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Is The Love of Money Evil?

Is the love of money evil?


“Hi Morgana,

thank you for your secret of financial alchemy. I just have on questions I am having a hard time handling: In your interview with Stuart Tan you explain the ” money honey”. I am a strong christian and all my life I heard “loving money is evil and gets you away from your personal relationship with God”. I am not sure how to handle that belief. I really want to become financially independent and have a more abundant life specially during retirement, what is not far off. Please advise.”


Thank you for an excellent question! This is a new way of thinking and talking about money, and your friends in church may not understand just yet.

Love is not evil. Ever.

Pure, joyous, generous love brings out the very best in you. It EXPANDS you. It inspires you. Love is the very essence of Christ. How can open-hearted, grateful, appreciative, unconditional love be evil?

Love is love is love is love

We make money a PERSON worthy of your love… worthy of your love even though he’s money, not because he’s going to buy you nice things. This is an exercise in love. We bring love to an area of life where love hasn’t been. Real love. Love is not greed or avarice or scheming or cheating.

The challenge for you is to choose Love OVER fear, OVER greed, OVER any impulse that makes you smaller, weaker, more petty, or more helpless.

If you’ve really changed your relationship with money exactly as I teach the process, your new relationship with money teaches you to be a more loving person. Not to base your “love” on getting a new car or zeroes in your bank account. Can you be loving and trusting even when you’re scared and don’t like the way things look?

Your personified “Money Honey” and your god must be on the same team. If they’re not, you need a new Money Honey.


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