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Relationship with Money Keeps Getting Juicier

This morning I received the COOLEST letter from Susan. She’s listened to one of my teleclasses, bought the special offer (apparently she also got my workbook), and then she wrote to me.

Take a look at the BRILLIANT ways she gets rid of her Money Monster, and connects to her Money Honey. GENIUS!  Enjoy the read…

 “Hello Morgana,

I just had to share a sweet thing that happened with my Money Honey today.

I took my son shopping for a computer backpack, intending to spend $40 as we had done research on the one he wanted. When we got to the store, there weren’t any backpacks under $70. I remembered hearing you say that it’s OK to spend money on things of value and usefulness. So, I asked my Money Honey, who was standing right next to me, if it was OK to spend an extra $30. Right after I asked this question, my eye caught another aisle, around the corner and out of the way, that had a few backpacks on it. Hanging there was the perfect one for my son and it was on clearance for $30. Thank you Money!

After that, I found out that we’ll be paid $80 more than expected for the sale of 4 of my husband’s paintings. This sale is also a miracle! I was hanging out with my Money Honey one day, brainstorming already established channels we have for income to come through. He said, “Well, there are your husband’s paintings and you have clients in your promotional products business that have ordered from you repeatedly.” I told Money that I would just love it if those channels could open up in addition to the work my husband and I both do.

Soon after that, my mom, who is a corporate interior designer, dropped by and I was lead to show her my husband’s paintings that I had just retrieved from a gallery in Louisiana (we’re moving to California soon, and I didn’t want to leave them behind). Within a week, Mom sold 4 paintings for $2200. Also that week, my brother’s company put in a huge order for Tshirts and I’ll make over $300 in commission from that sale.

Morgana, I had the privilege of being coached by you on your group coaching call on June 4th. I was the first person you spoke with and you let me know that I was making discovering my Money Monster too complicated. I simplified the process and now have a swift way of killing monsters as they come up. With Archangel Michael on my left-hand side and Shuchi Angel Gabriel on my right to protect me, I call in a team of Navy Seals to come up behind the monster, stick a knife in the back of his/her neck which kills instantly. Then, the Seal team puts the dead monster through a wood chipper and the bloody bits go directly into a heavy black, plastic garbage bag. They then tie bricks to the bag and drop it in quicksand. It’s my understanding that anyone who sinks down into quicksand has no chance of coming back.

I also spoke with you on Shefali Burns’ call on July 15th and you answered my question about the difference between Money and cash. Both times I spoke with you I felt as if I had been touched by magic and my healing process was propelled. Thank you so much for the work that you do and for making yourself so present and available to so many of us.

I’m completely enjoying your workbook and feel that it truly connects me to my Money Honey. We sit down together every night when I write in it. His name is Miles Andrews, with long, dark curly hair and the most intense eyes that bring me to my knees! He’s a rock ‘n’ roll musician and has helped me get in touch with the girl who gave up singing in a band to take care of family and start one of my own.

One of the ways he communicates with me is through classic rock songs that I hadn’t listened to in years. We have a special station that was playing when I met him on a drive from Houston to Dallas. I stopped at a beautiful rest stop with an enchanting wooded area. As I stepped onto a bridge over a pond I said goodbye to, and thanked, my interim Money Honey and walked toward my new Money Honey who was waiting for me at the end of the bridge. We sang together in my car and had a blast all the way home! I have that station on my iPhone and listen to it daily, especially when I’m wanting to feel connected to him. When I hear a song such as Miracles, by Jefferson Starship, I know he’s encouraging me to embrace all that’s possible. If a song like Cold as Ice, by Foreigner, comes on I feel as if he’s telling me that I need to reconnect with him by taking a walk, singing to him or dancing with him.

Wow! I did not expect to sit down and write all of this. I’m sure Miles was behind it though, because I’m a writer and he’s always encouraging me to use my gifts and talents.

Love and blessings to you, Morgana. Miles and I think that you rock!

Susan Matamoros

PS: Your email is icing on the cake of a very blessed day for me. I had a super romantic date with my Money Honey AND found out that a publishing company is interested in my children’s books.”

It just keeps getting juicier!

  1. caroline says:

    Hi I have a question regarding money monster.

    I have just woken up and realised that I do have this money monster that is stopping me from attracting wealth, success and happiness.

    how do I get rid of him though. how do you stop those automatic thoughts… ive not go enough money in the bank to pay the bills to do x y and z

    thank you

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