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Partner With Us

So much more can be done in PARTNERSHIP than any person can do alone.

(Morgana and JV Partners Bill Baren and Robert Middleton)

Here are the Top 2 Ways we can partner together:

  1. Become an AFFILIATE and get PAID for telling your friends about your favorite products
  2. Co-Create a new program or product, or Cross Promote each other as a JOINT VENTURE partner.

Read the instructions below to learn how become a Partner…


Would you like to help me help more people?

I would LOVE to reward you for spreading the word. Join my Financial Alchemy Affiliate Program!

You get PAID every time your friends buy a product or service through your affiliate link.

I like to pay my affiliate partners generously, and quickly

The BEST way to use this program is to

  1. Sign up HERE.
  2. Log in to the Support Center.
  3. Grab the link for your favorite product — make sure your unique affiliate code is at the end!
  4. Recommend the product to someone who would benefit from it, and give them your link.
  5. Post the link to your website.
  6. Include the link in an email to your fans.

As one of my special Alchemy Affiliates, you’ll hear first about new product launches and training calls to help you get the greatest benefit (and most money) for your participation!

Thank you,



P.S. Thank you for helping me send Financial Alchemy out into the world!


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Joint Venture Partner Application






Another way we can partner together is by a joint venture partnership.

Because I get so many requests to do joint ventures (at least one a day!), I created this page to facilitate the best win-win partnerships.

If you’d like me to be a part of your upcoming event, I gathered together some information about myself, and I added a questionnaire to collect information from you…


About My Audience

I have a mailing list of over 15,000 active subscribers who are mostly Coaches, Healers, Artists and Idealistic Entrepreneurs who want to make six or seven figures while being good people and helping others.

My promotions also go out to over 35,000 fans/follower/subscribers on Facebook and Twitter.

My relationship with my subscribers is sacred to me. I take their trust seriously! I don’t want to burden them with too many promotional emails, so I’m very selective about the projects I promote.

I’m also very tuned in to what kinds of promotions will resonate with my readers, and what will turn them off. The message and its delivery has to fit my crowd.

My Track Record as a Partner

I’ve been a TOP FIVE affiliate for 6 and 7-figure launches with Chris Howard, Bill Baren, Max Simon (see picture below).


#1 for Chris Howard’s Transformational Speaker & Coach Certification Training

#1 for Anastasia Netri’s Experts in the Raw Summit

#1 for Karen McMullen’s Live Your Genius Video-summit

#2 for Christina Morassi’s Uproar! Summit

#3 for Vrinda Normand’s Irresistible Lifestyle Summit

#4 for Bill Baren Master of Enrollment launch (in the top 10 twice)

#5 for Callan Rush’s Facebook Ad Formula launch

#7 for Bill Baren’s Premium Package Manifesto

#6 for Vrinda Normand’s List Building Telesummit

#10 for Christian Mikelsen’s Free Sessions That Sell Launch


70% opt in rate for Vrinda Normand’s Irresistible Lifestyle Telesummit

71% opt in rate for Bill Baren’s Teleseminar Enrollment System


And as a guest expert on the Manifest Now! summit, I sold over 960 units ($99 price point) with a less than 4% return rate.


Here’s an email that came in from JV partner, George Huang (April 2012):

“Thanks for sending out the reminder today. There’s no doubt that your followers LOVE YOU! You’ve got a highly-responsive group. I hope my list will be equally responsive when we promote your event!”

And an email from Karen McMullen (May 2013)

WOW!  Your one email generated a TON of interest. 841 Clicks and 401 Opt-ins!!!!!  That’s almost a 50% conversion rate…the highest of everyone. Amazing. I read your email…it’s great. Thank you so much for your support in this.  I’m excited for your call on Thursday (which we pre-recorded).

How I choose partners

I am NOT looking for new affiliate opportunities.  That said, a great partnership can be a game changer for everyone involved.

The best way to approach me (or anyone)  to partner with you is to think win-win. In other words, how will your project grow my list, sell my products, and minimize my risk… while serving your business goals, too?

Promotional priority goes to:

  1. Clients who offer something that will be valued by my readers,
  2. Products and services I use myself and LOVE, and
  3. Events and products that interview me as an expert….
    especially if I’m NOT the biggest name in the line up.

Examples of Great Joint Ventures

Here are examples of partners who get an easy yes, and why:

Lance Hood of Live Big Media has played our co-created interviews to millions of people. We’ve made multiple six figures with those recordings. I have the promo tools I need months in advance. He also gives me a full list of my buyers and pays me promptly. (Unless I process the sales through my own cart, which is always my preference.) If he wants me to send out an email, Lance doesn’t even have to ask.

Jennifer McLean is another favorite partner. Her line-up of guest experts is always A-list. She has a great, caring relationship with her audience. She provides tons of terrific promotional tools and incentives that make us all look good. She’s one of the pioneers of the telesummit model.

Viki Winterton put me on the cover of her international #1 best selling “Ready, Aim, Inspire!” book with Joe Vitale; gave me a cover interview in her Published! magazine, and then gave me an award at her EIPPY book awards. Why wouldn’t I want to promote that?

Christina Morassi interviewed me for her video summit, then put me on her stage for her live event. 6 of her big ticket mastermind enrollees said my talk was what tipped them over to signing up for Christina’s programs.

First time telesummit hostess Natalie Hill was a dream to work with. I said yes to her at the request of a colleague I trust. Natalie brought a large, enthusiastic audience to our interview. I made over $10,000 in sales from our quick Google Hangout, and I got to run the payments through my own shopping cart. (And I hear I out sold all her other guests by a factor of 15.)

My intentions for any Joint Venture

  • You grow your list.
  • I grow my list.
  • You grow your income.
  • I grow my income.
  • We help a whole lot of people get what they want and live better lives.

Sound good? Then I invite you to fill out my Joint Venture Partnership Application HERE:

Hey Morgana, let's do something together!

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