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Money Magnet Burning Question: “How Do I Win A House?”

Here’s the question that came in:

“How does one go about wanting to win a prize in a competition?

What should one do?  I tried visualisation of accepting the keys and living in the house, having a positive mindset, asked the universe for assistance you name it….(not all at once) but I have yet to see result.

So how does one go about getting a positive result from the universe in this instance?  I need and want to win a house.”

What do you think I said?

Watch the below to see if you guessed right…

Then post your feedback below!


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  1. Annie says:

    Yeah, it’s like the difference between ‘give the man a fish or teach the man to fish’ paradigms …

    And you’re right, winning a house might be awesome … and then there’s all the secondary costs of maintaining upkeep of the house that require the money attracting/income generating skills if you want to keep the house

    That said if you win a house, you do have an instant asset to sell and thus release capital to use to put food in yer belly. And then again, there’s that tax you could get clobbered with to remember 😉

    So whilst it’s lovely and life affirming, and love affirming to be given things – and can feel like a measure of our intrinsic worth and value … I can also see why it’s far better to come to know and believe in our magnificent worth and value – and have the skills and confidence to create stuff and generate income whenever we need or want to.

    Very true.

    And I wonder do you need to value and love yourself BEFORE you can ditch your money monster and create your money honey? Or can you ditch the money monster and meet your money honey regardless …. and learn from the money honey to love yourself?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Annie–

      In answer to your last piece, wondering if you need to love and value yourself BEFORE you can ditch your money monster…
      only enough to be willing to get rid of him. All of your hurt, self-hatred and hopelessness comes in super handy in the first half of the
      Financial Alchemy process. It’s really important that you can access your monster through the pain in your life, even if it’s far in the past.
      The more powerful and present you can make your monster, the more power and present you’ll experience your Money Honey.

      Because your Money Honey will always be just a little more powerful and present than your monster. Your Honey always wins.

  2. Karen says:

    Here is a really cool story (real story) about a guy who traded his way from a red paper clip to a house 🙂
    It is a very cool and inspiring story.

  3. Jaime Almond says:

    I once wanted to go to a workshop in another city. A group that I was involved in with was having a competition for a ticket. I visualized winning the ticket for a couple of weeks. I felt very confident I would win and I didn’t. So I let it go.

    2 weeks later I received a phone call from the person who won. They gave me the ticket. What’s more, the group that raffled the ticket had also given an airfare to someone else so they could go, but she couldn’t go, so they gave me the air fare too.

    So, that story, probably sounds like it just happened like magic and at the time, I felt like it was.

    But, after listening to this and looking back, I realized that I also really worked hard and deserved the ticket. I was on the committee in the group and I built relationships with everyone there. I volunteered my time at all their events.

    The person who won was going to give it to someone else, but that person couldn’t go. And since they knew I wanted it (I was telling everyone I was going to win), they gave it to me.

    Since then, I’ve definitely learned that hard work and focusing on what I want has much more power than just wishing it to happen.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Bingo Jaime! You created it!

  4. Annie says:

    Wow we have to WORK for it? Yeouch! 😉

    I’ve never thought visioning was enough – but work? And work hard? Dammit!

    Ah if only we could get by on being charming and delightful. If only our personality and our presence was value enough. If only we could trade on our intrinsic value … on the joy or whatever it is we bring to people’s lives simply by being present in their world. If only we could simply BE and not have to DO anything! And still have everything we could ever want or need – a bit like a favourite child I suppose … Their very existence, their every smile earns them their keep. They don’t have to DO anything.

    Well that’s the story at least … 😉

    Acutally Morgana your vid-post and Jaime your comment have set me to re-evaluate my story about my late father … and I now woke up and realised that though he was given many things and got many other things at trade prices – which meant he/we had things we might not otherwise have been able to afford – he DID work to gain the respect that people had for him and which prompted them to ‘give’ to him. He earned their respect, his efforts and talents he deployed became the evidence of his worth and value.

    No, sadly he wasn’t the best dad in the world but he certainly did a lot of good works in his world.

    Yes sometimes we can trade successfully on just our presence, our intrinsic qualities and value. And sometimes we actually have to work for it (for money & things & tings)

    Oh I see …. and oh what a pain in the ass!

    Thank You xx

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      LOL Annie! I feel like I’m watching you grow with every post.

      I like things to be easy. I BELIEVE that most of us make life much harder than necessary with all of our hidden inner patterns and conflicts. That’s why I created Financial Alchemy and my Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation Workbook: to make things easier.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a million times more: struggle is overrated.

      At the same time, we exist to be used by the Universe. That’s why we signed up for this crazy existence. We WILL expend effort, and we’ll grow and learn things and accomplish things along the way.

      The people I know in The Secret do more than meditate. They take risks, they get out there, they work hard, and many of them struggled for a long time before they hit their stride. They still travel the world promoting their books and classes. Michael Beckwith writes a stand-on-your-feet-and-applause oratory every week for his church.

      I love that quote that says something like, “I’m lucky. The harder I work, the luckier I get.” The trick is to work WITH the Universe, not against it, and to find work that grows you love for life.

      And to always set aside time for rest.

  5. Annie says:

    Hi Morgana

    So glad you caught my edge of humour! all in a serious cause though ..

    yep, growing and being dragged kicking and screaming into grown-up-ville enfin. The thing is … or here’s the thing … I know myself to be self-aware and intellectually sophisticated & mature … and yet emotionally sometimes still responding like a child or a young teen.

    I was on the bus this morning processing your two replies and among all my thoughts on it was the “Power of Vulnerability” video by Brene Brown on – video that’s been doing the rounds recently. It’s funny, touching and illuminating, and she talks about vulnerability, worthiness and the notion that: “I am enough…”

    And that touched a very raw core in me … a feeling that I am NOT enough or I am TOO MUCH – that me coming into the world created a burden as much as (or more than) a blessing or bundle or joy – and when my brother – a son – came along I was relegated to 2nd fiddle… “I am not enough … ” and I wasn’t nurtured and comforted enough the story goes.

    All 5-star fodder for the money monster – an idea that the universe tolerates me only so long as I don’t ask for too much …

    So perhaps on some level I believe I don’t deserve money and love and that I will be punished any time they come my way. A kind of fiscal anorexia?

    How ridiculous is that!! But I see that it lurking nonetheless …

    On WORK and STRUGGLE – oh yes I agree that struggle is overrated! And at the same time of course I struggle so – doh! see, here’s the humour of awareness bubbling up yet again

    The trouble with work is …
    1) too often in my experience is seemed like just a conveyor belt of hassles and chores – and you know it’s like “don’t hassle me man! Don’t give me problems to solve, I want an easy life!” 😉

    2) seeing WORK as flying the flag of being unloved, non-valued etc.
    e.g. If you have to ‘work’ it must mean you’re unloved/not valued … coz if you were loved and valued you wouldn’t need to work! (And you’d still have everything you need…..)

    Thus having to work must mean you’re a loser … so it’s not an attractive proposition from that standpoint is it! Oh dear …

    And it’s totally blind to the perspective of work being about what you CONTRIBUTE to the world – the good you can do – the people you can help – directly through your work and indirectly through the money you earn. It’s like, doh!, doh! and doubble doh!!

    The Secret? Actually, I’ve never seen it! How ironic seeing as this blog thread is filed under LOA. But then I love contrariness, paradox and contradictions … so juicy!

    Mmmmm “Your Money Honey always wins …” I sure hope so!

    Annie x

  6. Annie says:

    well I just spent over an hour writing a follow-on comment – and when I finished I deleted it! It was too long and so full of self-limiting crap – so it’s gone

    What remains is … OMG I just heard they’re remaking Dallas! .. Aren’t those opening credits and music just so iconic? I wonder what beliefs about money that show generated?!!

    But anyway, JR et famille aside, on the issue of money and love and value and charging … What about the notion that to charge someone is to insult them …?

    It’s like it’s a slap in the face. Like telling them that they are not loved. That they have no intrinsic value, no worth.

    And that’s assuming that you’re offering them something of worth …! There is also the fear of “what if you’ve nothing of value to put out there … ? Nothing of value to offer … ? that they won’t want what you’d want to offer … ”

    So first you have to believe that YOU are of value (& that you can and do create things of value)

    And second you have to understand that charging someone is NOT telling them that they are not of value (I guess similar to the your video post explaining that when you don’t take someone on as a client, they shouldn’t take it to mean that they are not worthy).

    Of course we all do give gifts to people we love – and receive gifts from them too.

    Business also “gives” things to “people of value” … look at the cult of celebrity and freebies they’re given, the queues they can jump. because they’re a human mobile advertising hoarding, marketing machine.

    So it’s right and proper to charge, it’s right and proper to take money, so long as you are – and you offer – something of value.

    How do you find out what that is?

    How do you find the sweet harmony between what people will buy and what you can supply? And until you do, what do you do?

    Ah, of course, ditch the money monster and listen to the Money Honey? Argh, why am I still finding that soooo difficult?????? Why am I still going round in circles?

    Annie x

  7. Joumana says:

    Morgana, I love your answer to this particular dilemma because I do believe that ACTION is an essential part of the LAW of ATTRACTION. However, I am having problems with one thing: the HARD work part. I thought the “working very, very hard” days were behind us with this understanding of the LOA and the Abundant Universe.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      No, Joumana: hard work never goes away, nor is hard work a bad thing.

      Let’s make a distinction between hard work and struggle. And hard work brings us joy when it is meaningful.

      Mahatma Gandhi wrote of Seven Deadly Sins:

      *Wealth Without Work

      *Pleasure Without Conscience

      *Knowledge Without Character

      *Commerce (Business) Without Morality (Ethics)

      *Science Without Humanity

      *Religion Without Sacrifice

      *Politics Without Principle

      Notice that “Wealth without Work is at the top.

      We do not want to work “very, very hard” all the time, or forever. But we also need to be real and recognize that all the LOA players–Rhonda Byrne, Michael Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, John Assaraf, Abraham-Hicks, etc, etc, are OUT THERE promoting their programs, filling seats, standing in front of crowds, writing books, and working their asses off doing what they love.

      I am a master manifestor. I think “I want that” and it drops in my lap in about a day. But I put in a lot of years of foundation building to set up the circumstances for things to be able to drop in my lap. Magical thinking–the believe that the universe will deliver to you without your effort, as if you’re a two year old–is a seductive proposition, and its failure brings me hundreds of client applications.

      As I posted elsewhere, I love that quote that says something like, “I’m lucky. The harder I work, the luckier I get.” The trick is to work WITH the Universe, not against it, and to find work that grows your love for life.

  8. Melanie Joy Vertalino says:

    My comment is for the person who posted this question. Let me begin by telling you that I am training to be a certified Law of Attraction coach and am what I would call an expert at it. Using the word “need” to attract something, shows that your energy needed to manifest this house, is still tied up inside of you. In order to attract the house, you need to release the energy inside of you, by “believing” or having FAITH that you will receive your desire (so the universe can use the energy to manifest your desire). This is called, “The art of allowing.” Feel free to read books by Esther & Jerry Hicks, on the teachings of Abraham, and especially, “Ask and it is Given.”

    I will share a story with you, about a contest I won last Summer, 2010. Jenny Craig was having a contest for a $250 gift card. Each week I would fill in one entry for it, for about 8 weeks. Each week I would tell myself, “I already won this contest, mine is the only entry in the box.” On one of my entries, I put a “heart” symbol next to my name. If you study Law of Attraction, symbols are very meaningful in attracting. I didn’t even entertain the idea of someone else winning. I acted as if it was mine already, with no need, no fear, no doubt, no nothing. I just “knew.” And after Labor Day when I came in, and everyone who was working there didn’t act any differently towards me, I was surprised, yet, waiting, because I knew. And, as soon as all other clients left, both counselors looked at me and smiled and said….”Guess what?!” I already knew. I won the contest. I didn’t have doubts. I didn’t feel anyone else had any entries in the box. And of course, the winning entry, I asked to see…and yes, it was the one with the heart on it!

    Furthermore, if you want to really learn how to win at contests, I highly recommend a woman who is famous for doing this very thing. I have forgotten her name, but, she sells a book online called, “Contesting.” She won the house she lives in, as well as literally dozens-hundreds of other contests and shares exactly how she did this in her book. She is an amazing woman who I have spoken with personally.

    Lastly, don’t worry about the “how” part of manifesting the house or anything else. Just KNOW it is coming to you, draw pictures of how it LOOKS, close your eyes and envision being in it, how does it smell, feel, etc.? Law of Attraction works, it is working all the time, either by your creative design, or by default. You can be, do, or have absolutely anything you want to. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what you want and what you have, it only knows what your energy is, or where it is and MUST bring you whatever is in your energy. Good luck with this, and in the future! : )

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Melanie. I’ve had extraordinarily good results by thinking “I need” and “I want,” and “why don’t I have that?” (in a whiny voice)–my first speaking gig at the Conscious Life Expo was offered to me about a day after complaining to myself that I wanted to be a speaker there… and feeling sorry for myself! Then I got a phone offering me stage time, a free booth and a couple of television interviews.

      I get stuff magically that way all the time.

      Read my article

  9. Annie says:

    Hehe, I think ‘hard work’ is as overrated as ‘struggle’ !

    And so I wonder what different definitions different people have of ‘work’? I have a hunch that we may all interpret what ‘work’ is differently.

    What’s work is one is play for another – and even for the same person, what feels like work one day might feel like play another day and vice versa.

    For me, ‘work’ is any task that takes me away from doing something else that i’d rather be doing in that particular moment. So anything that feels like an obligation, a nuisance, an inconvenient interruption or a hassle. So perhaps ‘work’ is anything that feels like the opposite of ‘choice’.

    Doing something scary might also feel like work – and it could also feel exciting so I guess the jury’s out on that one 🙂

    I know very little about the people behind The Secret. Yes I’m sure they must have created some pretty solid foundations from which to launch from. And I wonder, maybe that time & input felt like work to them and maybe it didn’t … ??

    I’m sure they’ve all taken many actions – and what might seem like ‘work’ to one person might be filed under ‘play’ or whatever by another. So perhaps it’s all in the interpretation.

    And I keep thinking about all the people in the world who are happy and successful despite paying no heed to the LOA at all. They are utterly indifferent to it and yet their lives go along just fine – so ……?

    Is ‘hard work’ a prerequisite of growth?

    Well that’s a juicy one to consider – that’s got my curiosity juices flowing!

    One element of work that I assign a positive meaning to is that of putting in the time, focus and attention that shows our love and respect for other people.

    Morgana, you’ve mentioned before that it can take you hours to write a newsletter or blogpost. And it’s got me thinking – for me, writing in itself is playful and easy. I barely need to give a second thought to it and words flow.

    It’s in the forefront of my mind at the moment as I’ve been putting together my latest blog post.

    There’s a qualitative difference between simply writing for myself and crafting something tailor-made to inspire, to challenge, to uplift, to nourish, to attract and retain followers etc.

    To write is easy. To fully consider it from the reader’s point of view is that much harder. It takes time, it requires more focus. It may require learning how to get past some technical challenges too. In essence it takes ‘work’! The writing is still easy but tuning the focus introduces an element of work.

    On winning whilst whining? I love it!

  10. Susanna says:

    Hi Morgana,

    You mention a lot about the importance of a really juicy connection to one’s Money Honey, with a lot of sexual zing. People say they feel like they are cheating on their partners because they are so close to and turned on by their Money Honey, etc. What if you don’t quite feel like that? And also (maybe related) what if your sexual energy isn’t revving much anyway, due to weird relationship history or whatever? I actually feel uncomfortable with the thought of getting frisky with my MH. I feel like my MH sees and recognizes the good in me, is there for me, shows me what to do next, but right now it feels more heartfelt than frisky. Is it important to change that? Will it develop on its own? Thanks.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Susanna. Your relationship with Money will always be related to your relationship with Love. Having a romantic (but not frisky) Money Honey may be safer for you right now, so your Money Honey will respect your boundaries. Yes, there’s a little more “mojo” with that sexy feeling, but you get to go at your own pace. Let it develop on its own as your relationship evolves.

  11. Annie says:

    Hello again!

    So in answer to the questions on your mail-zine .. Is visioning / positive thinking enough? Is LOA a scam? Is hard work a sign of failure etc… great questions!

    My take is that visioning & positive thinking certainly helps – it’s perhaps a core ingredient – AND it is NOT the whole recipe …

    In my view, visioning/PT alone won’t do it:

    Where I believe they help is that when we’re in a positive mode we’re more likely to see and to seize opportunities; to make the decisions and take the actions that will move us forward and bring us closer to our aims and goals. We network, we connect – and mostly importantly we connect with PEOPLE. People who can teach us, hire, us refer us, challenge us, support us, rather than/ or as well as connect with a spiritual idea ..

    In a negative zone, depressed inertia can set in – and we may do very little or do nothing. We become frozen, paralysed; we stay miserable and stuck.

    We can wish and vision all we want but if we’re too depressed or confused to create and do stuff, I reckon all that wishing will just vanish into thin air.

    So I’d say, yeah, sure get visioning, get meditating (great for creating a mindfulness oasis of calm and, hopefully, clarity too) and whether you have money or not, get all the help and support and empowering feedback that you can – and LISTEN to it! Receive it, stand it in, revel in it …. BELIEVE it …

    And hopefully sooner rather than later – ACT on it (says she who still doesn’t know quite where she’s headed!!!!) 🙂

    And then whether the LOA is the real deal or not really won’t matter either way

    Is creating and doing stuff hard work? Well that just depends!

    It’s sunny outside
    Annie xx

  12. John says:

    I think focusing your attention is great but believing you can just scream at the universe with out giving something in return is foolish and frustrating. (Think of the farmer visualizing crops but refusing to prepare the soil, plant, maintain, and then harvest.)
    I think Bob Proctor is right when he states one has to give something to get something. PLUS, work should be the highest form of play. If you are not excited, then rather then bemoaning your fate, start on figuring out ways to improve it. Part time job, consulting, selling whatever your hobby is, etc.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Thank you for posting, John.

      One of my key distinctions between Financial Alchemy and the LOA stuff I hear around me is that in our relationship with money I say we ALWAYS have the power in the relationship.

      We don’t wait for money to come rescue us. We are the actors. We ask money, “What do you need from me so you can stay with me?” With the full understanding and experience that THIS money (not our monster) loves us and wants to stay with us!

      There’s something magical about taking action. After all, “manifestation” means “created by hand.” (Mani = hand.)

  13. Annie says:

    post script …

    Do we create our own reality? Is what we focus on what we create?

    I don’t know. I do believe that we can learn that we’re responsible for our experience of reality. When we understand that we can find & choose new perspectives we are empowered to respond to & experience things differently. In that sense, it can be argue that we create our own reality.

    Is what we focus on what we create? I don’t think in a direct way … but perhaps in an as a result of our beliefs and action choices, it might come about indirectly.

    Yep i’ve noticed that if I feel better and more positive, the Universe – or whatever it is – appears to support me more. And that may simply be because I’m interpreting things more positively – and/or it may be because I’ve spent more time networking and connecting with people and thus put myself in the path of more knowledge and opportunities.

    It seems aligned to me to positive psychology and studies about “luck”. The more we socialise, (whether it’s in person or online) the luckier we seem to be. The more we isolate ourselves, the unluckier and more unhappy we seem to be.

    So yeah, somewhere along the line the real vital ingredient is connection ..

    And for me, it’s about connection with actual people and not just with some notion of Source. By all means connect with people on a deep heart and soul level – absolutely, authentically YES!

    But I reckon that visioning and vibrating with Source alone ain’t gonna do it. That’s my song ..

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      And a fine song it is, Annie.

  14. Allison says:

    Hi Morgana!

    Wonderful response! You hit the nail on the head with the Universe bringing this person their highest good, even if it wasn’t in a way that they expected. It is always wonderful to see what gifts will come to us especially since the Universe brings us better things than we can imagine for ourselves. You truly offered valuable empowering advice!



  15. Ellen says:

    Hi Morgana and thanks for answering this question in video. I just love the animation and authenticity of your facial expressions and body movements etc. I just found out about you on manifesteverythingnow last night and purchased your package there. Something about you made me purchase even though that money was tagged to go somewhere else putting me in a crunch. It was an urge I didn’t want to follow through with. Now seeing your video in answer to this question and seeing how you are is just all the more validating. There is only one other person I have felt this strongly about and that is Matt James. I have no doubt that you are going to figure strongly in my future. hugs and thanks for all your hard work. You ROCK…

  16. absalom says:

    Hi Morgana, thanks very much for your teaching. I meditate, say affirmations, visualize what I desire, have made vision boards etc. I am trying to attract the money honey but I sometime get myself with no enough money, I Get it yes, but not enough to fulfill my desires. I have a design firm that am only employee, I NEED IT BIG, THIS IS WHERE MY MONEY HONEY IS…I need tips on how to chase away money monster.

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