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I slayed another Monster today…

Why I slayed a new Money Monster today.


Life is great. I love my new house. I’m traveling the world with my husband. My clients are rocking it.

And I could feel a shift inside myself. Something wasn’t feeling right.

I know, from experience, that if I don’t address what’s going on inside, those inner issues WILL show up in my life, and in my bank account… to get my attention. I prefer to answer the call before things get ugly.

Here are some signs it’s time to slay a monster:

  1. You feel an anxiety and a dread building up in your chest.
  2. The people who want to work with you are dropping out or having trouble finding the funds.
  3. You find yourself obsessing over world problems (human trafficking, animal abuse, racism, rape culture, climate change, corporate greed…
  4. You feel like contracting and playing it safe.
  5. You’re having trouble hearing and/or feeling your “Money Honey” (good relationship with money)

If one of more of these is true for you, it may be time to do a little monster hunting for the Root Cause behind the symptom.

For me, #4 is the most dangerous. I find it very easy to obsess over what I want to change in the world. That’s where I’m most likely to get seduced into a new Money Monster relationship. When the world doesn’t feel safe, money becomes unsafe.

That’s why I went “Money Monster hunting” early this morning.


Here’s how I killed the monster:

Even I have trouble killing my imaginary monster by myself. I find it easier when I have a witness.

I lay down, next to my sleepy husband, and unloaded my laundry list of all that I’m seeing wrong in the world–climate change, human trafficking, abuse and exploitation etc, etc–dumping and dumping and dumping until I built up enough feeling to see a personification of all this badness. (Today my monster looked like Donald Trump.)

Then I silently imagined obliterating all traces of my “Money Monster” until I felt a change within myself.

Once I got rid of my monster, my new personified relationship with money, my “Money Honey” showed up, in my imagination, and reassured me that we are in the business of World Work. This money and I partner to improve the environment, empower the dis-empowered, heal what needs healing. THAT’S a relationship I can embrace.

Then I rolled over, gave my human honey a kiss, and got ready for a full day of work with my MH.

That’s how I walk my talk and maintain my desired relationship with money in my life.

How about you? How do YOU slay your Money Monster and reconnect to your Money Honey in YOUR life?  Please share below.




  1. Acela Cortese says:

    Morgana please help cause my monsters fave is stuck in my mind as my evil stepfather . How do I get passed this ? He’s still alive , and as much as I wish I could really kill him (cause I believe he has something to do with my mothers death), obviously I can’t do that . I’m stuck what should I do cause I know you said your monster can’t be. Parent

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Acela. Try this: your monster USED your stepfather to hurt you and your mother… and he’s bigger than just your stepfather.

      If you really need help and can’t get rid of your monster on your own, then perhaps we should consider an “Abundance Day” coaching intensive

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