Morgana Rae & Charmed Life Coaching, Inc.

make money by putting LOVE first

Get ready for a Radically NEW way of relating to Money!


International wealth coach and best selling author Morgana Rae walks you through six time-tested steps to turn your personal Money Monster of scarcity into a Money Honey of abundance. “Your financial situation reflects your inner Relationship with Money,” says Rae. “If you don’t like your finances, something has to change in your relationship” and Rae shows how to jumpstart that transformation.

“When you imagine your money as a real, flesh and blood person, worthy of your deepest admiration, you embark on an amazing, love-at-first-sight affair of the heart. Pennies on the ground are like chocolates on your pillow,” says Rae. “I’ve had people report that within hours of hearing my talk, they’ve received unexpected money – tens of thousands of dollars or more!” (Read their stories at


Morgana will:

  • Uncover your hidden blocks to abundance.
  • Abolish your financial anxiety.
  • Change your relationship with money from a monster into your “money honey”
  • Reveal your next step to creating wealth.
  • Give you a Revolutionary System you will use for the rest of your life.

Morgana’s innovative approach will give you a totally new experience of money and life, enabling you to take a quantum leap toward creating the wealth and abundant relationships that you deserve.






If you want to grab Morgana’s book, get it HERE… then return with your name, email, and receipt number for a bonus Q&A recording.

And for those of you who want to go deeper into the work with Morgana directly, here’s a special link for her upcoming Money Goddess Retreat in Bali:



Deborah"I want to thank you here, Morgana, for the powerful work we did together that just popped a new iteration: I was working up some numbers for my 2020 infrastructure and launches, and I felt that familiar "uh-oh" come up that I always turn immediately over to my Money Honey for reassuring feedback (usually along the lines of, "Don't be silly, of COURSE you can do that")...and suddenly I saw a completely new Money Honey! Wildly different! Different look, time period, setting, a COMPLETELY new character, resembling nothing in my "real" life and NO ONE I've ever met or even seen before. Not even my type, generally speaking. But strong, sculpted, so powerful, actually breathtaking, and I thought, "This one can take me to the next level." I turned my thoughts to my previous Money Honey, and while he was still charming and positive, he seemed silly and lightweight by comparison. I left him there and came back to my new Honey, almost hiding because the feeling was, "Do I even get to talk to this one, much less claim him as mine?" So today I will come out of hiding and walk forward to this new Honey (who actually has sun-drenched honey coloring, unlike all my usual dark-and-handsome pretty boys) and I will ask him what he needs to stay with me right now. This month. This year. This $500K year for my business. And I'm in Costa Rica on a yoga retreat for a week so I cannot think of a better time and place to do this! THANK YOU, you beautiful fabulous rich witch, you!!"


Shalini Joshi YamdagniMorgana Rae, thank you! Thank you for showing up in my life at the right time, via the Bali Retreat. For being my year long mentor after that—through one of the toughest periods -- UPGRADING -- and helping me do all the heavy lifting of reinventing my website (which I am SO proud of today), and for helping me REBRAND to "Magical Pain Free Living." Most of all thank you for believing in me. I recall some of our coaching sessions had very little to do with strategy, more emotional coaching! Thank you for always supporting me even after our year long mentoring — introducing me to others, interviewing me. Publicly supporting me by saying wonderful things. Reposting my posts on my fan page to yours. And because of you so many doors keep opening up. I just go invited to do another interview…. Have a hundred new opt-ins because of the shows I’ve been on — thanks to you. I have never come across a more generous mentor, and I’ve had great mentors! I am soaking in deep gratitude. Thank you for helping me live my soul’s dream.
Shalini Joshi Yamdagni


Julie VanderhulstI have my first client just about to start. If it wasn't for you going to Bali, and me getting on that gravy train, I wouldn't be doing it and forging ahead with all sorts of amazing, exciting, adventurous business. And when I say business, I mean making money in a fun and meaningful way. Thank you, beautiful Morgana, for putting yourself out there to find your tribe.
Julie Vanderhulst