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Not getting results? Get Honest.

Just yesterday, a new visitor to my website wrote to me:

“How do I make money appear in my life?  I try only thinking about having it instead of “not” having it….but that is hard when you are in financial crisis each week.”

Here are my thoughts:

I think we’ve been sold a bill of goods.

Well intentioned people will tell you that if you think positive, raise your vibration, say affirmations, practice the “law of attraction,” only focus on good feelings and have enough faith, the money fairy will come along and make you rich.

And if you’re feeling scared and broke and facing a “financial crisis” every week, these friends are essentially telling you to lie to yourself.

But hey, if it works, do it.

It’s never worked for me.

Instead, get HONEST.

If you’re in financial crisis every week, and it feels like nothing you’re doing is working, get ANGRY!

There’s a lot of pent up energy in anger, and you want to access it.

Get angry at money.

Get angry at all the people who sold you programs or books or solutions that didn’t change your life.

Get angry at yourself for all the times you didn’t follow through or didn’t take care of yourself or didn’t get the results you wanted.

Get angry at any body who ever hurt your feelings or lied to you or let you down.

Get angry at life.

Now you’re getting an accurate picture of your current relationship with money, and why you push it away…

Especially if you’re doing everything “right” and still not getting ahead.

This is the first step to making the change we want.  We can’t change something without facing it first. In Alchemy we call it “negridio”– seeking out the darkness. The first step to changing lead into gold…

If you want to change your relationship with money, you need to see what you’re wanting to change it from. This gives you the CLARITY and MOTIVATION to do whatever it takes to end the patterns that no longer serve you.

This is why the Money “Monster” is the door to transformation. g

*Please post your thoughts and “aha!” moments below.

  1. Meegan says:

    Amen to that Morgana! We need to get honest with what’s really going on under the surface… When I’ve faced my own anger and frustration at feeling stuck and then allowed that energy to push me forward and bust barriers I’ve created real changes, financial included… let’s stop lying to ourselves, face the truth and heal our relationship with ourselves, life and money. Thanks for your truth telling work xx

  2. Dion Vincnet says:

    GREAT perspective! I will incorporate this method in my coaching business!!

  3. Denise Toffey says:

    Well said Morgana! Great way to acknowledge all the ways I’ve believed the lies that I perceived and money monster delighted in feeding back to me time and time again. We all need reassurance sometimes that it’s ok to be PISSED! It’s ok to kick some Money Monster Ass from time to time and Claim Our True Worth!!!!

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