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What happens when you stop talking to your money?

One of the things I’ve discovered over the years, after coaching thousands of people on their relationship with money, is that our money never leaves us. We leave it.


Watch this:

  1. Mali says:

    Hi Morgana!

    All of a sudden it seemed my Money Honey left town a very fast jet plane! Then I got by spending time with a former beau I had lived with once – I had devalued myself, started talking to him instead of my MH, slowed down in focusing on the workbook – as if former beau was the ansswer… Not!

    Once I got that, apologized deeply to MH and asked him what I could do to make him happy and keep him with me forever… My life has been getting back on track today. The energy I get from him is fun, action, play and results!

    Wow! How noticeable when he wasn’t there! Hard lesson learned today! I am intending to keep the wonderful relationship I have been building with my MH and loving taking fun & powerful actions given to me by him. I will be so busy doing whatever it takes to keep MH happy, won’t have time to waste time. You did caustion me/us about that! Thank you so much!

    Happy Valentine’s Day with Love, Mali

  2. morgana says:

    Wow Mali! Thank you for sharing your insight.


  3. margery says:

    I had successfully booted out my money monster but never fully realized my money honey until your new video today. My money honey is lathered with honey literally, and I stick onto my honey as does any monies coming my way. We are smiling, hugging and embracing a sweet future.

  4. Louise says:

    Hello Morgana!

    I would like to share an interesting story about my money monster. Where I work , there is this customer who I describe as my money monster, thick black moustache, greasy hair, and eyes that seem to look upwards very scary!! I immediately want to be as far away from him as I can (kind of like your biker guy). Well yesterday i see him and again i do my best to get away from him but then he enters my department and i am forced to speak to him. I take a deep breath and ask him if I can help him with anything…his reply freaked me out! He answers ” Yeah more money, i need more money!”… Morgana, I just stared at him in disbelief… Not sure what to make of this but know there is a lesson somewhere here. … Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

  5. Johannes says:

    morgana thx for the links to your interviews.
    I enjoy them, your voice is calming when you speak
    and when you be quiet
    (the break when the noise of the phone-line can be heard)
    i can feel your contentment.
    life is a mirror of our inner self.
    its all about self-love and feeling worthy

    @Louise you should ask the customer “what can I do for you?”
    or just “please”
    not “may I help you?” because there are people out there who think nobody can help them. I learned this in communication for pharmacy.

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