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Do you have bad Cash Karma?

Here’s the question I got in my email:

“Are some life paths predestined to have money troubles – for money to be elusive and unattainable? Karma is something many of us believe in. If so, how can this work – these tools – work?”

Let’s get real for a second. I just spoke at a fundraiser for orphaned and abandoned children in Baja Mexico. Washing machines and refrigerators are new additions to the orphanage. These kids were not dealt the easiest hand.

This is exactly why we NEED tools! Learning to read made Oprah Winfrey into Oprah Winfrey, Inc.   She discovered a new world through reading books as a child.  Tools change “Karma.”

Let’s talk about Karma, shall we? (I was a Religion scholar in college, specializing in Asian religion, so I KNOW Karma!)  Most people talk about two kinds of Karma.  Door #1 is the “I hope you rot in hell, Bernie Madoff!” Karma.  Door #2 is “doomed by decree” Karma.  Either you’re hoping to punish or you’re feeling punished.  Neither option is going to get you what you really want.

At the risk of sounding professorial (I’m sure I’m tenured by now in an alternate universe), karma is really about  PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Cause and effect.  Your actions bear fruit.

If, by chance of fate or divine decree, you’ve been struggling with money in this life time, CONGRATULATIONS!  It’s just that much more urgent that you break the patterns that weaken you.


GaneshaHere’s the punchline: our choices create our Karma. Our choices RIGHT NOW.  It’s like we build up a taste for something. If you don’t clear off your desk, wash the car, and take out the garbage, you’re going to feel worse and worse.  Garbage and filth become your reality.  You train yourself and the universe that this is what you deserve, that you’re garbage and filth yourself.  That’s bad Karma.

I’m going to get REALLY PERSONAL here, because this is so close to my heart. My father doesn’t collect the money owed to him. His friends are marvelously wealthy, really upper crust. They all come from the same depression-era middle class background. But Dad created a lifelong habit of not billing, not collecting, and allowing people to take advantage of him. He is such a good man and this breaks my heart.

And that’s why I say to you that “Karma” is your call to action! It’s your RESPONSIBILITY to change your relationship with money, to change your behavior as needed, and change your values to reflect self-respect!

Cause you better believe I inherited all my dad’s disfunctionality with money issues, billing, self-sacrifice, guilt, conflict avoidance, etc. You name it.  Financial Alchemy–changing my relationship with money in a very specific way, as if money were a human being– was the only thing that freed me from repeating my father’s mistakes. That’s why this is what I teach.

And let me tell you: I work with some people who are fighting HUGE economic, cultural, and circumstantial disadvantages and come out ROCKIN THE CASHBAH! I don’t buy none of that doom and gloom victim for life crap. If you don’t like your Karma, change it.

  1. Athena Burke says:


    This is brilliant. I whole-heart-and-souledly agree. Karma can be used to justify staying in a victim place and feeding the money monster. Or it can be the impetus to face personal and societal blocks and heal them. I know for me, facing my lack and struggle and pain about money led me to not only a huge personal breakthrough, but also made me a very powerful coach for others. Like you, my money pain led me to help others heal their money pain and become Money Magnets. I am so grateful for Financial Alchemy. Everyday I get another email or call telling me of another client’s miracles and freedom. Life can be so GOOD and we can be of so much more SERVICE when we take ownership and respect and become good relationship partners with our money. It still amazes me how powerful the money issue is in moving ahead in life, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physcially!!!

    With love and gratitude,
    Athena Burke

  2. Amen to that Morgana. We attract what we become. And crap attracts more crap; and procrastinating to get things done, even the most miniscule, like a small hole in the screen window, I won’t have it; as I know it will not only get bigger, but there will be more of them. I’m being a bit metaphoric here, but it is the truth.

    We can all become run-a-way trains with the “poor me” concept, and that’s what we’ll remain, a run-a-way train on its way to nowhere other than a crash.

    The relationship with money that you teach and I advocate, literally saves relationships and even lives. So good for you for writing this blog!

    And here’s to KARMA (I have drink on hand!)


  3. Alan says:

    Nicely put.

    Karma is the effects we have caused by our previous choices, whether in this life or earlier. It’s completely neutral, the responsibility that comes with freedom. The important thing is what choices we make now.

  4. Rush Cole says:

    Right on, Morgana! Karma is simply the result of cause and effect; what we think, feel, believe, and do creates our personal reality. Change any and all of those things and the effect changes! Simple, que no? Ha!

  5. Maddie says:


    This really hits home. Thank you. I was raised with the same kind of dad–and learned from him that never raising rates and giving one’s services away was definitely the holier path. All dad’s friends were Harvard-trained lawyers (he graduated first in his class) who had done amazingly well. He was a Harvard-trained lawyer who did the bulk of his work pro-bono and charged his paying clients the same rates in 2000 that he had charged in 1955. When I had a job making $45K 10 years ago, my mom told me she was so proud of me to be making more than Dad ever had.

    This pattern runs SO deep and is so obvious to me as my business is growing. Just this morning, I was *still* feeling guilty for charging a new client $120 for a writing project I did a couple weeks ago. I almost wrote him to say I charged too much and will give him additional services at no charge. (!) My instinct was to charge him much less, but instead I stepped up to the plate and charged him for the actual hours I spent. He was fine about it and paid the bill immediately. Me, I’m still all twisted at some deep level. I really see how crucial financial alchemy is to shift this pattern.

    Your work is SO vital in the world right now. Thank you.

  6. Selene says:

    Oh, that’s so true… Thank you for sharing!

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