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“My new boyfriend looks like my Money Honey…”

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I talk a lot about how to change your relationship with money from a monster who hates you into a honey who adores you.

But that’s just the beginning! How do you take full advantage of this new relationship? Read on…

“This is too weird; I recently met a man who is almost the spitting image of my Money Honey.  He wears his hair differently, and the nose is a little smaller, but the body, face and eyes are all the same.  He even dances — and sings to me, and he’s sooooo sweet!  I’m afraid I’m falling for him because I already feel so familiar with his twin.  My heart is getting all mixed up.  Does this mean it’s time to change my Money Honey?  Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?” Rita K.

My response:
Dear Rita,
Congratulations on the new guy! First of all, do NOT break up with him because he looks like your imaginary friend. And remember that this guy is, no matter how wonderful, a flawed human being. That’s why he’s not your Money Honey. Don’t confuse the two.

I think it’s time to change your Money Honey. A similar situation came up with a client a couple of years ago. We could not unhook her Money Honey from a particular human man, and that wasn’t in her best interest. The Money Honey that had worked perfectly well for her in the past, had to be changed. My intuitive hit was we needed to create a Money Honey who was BIGGER than human, more archetypal, but still real and passionate to her.

Sarah Hoskin Clymer talks about our solution, and what it shifted for her, in my “How to Be a Wealthy Woman” CD. (It’s part of my Money Magnet Breakthrough in a Box)  It’s a great story with a very happy ending.

“I see darling Money always staring at me outside my windows… Even then, his love comes through. My heart loves It as well, in the most Sacred way.  Yet, we’ve never been properly introduced, and I don’t really know how to fully open the door for him to come in, and take possession of my life, and meet my family and friends; and take It to enjoy my town, and travel with It through the world, for every One to enjoy It’s acquaintance and/or generous, loving heart!…Winter is coming; it’s cold outside…Would you help me to open the door soon for him, please?” Leticia

My response:
Dear Leticia,
You’ve made a fabulous start!  But you’re not there yet. I think that’s why you’re seeking outside agreement from friends and family.

It sounds like you may need some coaching to formally “introduce” you to your Money Honey and get him in the same room. Notice how you’re still keeping him at a distance? There’s probably still some Money Monster work to be done.

That said, you bring up an important point that I want to share with my readers. Your relationship with your Money Honey is private and sacred. Please don’t impose him on friends and family. It’s not their job to understand, believe in, or agree with this process. In fact it’s really none of their business. It’s YOUR relationship, not theirs.

If you want to share Financial Alchemy with them (which is what I hear you wanting to do), the best thing you can do is send them to my Abundance and Prosperity blog and have them download my audio class MP3. They need to find their own Money Honey, not yours.

Warmest regards,
Morgana Rae

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