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Money is not a number. It’s a relationship.

love, then money

Here’s a great Money Magnet Burning Question that came in:

“When I speak to money, do I need to be holding some money in my hands or can I just ‘speak to money’ as it were? I’m not sure what I need to visualize when I speak to money.”

Stop thinking of your Money as money. Money is not a number, it’s a relationship.

Make your Money Honey a HUMAN you would love and adore for his own sake, having nothing to do with his being money. You can’t love a piece of paper like you can love a lover.

A client today was telling me how much easier it was to care for and respect money when it became a HUMAN being.

You wanna learn UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? This is it, baby. That’s your relationship with your Money Honey. He loves you no matter what. You love him no matter what. And he’s so real you get butterflies in your stomach. (The Money Honey can be female too.)

But your Money Honey will never really exist for you unless you exorcise the monster before him. That’s the price of admission.

This is Alchemy. The first step is “negridio”— the blackening. You must create polarity, separate the bad from the good. Your Money Honey is only as real and wonderful as the monster before him is real and terrible.

Financial Alchemy has six steps. You can’t leave a single step incomplete.

1) uncover every negative experience
2) create the monster
3) get rid of the monster
4) meet the Money Honey (the new relationship)
5) ask your Money Honey what he/she needs (rarely what you expect)
6) take the action he/she wants (rarely what you expect)

(For a deeper taste of my money monster/money honey process, I recommend you begin with my FREE video series at, or DIVE DEEP right away with my international #1 best selling book/self-coaching system HERE.)

Finally, if aren’t sure you have your Money Honey, I can tell you right now you don’t. When your Honey arrives, you will KNOW it with every fiber of your being. And you will SWOON!

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