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The Magic of Saying I Love You (to money)

Take My Hand

(I read this letter from Sarah Angelli about the money magic of love, and I was so moved by the sweetness that I had to share it here…)

“Dear Morgana,

I have had Huge breakthroughs with your work!

I started the work with you but recently took it on fully and it’s dramatically changed my life.  I had a very powerful experience with meeting and breaking up with my money monster. I was having a lot of difficulty and money honey said “listen to more of Morgana’s info on this.”

I listened to your audio class and had a Big AHA! I was still “seeing him”. So, I did a deeply powerful healing experience of breaking up with the money monster – and deeply committing to money honey.

I realized I have been afraid to say “I Love You!” to money – It opened up my whole world to say it – to really acknowledge that I love money and my honey was deeply relieved and said he had been really wanting to hear that and was so happy that I finally said it- because it was the first time I had. So, we are doing very well and I am enjoying being in a real relationship with money.

A neat thing that happened today was I asked my money honey what he wanted me to do today – he said “Be willing to work a bit late tonight” – moments later I get a message from a client who wants to see me and is wondering if it’s ok that it’s late. I took it because of what my money honey said and feel great about it.

I also find that I am healthier in my other relationships I am more attentive to the needs of others. A simple example is when I do Yoga my kitty companion, Nikki, usually wants to be right there. Often she starts trying to bite me and scratch me. This time instead of getting upset with her – I thought “Maybe she is just wanting to play? How can I meet that need for her?” So, I grabbed a favorite toy of hers and I was right – she just wanted to play – so while I did my Yoga she played with her toy next to me – and we both felt happy and relaxed about the whole thing.

Thank you so much for everything! Your spirit that comes through on your You Tube’s is magical, wise, peaceful, whimsical, and deeply present.”

Sarah Angelli

  1. Lynette Landry says:

    Great video… looking forward to future with you….

  2. Darby says:

    Needed to hear that. I haven’t been able to imagine or hear my honey for months.

  3. Beth says:

    I can relate except pride more so than being afraid. (it’s a combo) If I say “I love you” then what? There’s so much negative stigma & other people’s money monsters stating if you love money you’re a gold digger but you know what? Money does matter and money matters to me.

    1. morgana says:

      Great point, Beth. And the more you can choose to be a loving partner, the better!

      1. Beth says:

        Thanks Morgana!

  4. Jim says:

    I’m noticing there is a very feminine quality to the Money Honey relationships – and almost exclusively women commenting. I really appreciated your ‘Men and Money’ recording, and yet I still struggle with the whole ‘man provides for the woman’ dynamic when loving my money honey, Mila. I get caught up in this ‘I’m supposed to provide for Mila, but she’s my money honey, and somehow that looks like she’s supposed to be providing for me’ circle. Perhaps the answer lies in simply loving her, and not worrying about the ‘providing’ part – but ‘providing’ is so strongly connected to how men love their women … around and around …

    Also, I don’t seem to be nearly as clear as so many of your other clients are that Mila is talking to me – I can’t distinguish that from me talking to myself. Would a money honey ever suggest we go buy something like a new car, when our current situation couldn’t even afford the payment for it?

    Thanx Morgana – for everything. I love how tangible and effective your understanding and approach to abundance is.

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Jim. I know it looks like this work favors women from my marketing. In truth, I’ve coached a lot of men as well. Some times more men than women!

      My favorite feedback from men is they say they “stand taller.” They also tend to manifest larger quantities of money.

      The steps are the same, but it’s a little different for men. YOU need to be the hero. Which means a man’s Money Monster is often much worse and harder to kill… because that’s what it takes to bring out your inner hero.

      A quick clarification, for you and everybody else who reads this: your relationship with money is PARTNERSHIP.

      Nobody’s Money Honey “provides” for them. The Money Honey is an imaginary person. But when this relationship feels REAL, you get a whole new way of accessing your own resourcefulness, worthiness, confidence, and magnetism.

      Your Mila doesn’t “need” anything tangible. What she needs is your love and respect… for her and for yourself.

      One word on buying the new car: I’m not your coach, so I’m not tuned in to your Money Honey. I don’t know. But as a rule of thumb, I believe in responsibility and respect. How can I have a good relationship with money if I don’t respect other people’s money? If you buy a new car, be sure you meet your commitments and make your payments.

      1. Ian says:

        Hi Jim & Morgana, I also have had problems with the orientation towards women with the Money Honey information. I just allow my M. H. to be with me and support my desire to be a good provider for myself first. Then we talk about helping others, She always finds ways to communicate, even if not with clear words with very clear thoughts. Thanks Morgana for sharing

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