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A Big Breakthrough

Breakthrough email I received from a client:

Dear Morgana,

I can’t believe the giant BREAKTHROUGH I just had today!!!

My husband and I just read your book the other day!  I did the monster exercise and I got some good stuff but not a big breakthrough, just an aha moment but not like what I got today.

I saw your short video you sent yesterday and it just changed my life in a most profound way!!!

I was feeling tons of anxiety this morning as I saw the numbers in my bank account.  I was doing my best to stay positive and forgive myself for all of my past behavior around money. I went to write in my journal to get some clarity on how to turn things around and it just flew out of me like a gust of wind!

I see I have been pushing away money and being raging angry at it for my not being able to afford to give my gifts to the world! I was looking at how angry I was at my many mistakes around money and would often rage (quietly) to myself about what an idiot I have been when it comes to money.

So it just kept on running away from me, and I would even get more angry. Then I would abuse myself, (usually with food overeating then overexercising to even things out), and abuse money some more to calm the rage at both of us!

Now I see it is ALL cause and effect.  I did the same thing to my health, energy, career, joy, etc.  I was in a habit of total self-sabotage. I have worked hard on myself and thought I now loved myself BUT I would see this rage come up and know there was something I was still missing!

THANK YOU for showing me my inner truth!

After I had this insight I went to the mirror and told “money” how very sorry I was for pushing it away and for not honoring it and thanking it for all of the freedom I had when I had it. The tears kept coming as I promised to honor and respect it and I told it how much I love the beautiful freedom it gives me so I can touch hearts and help millions of people with all I have learned all these years.

Then I did the same with “energy”. I told it how sorry I was for not taking care of it and abusing myself to the point of being sick and then getting angry at myself for not feeling well and do more abuse. It was sad and beautiful all at the same time.

Now I can and will turn my life around and save our house and my financial health as well as my marriage!

MANY thanks and MUCH love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Sands

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