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How Do I Attract Money When I’m Anxious And In Debt?

A reader’s question grabbed me by the gut and I HAD to shoot a video response!

She writes, “How do I pretend money is wooing me when I can’t pay my credit card bill in full?”

We’re not the Law of Attraction police here who punish uncomfortable feelings. We USE them!

Take a look…


And if you’ve been through the process (and know what I’m talking about), please chip in and post your comments and experiences below. 🙂

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Morgana, I just subscribed yesterday to your newsletter and bought a few products. I find your process fascinating and am putting it into practice with what I know before recieving your workbook.

    Such a feeling of relief to have this beautiful relationship going.

    I am also in Bill Baren’s MOE training. That is where I got to know you. You intrigued me so I clicked.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Thank you Karen! Keep me posted on your journey!

  2. Hello Morgana, I am also in Bill Baren’s MOE training, but teaching in Adult Ed I’m missing the Tuesday calls. I increased my fees this year, but I still have to reflect on the fact I live in a low income area and what I teach must be done in-person.
    Bottom line I felt like a fish out of water with all the great success stories I read about getting clients and having great money honeys.
    Your video today has me thinking that perhaps I just wasn’t recognizing what water really is, and perhaps by doing this some very nice fish will swim my way. Thank you for reminding me to live what I teach.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You bring up great points Roberta.

      We can drive ourselves batty by comparing ourselves to others!

      What I really want for you: experience such a deep transformation that you can ASK YOUR MONEY who he wants you to teach, and what to charge, so that you can enjoy the income and lifestyle you dream of AND have the positiive impact in the world that you came here to have.

  3. Kristi says:

    So Morgana, I’m wondering which product of yours to buy first to take me through the process. The workbook? One of the mp3’s?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Great question Kristi!

      My products describe the process in varying degrees of detail, and then you need to fill in the blanks and navigate the traps your monster sets in your path.

      For instance my Money Magnet Rapid Transformation program is the most thorough product I have, and it includes a live, laser coaching component to “fill in the blanks” for you.

      And if you want to start smaller and see how you do on your own, especially if you don’t think you can pay your rent, then start with my workbook.

      The mp3’s and the workbook are very different products. The mp3’s have my voice and spontaneity, so they have an emotional impact and information the workbook won’t have. The book has evolved over the last six years, and includes a year long continuity program built in to keep you on track… and information you won’t find in any of my audio products. They both have common and different information…

      Because I’ve updated my workbook, and it now includes an mp3 download, get the workbook. And for $10 more you can get my Limiting Belief Obliterator added on.

      That’s your best value at the lowest investment level.


  4. mila says:

    what about listing everything is RIGHT with money as well as what is WRONG, Morgana, after all it is a law attraction

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      But Mila, this isn’t the Law of Attraction! This is ALCHEMY.

      Very different. And that’s why this works when LOA fails.

      The first step of Alchemy is “negridio,” the blackening… separating the lead so we can remove it.

      Listing what is RIGHT won’t change your results now… especially if positive thinking hasn’t done so in the past.

      It’ll just give you mud, when we want gold.

  5. Syllviea Hagen says:

    Oh My Good Morgana ~
    so much is becoming clear, I weep, I laugh and have goosebumps at the same time. Thank You for YOU, Morgana. You are a glorious treasure.

    Best from Las Vegas,

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Oh good! I’m so glad to hear your response, Syllviea.

      You’re very welcome. 🙂

  6. Tanya says:


    You go girl! I was thinking about what you said about using the anxiety and fear and i just got so angry that my money monster is Osama bin laden…someone I know doesn’t like our culture. That is what it took for me to want to move away from my money monster relationship. Now I see that I can buy a forty dollar Escada skirt at the rummage sale but I am not going to …I am going to find something you have for forty instead….and my money honey sings…in his best Al Green voice..You oughta be with me….now I know there is work to do but I don’t really have to fear going back on unemployment AGAIN! and working through temp agencies at jobs I don’t really want.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Thanks Tanya. I find it’s so much more helpful to USE the fear, than try to suppress it.

  7. Cha says:

    Hi Morgana, I am very thankful I found you in the net. I’ve been trying to do self study on maifestation through different sources I could get hold of, and because of my struggling relationship with money I just make myself content with the free tools I can get. I felt I could finally have something that will work with your method. For more than a decade now, I have been into different relationships that didn’t work, I know I have a lot of compassion and romanticism in me that I thought if I couldn’t have it work with a human being, might as well apply all my ideals in a relationship with a new love that is money. And maybe, everything will turn out right for me and my kids. I did define my monster, I have my ideal of my money honey all in my notes. And yes, it’s a real struggle to make myself believe i’m getting into a virtual relationship especially noe that I am literally buried in debt. I know I need to trust, put myself into the situation when I’m falling out of love from a person, and falling in love with a new one. But with all honesty, it’s hard. Especially the part hwere I need to talk to this new money honey. How do I talk to “him” when I m thinking I am only talking to myself. I tried talking through my mind, tried to verbalize, tried to send a message (which I will still be the one who will receive and read); and then I don’t get any response. How do I talk to the new money honey, to make it so real even if I can’t see him, hear, or feel? May God bless you always.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hello Cha. Yes, it can be hard in the beginning, especially if you’re doing it on your own, without a coach. I really try to pour everything I can into my products… really! And there are some things I have more control over when I’m coaching someone. You’ve hit on the big one: making the change feel REAL. Since we’re not coaching, here’s my advice: keep listening to my materials and watching my videos. Do the process over as many times as you need to. Keep practicing talking with your new money

  8. Uwe says:

    Hi Morgana,

    I love your approach to money, it is so different but feels great. Can my Money Honey be a child? I am a bit uncertain because of the missing romance, but it is a deep love and Children are telling the truth and have good intuition

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Dear Uwe,

      You can try that. Making it a child you love and want to take care of is better than making it a fairy godmother who’s going to rescue you. Give it a try.

      I still believe making it a lover-type relationship has been the most successful model. A child can be your starter Money Honey…

  9. tessa says:

    Morgana all my capital is gone in a series of litigations
    over 4 years – my health has suffered. I ask MH what to
    do – he said sign on public assistance! is he a honey or a

  10. Morgana Rae says:

    Hi Tessa. I don’t know if it’s a honey or a monster. My hunch is it’s a honey. I’m not coaching you, so you’re going to have to go with your gut, and choose what’s best for you.

  11. Albert says:

    Hello Morgana, I’m so greatful I found you, I relate completly to your story of trying so hard and never achieving any success, having throubles with charging for my services and having an awful relationship with money. I’m following the information from your Finantial Alchemy Ebook and feels great to be able to improve the relationship with money but I’m having a hard time listening what my money honey answers everytime I ask her for guidance. It seems like everytime you ask (on your mp3 recordings) a person what his/her money honey needs to feel loved and stay, they can hear a voice saying “Do your taxes” or “Go on with your project”, so clear and so fast, like if they were connected by fiber optics or something while I feel like I’m sending the question through regular mail.
    How can I improve this comunication end this silent treatment I’m getting?

  12. Tanya says:

    Morgana, its so different to hear my money honey tell me to remain calm and not fear when I got some expected news regarding finances. He said you knew that was a possibility and that is why you didn’t call earlier. But don’t panic. He sounds so reassuring that I actually feel reassured. And you are never going to believe this, I am going to a poetry open mike night tonight. I have no idea of what this has to do with money. But okay money honey..

  13. Tanya says:

    By the way, Morgana. I did go back and attempt the money monster part again. You were quite right about that process because it was difficult to use the anxiety initially. The thing is I wanted to keep it at bay because that had been my pattern. Now even when I got that news I knew it is alright because money is not from one source. Money Honey and I are discussing when I can hire you and I am so excited….

  14. Jennifer says:

    Morgana , I have been listining to the audio’s and watching the videos and for me it is proving so hard. I am going to get your book for the 12mths and really want this to work. But I cannot seem to see who this monster is . and yes I am scared as self employed and it is always feast or famine for as long as I can remember. If I can identify the monster will the Money honey then show up. I have tried like so many the Secret, EFT, NLP but life then gets in with reality and it just becomes the see saw all over again… I am in NZ and really would like some coaching but the cost for me is even more because of exchange rate. Can you suggest anything like payment plans as from what I am hearing from everyone it does work… OVer the years reality has oblierated imagination I think… even though I do have a very special vision and I know why I am here but struggle with HOW… hope this is not too confusing and you can HELP me

  15. Petronella says:

    It was so refreshing to hear you with Darius twice. Resonated with your experience with money in your business initially. I’ve spent so much on my healing business but attracting people who do not value my services although they see results even on the first visit. I did like you did, spent more money on more courses, and living on loans. I knew I was repelling money when returning to the job market, I could not even get a job. My question is – How do I bring form to the money monster or monsters so that I can be rid of them. I tried what you suggested but I don’t see any concrete or scary forms. Is there something I’m missing? (I’ve tapped on all my limiting beliefs about money for many months and I think they are no longer there except for the bankruptcy which in my present situation seem possible.

  16. Katey says:

    Hi Morgana,
    I am wondering how my new relationship with my Money Honey will filter down to my 5 year old daughter. How will I be able to teach her and still be age appropriate at the same time?
    Thanks so much,

  17. Petronella says:

    Just to add to my earlier comment.Don’t you think it is ironic, that when I was working at a profession where patients were only getting “band-aid treatments”, and remained dependent on a chemical treatment, I was paid quite well and my present health coaching business which empowers and frees clients, is making me broke.

  18. Harry Husted says:

    Thanks Morgana. Ever since I got rid of my monster, I had confidence in myself. I have no fear now. I have two repeat clients and got a call yesterday for another potential client. Your method works. And, what is great about it is that if something happens to me, I will know why and can take the right steps to correct it.

    You are amazing. Thanks. Take care.


    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Woo hoo Harry! That’s fabulous! I’m going to have to post you in my Hall of Fame.

  19. Dear Morgana, I’ve gone through the steps that you gave in your Financial Alchemy program via the New Wealth Revolution with Darius B. and am not getting any verbage from my money honey or anything else. Having not been with a man in a couple of years might make me forget the joy of it. Anyway, my gut thought that he told me to pay all my bills last month and I ended up with my bank account overdraft priviliges gone (-$800 in the bank) and heaps of more debt. My ex is holding my alimony and I can’t seem to attract any customers for life insurance that I sell. I am on the verg of complete bankruptcy. My mind/ego seems to keep dragging me back to the terror and fear of all being lost. I am meditating with Love or Above as well as well as Kanji Kumaras money blocks removal.

    On one of Darius’s shows there was a heart wall program that showed me my wall was 6-8′ thick concrete and as high as I could see. How do you blast this wall away?
    Neither my spirit guides or money honey can communicate with me…..

    I know these programs have helped many but am best at manifesting “Stuck”!

    Nancy Washburn

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hello Nancy. What a hard time you’re going through.

      Here’s my response: you will never hear or experience your money honey while you still have your Money Monster. Go back to the beginning.

      I hope you took advantage of my $1580.00 offer (for $97), so I can give you more guidance on the Q&A call.


  20. Sharon says:

    Hi Morgana,

    I recently purchased your product Beyond Abundance, and downloaded the products, but did not see the workbook. How do I get a copy of that to help me in this process?

    Thank you!

    1. morgana says:

      Absolutely, Sharon! You can get my workbook here:

  21. De says:

    I have realized that my relationship with money is the same as my relationship I have with men. I have a surplus for an amount of time and then nothing! I do not know how to keep things steady – flowing. It’s either feast or famine, so to say. It really hit me when you said “It isn’t real” because my relationships are not real, they are fantasies of what I think they could be and I hold on waiting for them to become reality. I’m looking at potential not reality, as it is. I have found that with money, I’m counting what I’ll be doing with it, before it arrives. I’m often hoping for more than I actually receive. This was a HUGE EYE OPENER for me, thank you Morgana!!!

    1. morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Deanna. The good news is that you can make your history with men part of your money monster, and solve 2 problems at the same time! 🙂


  22. Reverend Steve says:

    Hi Morgana,

    As an ordained minister for 45 years, I never received any real income from my ministry, just great people, great spiritual questions on Life, and some great friends.

    To eat, to raise my 2 children (from infants, as a single parent), to shelter my family, I went for a University education, with 4 Bachelor of Science degrees. I was able to get a job that led me to a career as a corporate financial analyst. After 20 years employed with the company, I was forced into extended leave without pay and many offers to take a Disability Retirement – I had a life-threatening illness, and was Listed for Organ Transplantation (over 10.5 years ago).

    With legal help, I was able to return to work 3 years later, in a demotion position that supposedly could accommodate my disabilities and medical issues. Two years later, the company went through downsizing, and I was again assigned to a demotion position that supposedly could accommodate my special needs. That downsizing trend happened again 2 more times (last time in mid-2013). Each time, company officials offered me Disability Retirement.

    But, last year (the 3rd downsizing), my “early retirement” options provided more income than any Disability Retirement options presented to me. Plus, the early retirement option would provide much more income than the layoff and no income option (and loss of retirement benefits) I was being offered. So, I was left with only the option to retire. My retirement income is very limited, and will not have any cost of living adjustments to help with regular inflated costs for food, medical care (I am still listed and waiting for Organ Transplantation, 10.5 years after I was first listed).

    Yes, I am blocked at discovering ways I can access my own Money Honey and do what is necessary to increase my own money flow. I see all the young people, with so many opportunities available to them when they open themselves to receive guidance to increase money flow. But, how about us “senior citizens”, who must truly struggle with money just to survive (food, shelter, medical care, transportation, clothing – the stripped down basics of survival)? How can Seniors also access new opportunities that are not merely shams (as so many Network Marketing and MLM programs are), or fraud?

    That is a deep and spiritual inquiry I have been engaged in after 2009. Many money/abundance coaches offer programs and packages that are intended to help people already pursuing personal (and often home-based) careers. But, the prices of such programs and packages are well beyond the financial reach of many Seniors, who live on limited retirement-type incomes (such as Social Security and pensions). All my savings over the years of my employment were used to help defray the many medical expenses – hospitalizations, medications, treatments – that I had to deal with in maintaining my life (as well as the expenses for my late wife’s medical expenses as she deteriorated from ALS in the years before my own illness was diagnosed). This happens to so many Seniors. What is possible for me and other Seniors realistically in terms of magical, expansive, explosive growth in money and abundance?

    1. morgana says:

      Hello Reverend Steve. When I speak of relationship with “money,” I’m really talking about something much bigger than money. It’s what money represents–our relationship with life, existence, god, and ourselves. Our vulnerability as human beings. Our mortality. All that is unfair and unsafe goes into the “money monster” equation. *Especially* the stuff that has nothing to do with money. Stuff like health.

      In my experience, the “magic” happens after we confront and reject the monster and restore ourselves to a state of deeply inspired resourcefulness. That’s what the “money honey” relationship is all about.


  23. Pips says:

    Hi Morgana is recurrent illness a sign of the money monster? if so whats the best programme you have to make a start with slaying the money monster?

    1. Morgana says:

      Quck answer, Pips: it can be. I would definitely use my process to create a “disease monster” and slay it in favor of a “Health Honey.”

      I thought your question was so good I shot a video:

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