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What is Financial Alchemy®?

What is Financial Alchemy®? Here’s what I shared in an interview Steven McCrory did with me for Magical Blend Magazine a while back. I’ve made a couple of edits (they’ll be obvious) to keep the info current.


Morgana Money cropMorgana, what is Financial Alchemy®?
Financial Alchemy® is the transformation of your relationship with money, and when your inner relationship with money changes, you see the outward results in your life.

What do you mean by relationship with money?
Your relationship with money is as real and dynamic as your relationship with another human being. If you were to say to your wife, “I don’t trust you. You’re going to leave me. You’re the reason I can’t do what I want with my life. You are responsible for war and suffering. You are the root of all evil,” how would that impact your relationship?

Not well.
What if she said those things about you?

I’d feel terrible.
Would you want to stick around someone who said those things?

Probably not.
Exactly. And those are things we say to money all the time. Why would money want to stick around? We push it away with beliefs we may not even know we have. If something is evil and keeps you from happiness, of course you’re going to protect yourself and push it away.

I understand the pushing it away part. Could you explain what you mean about money wanting to stick around?
This is the Alchemy part, the change in the relationship. I make money a person. Making money into a person you want to have a relationship—as opposed to this villain you have to have in your life—creates an emotional resonance instead of an intellectual exercise. And money can speak to you, tell you what you need to do to create a better relationship. It’s magical.

How did you come up with Financial Alchemy®?
My own experience. Where else do things come from? For the longest time I struggled with money. As a coach I was helping people sell films and book television series and realize their dreams. But I was uncomfortable talking about my fees and asking to be paid. Can you imagine? Actually I find this dynamic is very common among caring, spiritual, service oriented people. Especially women. Before anything could change, I had to look at my internal relationship with money. I took a look at negative beliefs and experiences I hadn’t thought about in many years. Family members stopped talking to each other for decades because of money. I was embarrassed to live in a two-story home when my friends lived in apartments. I was afraid of being called spoiled, of not being liked. No wonder I pushed money away! I had formed this idea that money got in the way of love. Given a choice, I choose love! If my negative ideas about money became a person, I think my money person would be a big, scary, violent biker who didn’t bathe. Ick. That was my old money. This relationship had to go. So I fired the biker, and I thought about who I would like to have a relationship with. Who would I love to receive from? Meet my new money: a tall, dark, handsome man who wears an elegant tux, carries a bouquet of red roses, and woos me. He loves me, and I want to make this relationship work!

Sounds like me.
You’re married.

Yes I am. What happened when you changed your money guy?
The next day 4 people called me out of the blue and hired me for double I had ever charged before. Within six months I had added thirty new clients and started a waiting list and group coaching to handle the overflow. Today I make multiple 6 figures every year, work with only a handful of clients individually, travel the world for fun (marrying my husband 100 times in 100 countries), lead exotic retreats in Bali, and my book is a best seller in at least 6 countries.

Wow. Do you have any other success stories?
Every time I do a seminar I get phone calls from attendees with miraculous stories of jobs and contracts and checks coming in that they didn’t expect. The number 10,000 has become a joke in my office, because typically there’s always some one in the audience who makes that amount the next day. The biggest windfall that I heard of was a twenty thousand dollar contract. [note to readers: my current record is $87,000 within a few hours of our first session.]  

[Note from Morgana: Elliot Malach’s $87,000 has been surpassed! Garry G. reported a 6-figure windfall in one day. Chris Galligan received art orders totalling over $100,000 within one day. Tom (last name witheld) made 1.5 million dollars in 6 weeks.]

[Sorry! Those are no longer the biggest results In 2016 three of my clients broke 7 figures. A fourth client made OVER 12 MILLION! The results keep getting bigger…]

Just by changing your relationship with money?
The key is to keep the conversation with money going. Money isn’t going to rescue you, but money will be your partner. How can you be a better partner to money? What actions can you take to make the relationship better? Action is what makes change real. Keep asking money how I can make the relationship better. I see money as a spiritual teacher who challenges us to be more creative and courageous than we were being. Money is just a metaphor for the universe itself. You can fight the universe or you can seek to learn from it and love it. Especially when it’s challenging. That’s money.

How is your approach different from other prosperity programs?
A lot of my friends and peers talk about relationship with money. They’ll describe money as energy, a tool, a measure of value. All of this is true. And I have no idea how to have a relationship with a measure of value. I make money a person. That’s real to me. Also, It’s a lot easier to do what needs to be done when you’re in love. I clearly bring a lot more feminine energy to a subject that tends to be very masculine. I think we need both the masculine “doing” energy and the mystery of feminine magic. Abundance and prosperity come from unexpected places…

How do people get Financial Alchemy?

I encourage you to get started with my FREE 4-part video series at

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MORGANA RAE is an international #1 best selling author, pioneer in personal development, and regarded to be the world’s leading Relationship with Money coach. Morgana’s groundbreaking program for attracting wealth has featured her on ABC-TV, PBS, CNN, NPR, United Press International and The Wall Street Journal online. Learn how to become a Money Magnet with her FREE 4-part video gift series. Fill out your name in the form at the top of the page. (We promise not to share your info!)



  1. S K Jain says:

    Relationship with money, it never occurred to me. Just from last few weeks I heard the buzz about it. Really it appears I need to work on it. Thanks

  2. Gabbzooks says:

    This is so exciting! I’m firing my transient, scary money guy and am flirting with a beautiful, money goddess. She’s generous and funny and I thoroughly enjoy being with her! Thank you so much, Morgana!

  3. MANDY says:


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