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5 Easy Ways to Repel Money

A key to personal power and prosperity, is strong, healthy boundaries. Unfortunately the kindest, most generous, most deserving people are typically the same people who have the weakest respect for themselves and their relationship with money.

This tough love is for you, do-gooder. Your prosperity serves the world.


Everybody talks about the Law of Attraction. Attract Money. Manifest wealth. Blah blah blah blah blah. You can chant and vibrate all you like, but good luck becoming a money magnet when money finds you repulsive.

Got too much cash?  Here are five easy things you can do TODAY to repel money faster than you can say ponzi scheme:


Remember that $5,000 you lent to your cousin/sister/nephew/friend? Forget about it. You don’t want to make waves, right?


One of the most foolish, money-repelling actions you can take is to loan money to people who have been irresponsible with their own. If they didn’t respect their own money, they aren’t going to respect yours… and when you allow people to disrespect your money, YOU’RE disrespecting your money. When money isn’t respected, it leaves.

What’s usually going on is you want to be liked more than you want to be paid. You’re saying, “The money doesn’t matter. See what a great person I am?” If someone told you that you didn’t matter, would you want to stick around?

The irony is the person who owes you money doesn’t like you. Every time he thinks of you he thinks of what he owes you, then he feels guilty, then he resents you. If he can resent you enough, he can justify why he shouldn’t have to pay you back.

If you don’t value your money enough collect what you’re owed, don’t expect money to hang around.


The economy’s crashing, so you better slash your rates, right?

Sure, if you want to project fear and a lack of confidence. I don’t care what you’ve heard about the economy, etc. If you treat your contribution as worth less, so will others. You do NOT want to be the person people hire because you’re cheap!

There’s an underlying contempt for money when you encourage people to hire you because you’re cheap. You’re telling your customers that being paid well isn’t important to you. Even worse, you’re telling your customer and yourself that you don’t deserve to be paid well. How attractive is that?

It’s a downward spiral: your clients will invest less, get less back, see you as less valuable, and you’ll find yourself struggling for less and less. You lose all credibility. A better strategy is to charge more and make sure the value you give is even better.


It’ll all work itself out, somehow.


My late friend John Berg came up with a formula for managing money:
· What do you have?
· What do you owe?
· Where does it come from?
· Where does it go?

If you can’t answer these questions off the top of your head, or within a day, you aren’t paying attention.

How does ignorance show up? Missing funds. Under-employment and under-insurance. Unpaid credit balances and overdrafts.

Borrowing more than you can pay off. Money drama.

You pay with attention, or you pay with pain. Either way, you pay.


Settle! That messy house and those critical “friends” and those difficult clients aren’t such a big deal…

They’re a bigger deal than you think.

You train the universe how to treat you. Every day that you live with that burnt out light bulb, that messy desk, or that client who doesn’t pay you on time, you’re sending out the message to the world (and to yourself) that this is as good as you get; this is what you deserve.

It’s harder to attract jobs and money and all those things you desire when you feel undeserving. Money doesn’t like losers.

Raise your standards. Clear the crap. Say no. This can be terrifying, so start with baby steps. You’ll build your confidence and momentum, and you’ll create space for what you want. Be more committed to who you want to be than to who you’ve been.

Money loves this.


You’re an enlightened soul here to save the world and spread your art, right? You’re not in it for the money, oh no. It’s just terrible that we live in such a materialistic society. Money is the root of all evil.

Yeah, right. And money feels the same way about you too.

You adopt the values of the people you spend your time with. If you want to struggle and snipe and justify your unfulfilled dreams, seek out more of the same. Money is the villain and the big excuse, and money doesn’t like it one bit.

If you want to attract money, look for attractive people. Look for the people who model the life and you values you want. Associate with success. Their values and strategies will become your values and strategies. Their reality becomes your reality.

But please… don’t come to those relationships looking to be rescued. If you want to create a relationship with someone who has something you want, you have to bring something to the table too. Come from a place of power and contribution. Listen for a problem or need you can solve. Invest in a coach, a class, a teacher, and a community that will shape you into the person attractive to money.


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  1. Catherine says:

    Morgana you are right on!!! The economic situation of the moment is just an excuse!!

    Let’s revolt! Let’s say no to fear and yes to choosing a mindset that propels us forward!

    Keep writing, we need your inspiration!


  2. Morgana,

    Reverse Snobbery — brilliant!

    I work with so many people in spirituality, new age, self-improvement niches who are chronically programmed with Priestly-Poverty | Starving Artist Syndrome who display this specific attitude toward money.

    I’ve needed a great keyword to describe that — Reverse Snobbery is perfect.


  3. I love how you cleverly wrote this article. It is written in such a way that the reader is forced to pay attention. It sticks in your memory like a irritating sliver, I love it! 🙂

    You are brilliant Morgana. Your gift surely shows. You struck a cord of inspiration and creativity in the people who commented before me, and that is just the people who commented. You are fair to assume that most anybody (not commenting for one reason or another) felt the same.

    You have abundance already, no wonder you teach it. Abundance in many areas especially friends from what I can tell that John Berg guy seems to know what he is talking about. Even just one friend like that, is abundance and I assume from the person I perceive you as, that you have many.

    Well that is my rant, I am delighted I attracted this article. Keep the passion flowing.

    Have a Consciously Flexing day,
    ~Nicholas @ Conscious Flex

  4. Elle says:

    That was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!

    I love how you do everything so gently, and yet right to the point!

    There are so many excuses out there of, “I just don’t understand how to change my life”. With such a beautiful use of the everyday language… it gives power to the fact that, “Yes, but you can!”

    Love Elle

  5. Lissa Boles says:

    Man, you have a way with words… 🙂

    Ah, fear. Too many are taking refuge in fear and calling it pragmatism. But the foxhole fear tells you will keep you safe will never be deep enough to cover your hind quarters, and you make that point loud & clear here.

    I know it’s a cliche, but a good crisis really is a terrible thing to waste…

  6. Mark Lister says:

    Good stuff!

    And bang on about raise your rates and give good value. I really find that charging proper coaching rates stops me giving a low-grade service. If I ever feel myself going there I can remind myself “I’m not being paid £60 an hour for this crap.” It calls forth the great coach in me, and it’s thrilling!

  7. Terry says:

    I guess it’s time to clean out that kitchen drawer.

  8. I am an abundant artist (formerly a starving artist.) You helped me see the string I need to focus on and not be distracted by all the other strings in the tapestry of my life.

  9. Lisa Shah says:

    That was excellent!!
    I love the tone of this article.
    Clean cut to the bone. Glorious work!!!


  10. “Pain attention or pay with pain.” So, so true! So often the reaction is to stick one’s head in the sand and pay late, overdraft, rack up interest. A challenging economy is no excuse to fail to live within a budget and definitely is time to set aside fear.
    Great post Morgana!

  11. Moria says:

    Excellent put!

    I came across your site today and find your articles So inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing, Morgana!

  12. Number 5 hits home for me. Hanging out with the complainers who just want to encourage me to spend money…get a loan…shop for unnecessary items that serve no immediate purpose. Oh yes, i am onto them. Putting down my foot. No more!!!!

    My new money-lover is an exact replica of the new President, Barack Obama, lol!!!

    YES I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Dear Lydia-Jamaica,

      Good for you! Your self-recognition with #5 is going to change a lot for you.

      A note on your Money Honey: I would not make him Barack Obama. Barack will always be a little too distant. You deserve a Money who loves YOU more than anybody else in the world, who will cuddle you on the couch (or bed) every night.

  13. Jeannie says:

    All I can say is WOW, as I sit here with my messy desk in a crappy living environment, feeling sorry for myself. This perspective is evidence that what I’ve been wondering about for the last few weeks is true. Thanks…off to clean up my life! 🙂

  14. Love the way you write…straight forward and to the point. This article makes lots of sense. thank you for sharing

  15. BRILLIANT! I don’t know anyone who understands or respects money the way you do Morgana…I’m inspired to get more in relationship with my money! Thank you for your great work.

  16. Pat says:

    Morgana –
    Truer words were never spoken! I am sending this as a link to a few folks that need to read this.

    As an aside – what was the treatment your hair got? I have thick, wavy hair that is often at the mercy of the weather so would love to know!

  17. Reggie Odom says:

    What a wake up, high energy, inspiring article. I cannot attract money at the same time I am discounting, disrespecting, disregarding or in any other way repelling it.

    Thanks for the great article! Reggie

  18. Rush Cole says:


    Magical, perfectly, logically magical!

    By the way, Duncan, my Scottish Laird honey love money man, is showing up in my life more and more! No big income change, yet; Honey Man is helping me create all kinds of avenues to irrigate the money garden I’m planting. ‘Tis the season, you know.

    Happy Spring!

  19. Kim says:

    Fan flipping tastic. I was squirming a bit as I was reading this, a sure sign that I need to pay attention. Loved it.



  20. You are so right on all 5 points. And it is great to be reminded of this. It is too easy to fall into those traps. Having a coach is a great way to be reminded.

  21. Fritz Miller says:

    Whoa Morgana Rae I need to clean up my messy desk as another step in my prosperity journey as I daily walk-run with my money honey.

  22. Julie says:

    Thanks Morgana.
    Love your words and wisdom, makes so much sense, and little by little at the moment at least its working
    My MM keeps going, then coming back, and even though I’ve found my MH who is daniel craig and I absolutely love him, connecting with him all the time is different and I think its because of a bit of detachment I have generally towards everyone.

    So am re-listening to all my mp3s, and re reading my ebook.
    Thanks for your work

  23. Paul Ramsden says:

    Great article Morgana. I used to be completely guilty of burying my head in the sand but I had a money coach get me to pull my head out again. It felt really daunting at first but now I am much happier with it and thinking more with the mindset of how many ways can I make the money to pay what needs paying and to have fun. No there yet but I’m sure I will be

    1. morgana says:

      That’s good news! Thank you for stopping by, Paul!

  24. Sheila says:

    I absolutely loved your Instant Transformation “Money Honey” Breakthrough Package program I purchased a while back. I truely believe that it’s application along with your workbook for the last two years have resulted in receiving approx $27,000+. In addition I recently was notified that a substantial amount of money will be made available for my son & I to cherish. I want to show Money Honey that I can be respectful and loving and still fun with regards to managing our relationship. I believe my son will be able to observe this attitude change (with regards to my changes from an old scarcity mentality and victim mentality). I love my Money Honey (he’s been with me since the beginning of your program 2 years ago). I believe that Money Honey wants me to invest in this new product/service of yours called: Money Magnet Rapid Transformation (Virtual Training): Money Magnet Rapid Transformation
    It will hopefully prepare me for this new higher level of living. I am concerned that I won’t make the most out of our relationship when the funds are in bank account.

    I wanted to double check on two aspects of the Money Magnet Rapid Transformation (Virtual Training): Money Magnet Rapid Transformation product.

    First, does this Money Magnet Rapid Transformation Product contain any of the same material (Modules, etc) that I had purchased with Instant Transformation “Money Honey” Breakthrough Package program?

    Second, is there a possibility to schedule the ~$500 for the Money Magnet Rapid Transformation product/service into 5 installment payments?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Sheila. I’m so happy to hear about your great results!

      I’m not sure what was included in your Instant Transformation package (I put together a different package for every summit). I include my Limiting Belief Obliterator and the $10,000 coaching demo as bonuses in this program. I don’t don’t know if they were in your package.

      But the CORE content–the videos, the modules, the exercises, the accountability–are exclusive to this 90 day membership program. The program BEGINS with my financial alchemy process, and then goes deeper into mastering the relationship than any of my introductory telesummit packages.

      I don’t have a payment plan set up for this program. I encourage you to make those five installments to yourself, and save up and get the program when you’re ready.

      I’m also getting an intuitive hit that you should be checking out my Money Goddess home study program. The focus on feminine power archetypes around pleasure, self love, healing, intuition, boundaries, etc, feels like it could unlock something for you. And that’s a physical product that you keep forever.

      In any case, go with your gut and your Money Honey. I always defer to what makes sense to you.


  25. Robert Condon says:

    I’ve done all 5 things to repel money and done even more things. Carelessness with and not paying attention to money has made me broke beyond belief. I just found out about your Money Honey concept a few days ago. It is simply brilliant. You are a no-nonsense woman that gives no-nonsense answers. I ask you for your no-nonsense answer: I am a (permanently) unemployed, 62-year old petroleum engineer. I squandered the substantial income I earned over my career and now I am flat broke, living in a borrowed rooftop room, losing weight from malnourishment and basically, waiting to die. Do you think your Relationship with Money workbook would work at this stage, if I could afford it (which I can’t)? I offered to translate your writings into Spanish but didn’t receive a reply. I really wish I could be your poster (senior citizen) boy for the untold number of seniors in a similar situation. I would appreciate a private reply.
    Thank you

  26. Joe says:

    Yes Morgana a great article that makes us all feel a little more less guilty when asking for what essentially is our in the first place.

    Keep up the great work


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