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Is your Money Honey mad at you?

I got an email from a person who purchased my book, slayed her (personified) Money Monster, met her new “Money Honey” and had great results. She describes her MH as “funny, irreverent, sexy and opinionated.” (I love that!) Her new relationship with money improved her sales… And without getting into details, something started getting in the way of this new relationship. Her imaginary MH “gets mad” and feels less close, less tactile.

So she wanted to know if her Money Honey was mad at her.


The QUICK ANSWER is No. The relationship doesn’t work that way.
Here are some MONEY HONEY RULES to go by:
1) Your Money Honey loves you.
2) Your Money Honey chooses you over every body else in the world.
3) Your Money Honey wants you to be happy.
4) Your Money Honey sees you as more creative, powerful, and wonderful than you see yourself.
5) Your Money Honey feels expansive, not critical. You feel GOOD with your MH.


Now, it just so happens that sometimes a perfectly good Money Honey starts to morph into something else. That’s when it’s time to start over and get a new MH.


For instance Ann Rusnak’s first Money Honey started getting a little too bossy and critical. So she changed his role to “quality control” and got herself a new MH, and that’s when the magic really started. (You can read Ann’s story here:


Or look at Rush Cole’s example of getting a new Money Honey here:


You see as you grow, so does your Money Honey, and sometimes you need to START OVER to create that next level of connection.  And that’s a GOOD thing!


Need a refresher on how to upgrade your relationship with money? Review the process HERE.

If your new “Money Honey” is feeling distant, critical, or unkind, this is a great opportunity go deeper than before. Start over. Fire your MH. Find a new Money Monster and destroy it. Then meet your new Money Honey–who may look the same or different. Both work.

  1. Kira says:

    Thanks for this article Morgana. I’ve definitely found myself going through a hiring and firing frenzy this year. My first MH went from silently supportive to incommunicative, then I had a money honey who was strong and humorous who seemed to stop taking anything seriously, then I had a very adventurous MH who flirted with me constantly who just kind of faded away. There have been more. Each time I have gone back through the process and slated another monster and each time the new MH feels more solid and gives me even bigger presents (for example, I got two clients and “found” the money I needed to go to Dubai on a Money Date with my husband.)

    I’m glad to hear that this is normal. This article will definitely help to quiet that voice that says I’ve been doing it “wrong” so that I can keep slaying Monsters and continue enjoying the new, exciting versions of my MH as they appear.

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