy success without sacrificing their humanity. As a leading expert on wealth creation, Morgana is a popular speaker and frequent television and radio guest. Morgana delivers keynote addresses and breakout sessions at expos and conferences from Los Angeles to Oslo. Her articles have been published in over 50 countries worldwide… Her Financial Alchemy books, CDs, radio and television interviews, magazine articles and classes have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

And now, on with the interview!

At last, we are here now, ready to talk and share. I’m super-curious to hear what Morgana has to say!

So Morgana, how would you summarize what you do? What’s your “elevator speech”?

“I help heart-centered, purpose-driven, coaches, healers, artists and entrepreneurs create a new relationship with Money as if Money were the hottest, sexiest, most romantic lover who wants to woo you, loves you more than anyone else in the world, and wants to stay with you if you’ll let him.”

This strikes me as so delightful that I laugh in surprise.

So you suggest we create and envision our personal, hot, committed, ever-unfolding romance with a personalized “Money”? This is what you’ve named your Money Honey?

“Precisely! And this works for both genders, by the way. So if you’re a male, your Money Honey you’d create would be a gorgeous sexy female.”

Very innovative! Can you tell me what exactly makes what you do unique?

“Uh… unique? You think I’m unique? (As I bat my eyes…) Nooobody teaches what I teach. And the results I get would be unbelievable if I didn’t have the emails to support them. (Day after last night’s teleclass as the success story emails are already coming in.) And frankly, anyone who tries to do my coaching is going to have hit or miss results unless they trained with me.”

My playful, sexy style don’t hurt neither!”

I definitely get that (I smile.) So ─ how would you describe the primary mission of what you do?

“Let me give you my mission statement,” says Morgana. “It just popped into my head one day, ready made, while I was typing something else. So far I haven’t been able to improve upon it:

I write, teach and coach in order to evolve humanity, and to witness a whole world of empowered, enlightened, charmed living.

In addition, I feel called (mostly because my Money Honey told me) to give attention to empowering women economically. I think that’s the key to world change and peace.”

Please describe how you got started in all this, and how you arrived where you are currently.

“Oy! I’m an overachiever. Let me tell you… I was hit by a car, thrown into a coma, woke up with a serious head injury (unable to concentrate or remember things or sleep for a year and a half) and I STILL graduated as a National Merit Scholar and went on to a top college. And I was a fat, uncoordinated little girl who became a professional ballerina. Do I know how to accomplish stuff or what?”

That’s definitely impressive!

“Yeah… But I couldn’t make a living. Talk about a surprise. I choked when stating my fee or asking to be paid. I realized had to change my relationship with Money, and overnight I had a bunch of clients paying me more than I had ever charged before (which, in hindsight, was pathetically low—but it was more than I had courage to charge at the time).

Basically, here’s how it happened: When I changed my money monster (who’d terrorized me for many years) into my tall, dark, handsome Money Honey, and committed myself to being a loving relationship partner, I became VERY attractive to clients, and very good at graciously accepting their payment without embarrassment.”

You felt uncomfortable asking for payment?

“I still have that moment of fear before I remember how handsome my Money Honey is. So ─ I charge for him.”

Once again I have to smile at Morgana’s delightful metaphor. But I keep moving forward.

Which of your projects are you currently most passionate about?

“I’m teaching a new class on HOW TO BE A MONEY GODDESS.

Goddesses are tall, short, thin, fat, young, old, pretty, and plain. They do what they want, they get paid what they want, they even sleep with whomever they want (hello Aphrodite!), and they don’t apologize for any of it!

Could you imagine if every woman on the planet lived like a goddess? If we thought our every dimple, wrinkle, jiggle and saggy bit was gorgeous? Because if you’re Aphrodite, your jiggly, saggy, dimply bits are, by definition, beautiful. Because YOU are the definition of beauty. And Baby, that’s exactly how you’re Money Honey sees you, and how he wants you to see yourself!

I think this is why so many of my clients who come to me for money issues, also walk away with new body confidence. Weight loss without dieting, even recovery from serious eating disorders, has been showing up a lot this year. It’s all the same thing: how worthy are we of love, safety, and respect?”

How much of your work is focused specifically toward women?

“I’ve already touched on that a bit. My approach to Money really resonates with women. We love love. We tend to be nurturers and people pleasers—which ironically is just the right formula to give away our gifts without getting paid. I adore my guy clients, and I coach quite a few. But you have to admit my style is pretty feminine.”

So there’s a potential danger here?

“Yes! Whether it’s from a feeling of unworthiness, or a fear of rejection or causing harm, or a guilt about taking money to help someone (I’m speaking from my own experience, ladies), we repel and protect ourselves from wealth. But…”

… You have a remedy?

“… if you make Money a person, we can turn all of our loving, nurturing superpowers towards making that relationship work AND feel good about valuing Money!”

Ann Barczay Sloan, M.A. is an author, editor, and creative writing coach who describes herself as a Story Alchemist. She serves as Featured Columnist (“Especially for Women”) for, a weekly on-line publication, where this article was first published. Author of the forthcoming book, How to Use the Pieces of a Broken Heart: Recipes for Rebirth, Ann may be reached at

  1. Brilliant! I am so excited about having a new paradigm or metaphor for money that I feel as if I’ve been given a magic key!

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