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Money Magnetism Question: Gratitude Is Not Enough

Thanksgiving is around the corner in the U.S.

Gratitude is one of the BEST ways to live a happy life.

And sometimes, when something big needs to change, gratitude is not enough. Read on…


Here’s a reader question that came in:

“How can I resolve a conflict I feel between deep gratitude for necessities being provided for versus a desire for more security and financial breathing room?”

Great question!

And this goes directly to the heart of the Financial Alchemy transformation:

What’s MISSING from your current relationship with money (and life) is SAFETY.

Your relationship is not safe: you can’t trust money to be there for you and stay with you.

Kind of like having a boyfriend (or girlfriend) who’s there for you just enough to keep you in the relationship, but you never really feel safe in your partner’s love, or secure in their commitment to stay with you…

And you’re GRATEFUL for every little scrap of affection or attention you can get.


Pretty soon you think this is the best you’ll ever get…

You can hope things will get better in this relationship, but that’s not how it works.

If you want to feel loved, cherished, and secure; you need to choose a PARTNER who will love, cherish, and stay with you.

And first you have to end your relationship with the abuser.

It’s really important to recognize this, because it’s the foundation of changing your relationship with money.

If you’re feeling guilty for wanting more, or you think you can’t have more, you’re in an abusive relationship with money!!!

Time to break up with the abuser, baby… to make room for your new relationship with money… your “Money Honey” who will love, cherish, and stay with you.

  1. Joslyn Zale says:

    Hi Morgana,

    From my perspective, safety and security can be missing from your relationship with your body, too.


    You’re glad your cold finally cleared up, but it’s November and you’re worried about how bad flu season will be for you.

    You finally lost those last five pounds, but you’re afraid you’ll gain it all back (plus more) during the holidays.

    You’ve been able to let go of controlling what you eat and how much you work out. You have a social life again, but you’re afraid something in your world will get uncomfortable or out of whack and you’ll need your routines to get your life back in control.

    You got a new cut and color that you love. You felt pretty and confident for a few days but are sliding down again.

    Sound familiar?

    You’re so glad you finally made some progress. It was hard and it took a lot of time, effort, money, and/or deprivation on your part.

    Then something in your life goes out of whack and your progress goes away.

    It’s frustrating, demoralizing, and depressing. And if it happens over and over again, you’ll think this is the best your life will ever get. One tiny step forward and a big leap back.

    I’m very happy to say that’s not true! Your life CAN get a LOT better. You CAN be healthy, lose weight, love your appearance, think about something other than food and what you’ll eat next, and have a social life. However, first you need to re-evaluate your relationship with your body.

    Making progress and fearing continued progress and SUCCESS means you don’t yet TRUST that your body is there to support you in your life. And your body doesn’t yet trust you to take care of her and keep her healthy and safe.

    Trust goes both ways and if you’re stuck in this cycle, you aren’t communicating clearly with your body. You’re on different radio frequencies.

    This means it’s time to go deeper into your relationship with your body, find out what both YOU and SHE want and need to feel safe and secure and to trust each other to care for and nurture one another. Which is what we do in Naked Body Confidence Body Relationship Coaching.

    As I was reading your post, I knew I had to write a response. The parallels between relationship with body and money are so clear in this situation.

    Enjoy Hawai’i!


    1. Acela Cortese says:

      Wow Jocelyn
      That was heavy about the body comparison , funny I’m exactly and literally dealing with that issue and the scenario you describes exactly. Weird but comforting to hear it from somewhere else

  2. Nina says:

    How do I win the lottery?

  3. Beth says:

    Hi Morgana, I love and appreciate how you shake things up. And also, thank you to the reader who sent in this question.



  4. Jude says:

    I feel very grateful today! I get it!

    Thank You,

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