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How do you get rid of your Money Monster?


This question comes in a LOT!

And it can be one of the toughest parts of the process for many of my clients.

So I’m going to give you some TIPS, just in cast you’re feeling stuck here…

Some of you are going to find parts of this STRETCHY, CONFRONTING, and UNCOMFORTABLE (tip #5).


And I’m ONLY teaching you this because it’s been so damn effective for idealistic, heart centered lightworker-types like YOU.

  1. The worse your monster is, the better. You want to have NO reason to keep it in your life.
  2. Make SURE your monster is NOT a real person. Especially not a family member. Because you’re not a sociopath, you’re not built to kill a real human being. You won’t believe it, deep down. Instead, see that your monster was BEHIND any person who hurt your or made you feel scared or bad about yourself. Think of your monster as a puppeteer, BIGGER than any one person. Exception: famous people are okay, cause you don’t know them personally. There are certainly enough real life sociopaths and mass murderers to choose from.
  3. Do not feel sorry for your monster, have compassion for it, or try to heal it. It’s a killer. Your monster is not your shadow self, and it’s not there to be loved or forgiven. That won’t work in THIS process,. Trust me, this is a monster scam.
  4. Destroy it! This can be a really icky concept for us nonviolent lightworkers (basically ALL my clients!) and yet it is such a powerful, empowering, cathartic experience to give yourself PERMISSION to get violent here.
  5. Common methods of monster eradication: crossbow, light saber, sword, machete, gun, knife, flame thrower, piranhas, driving it over with a monster truck (I love that one!), throwing it off a tall building into a fiery pit.
  6. Get rid of the remains. No bloody bits or ashes to reconstitute later. You’ll FEEL it if the remains aren’t gone. Most of clients don’t feel it’s totally gone until this final step. I recommend sucking up what’s left with a Cosmic Vacum Cleaner, or melting it down with sulphuric acid.


It’s the price of admission! It’s our way TO your new relationship with money.

That’s why I call it Alchemy.

Alchemy is DEEP work. It’s easier for some people than others. For most of us there’s real work involved to create real change. That’s why I post to this blog and create new programs and products at

And really, if you don’t like my process, and you’ve found something else that’s gotten you the RESULTS you want, that’s wonderful!!!!

I don’t take it personally at all. My commitment is to your success and happiness, by whatever path is right for you. Really.

My motto is always, “Do what works for you.”

Blessed Be!

we_mag_morgana MORGANA RAE is an international #1 best selling author, pioneer in personal development, and regarded to be the world’s leading Relationship with Money coach. Morgana’s groundbreaking program for attracting wealth has featured her on ABC-TV, PBS, CNN, NPR, United Press International and The Wall Street Journal online. Learn how to become a Money Magnet with her FREE 4-part video gift series. Fill out your name in the form at the top of the page. (We promise not to share your info!)

  1. Sacred says:

    Hi Morgana, thank you for this post. That just prove to me – I kill the Monster.
    but question is – is money coming like a waves ? And if the monster dead how they are not coming sometimes (scary spots) I feel insecure then.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Sacred. If you’re feeling insecure, I don’t think your monster is really gone. If the monster really is dead, and you’ve replaced it with your new, “Money Honey,” talk to your Money Honey. The relationship cannot be based on how much cash your MH gives you… because that’s not a loving, equal partnership. It’s just another money monster relationship. Ask your Money Honey what he needs so he can stay with you, and then DO it!

  2. My money monster can morph into a very loving, caring “best friend” type, who says so many truly hurtful things with an apparently supportive smile: “women in caring professions can’t make a good income,” and “you have to choose between helping people and getting paid.” This monster can look a lot like my aunts and grandmother and mom, who all said things like “too bad you aren’t good at math and science since you’ll never earn anything working with people.”

    This monster is similar to the “spiritual people don’t care about money” monster I have worked on so much.

    Sad to realize, our monsters were hurting themselves, too!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Claudia. You’re right on the money (so to speak) except monsters never hurt themselves. Your specific money monster exists only to hurt you and those you love.

    2. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Claudia. Your share reminds me of the Book of Job. Job’s “comforters” blamed Job for everything that happened to him. (Some comfort!)

      But the comforters aren’t monsters any more than spiritual people are your money monster. Your money monster is ALL BAD with no good at all. That’s what makes it your monster.

  3. Joe Paretta says:

    Hi Morgana, Thanks for this very important post. As I guess everyone knows, people of both genders have “money monsters” that have sprung up for any number of reasons, many of which you listed here. A very general, but extremely dangerous monster, is fear. That is at the core of many of the more specific money monsters. It is one that I have battled for years and continue to battle to this day.

    Please keep inspiring and teaching!



    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Thank you Joe. You’re very perceptive.

  4. Susanna says:

    Hi Morgana,

    I did the exercise of seeing and killing the monster…it was powerful. The monster was a three-headed beast, one one horrible, one with vampire teeth, one with a phony smile. The monster was killed by a knight in armor with a glowing blue sword. He was powerful and effective but I don’t think he’s my money honey because he doesn’t seem to like me very much. He looks at me but doesn’t smile or say what he wants. So I have a dead monster (I think) but no money honey yet (?).

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Susanna. I think you have more monster killing to do. You’ve made a great start. Keep going. If this knight “doesn’t like” you… add him to the monster heap.

    2. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Susanna. Kill the knight. It’s another monster.

  5. Melissa says:

    I just love this work! My monster is a green slimey thing that is manipulative and trying to pull me down into a pit with it. Yuck! So i’m going to hand grenade it now!!!oooo yucky little green leeches falling out of the sky everywhere. Ugh! but this wonderuful hungry elephant wants to eat them up for his lunch and now they are all gone, gone, gone!! And he is quite happy.

    My Money Honey wears a top hat and sports a cane. He is quite a dancer…especially likes tap but can do it all. He’s charming, funny, and oh so debonaire. He can’t wait for us to start dancing! Neither can I!!!

    Thank YOU!!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Melissa, your description is so much fun! I love it. : D

  6. Sacred says:

    Morgana, thank you lots – straight to the point!

  7. Joe, fear is insecurity – that is all. Feeling unworthy of “X”. I realized that tonight through reading a lot here on this blog. If you feel completely worthy of love and everything you desire, you have NOTHING to fear. Period. Now we just have to strive for that kind of a relationship with our Money Honey.

    Morgana, I emailed you a rather lengthy comment about the revelation I had tonight about my money monster. I just wanted to share with everyone my weapons of choice:

    Step One: Shotgun. Repeatedly. From a distance. This guy deserves to suffer.

    Step Two: Ride on lawnmower. Repeatedly. Until he is in tiny little bits of monster-ness.

    Step Three: Fire. Lots of it. All of his monster-bits roasting on it until they’re nothing but ash and cinders.

    Step Four: Compost. Return those ashes to the earth, where that pig might actually do some GOOD for a change!

    And of course, all while listening to Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead”.

    I’m embracing my inner redneck to help me beat this monster, and BOY does it feel good!!!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You totally rock, Cheryl!

      And I just read your email. It gave me tingles.

  8. Perhaps the tingles were the warm fuzzy feeling from my money honey – after I wrote that, my husband showed up with $1 in change I never expected from a purchase, I made over a month ago and a free gift card he recieved for $5 from our favorite coffee shop. I louvre my money honey already!

  9. Trisha says:

    My money monster was “the Wretch” – an old hunched evil woman cloaked in dirty rag type clothes who has been there all my life telling me we (me, my mom and obviously the women before us in our line) were nothing and undeserving of anything good especially not money and true love. I look back now and see that she kept me from having money and taking all those wonderful opportunties that presented themselves to me over the years. I look back and can’t even believe how many wonderful opportunities I said no to. Before this Money Monster concept, I scratched my head wondering why in the world I would reject so many good things. Makes total sense now! So when I ran across Morgana’s Money Monster talk my inner ding went off! My method of destroying her involves seeing myself in a Star Trek type space ship, very very large, with the vast universe out there, and pressing a button that opens sliding doors in the bottom of the craft and she’s sucked out into the Universe to be recycled into goodness and get the help she needs, or whatever, it is not my problem any more. What a relief. My money honey is more difficult for me. At first I cut out a picture from a magazine but when I look at him he looks a bit old for me. He is very rich, stately, smart, kind, but almost fatherly or grandfatherly. He has knowledge about money handling that I would like to emulate. But the whole romantic thing is like…hmmm. Not too appealing. I like the idea of learning from women. So I see a wise Indian woman who is like my mom yet definitely not my mom, a teacher, one who I have known before, for eons. A wise woman. So I’m not sure on that part. But I am reminding myself to regularly sit in silence going within and continually cleansing inside to make sure “the Wretch” isn’t coming back.

  10. RuthAnn says:

    Thank you so much for this, Morgana.

    My money monster was like a huge, ferocious bulldog like character that stood inbetween me and my desires and dreams, totally guarding them from me and not letting me get anywhere near them. He almost seemed like from an animation, so it seemed fitting to shoot him, run him over with a steam roller, throw him through a wood chipper, have the cosmic vacuum suck up his remains and then have sulfuric acid get rid of any blood or remaining energy.

    My Money Honey is smart, good looking, has great dark hair, a sense of humor, is sweet and loving, adores me like crazy and wants everything for me that I want for me. I am learning to listen to him and ask him what he wants from me so that we can move toward my desires and dreams together, and I am working on some suggestion that he has given me in his loving, caring way.

    I really like this journey so far and am enjoying my shifts in energy all ready.

    Thank you so much!!!

  11. Thank you, Morgana. This is a very powerful tool! There was so much abuse and trauma in my life from childhood on: mental, emotional, verbal, physical and ultimately sexual; once at gunpoint and once at the point of strangulation. Additionally, the obvious and now hidden racism, racial abuse, cultural rejection, cultural thievery and incidences completely related to money which created and instilled a sense of not being worthy or capable of handling or having money. I was told that I was careless and incapable of having and handling money; and that I would never have anything as long as my butt points toward the ground. I was beat for losing my abusive parent’s money on the way to the store. I was much too young and too small to go to the store alone anyway, let alone have to carry this big case of empty pop bottles almost bigger than me. One time I dropped the bottles and stepped on a deep sharp part of one of he bottles and cut a gash so deep in my foot that I bleed for a very long time and was in unbelievable pain. I struggled home alone with no comfort of protection; an example of all the trauma in my life-time of trauma. In retrospect this is where my money monster was created. Today, with your help I gave it a discription and destroyed all in the beautiful ability of my imagination. It looks like those 9 feet tall egyptian figures with and animal head, animal yet man like, very muscular body and hairy, very hairy. He’s sneaky, cunning, manipulative. He’s tried to convince me that I’m not worthy, deserving or capable of having and/or handling money. Then my gorgeous, sexy, strong, sweet, joyfilled, exciting, wise, intelligent, integral, honest, truthful, trustworthy, spiritual, fulfilling, lover, provider, protector African Mandingo-Zulu Warrior with Beautiful Chocolate Glowing Skin, dripping wity lushious perspiration after slaying the money monster, feeding it to the pyranas and pouring acid on any remains, totally and permanently clearing me of anymore money monster nightmares, events and beliefs; and infiltrating my consciousness with the Beauty that He is as My Money Honey Lover, Provider and Protector…Continually arousing every fiber of my being with the committment of unlimited ever increasing, ever flowing, ever giving of Himself to me, eternally…I Love My Money Honey and He Loves Me!

  12. L.d. says:

    After hearing you today on Gail’s show I rememebered doing this before and attempted twice to kill my money monster. Wih the best of intentions both times. I also created my money honey. Both times it didn’t work and the money monster came back and my money honey hit the road. Today I spent the better part of the day excavatig all the crap my money monster put me and my ancestry through and we dialogued about it for hours. He was an a””” h”””! Needless to say he had to go! I made sure this time he paid for all the pain he put me through all the fear and drama I endured. He actually told me how much fun it was to mess with me all these years and that I would never be able to destroy him. I had to kill him twice and then go into meditation and step out of my body etherically and take him to my spirit guides so that they could take him to his spirit guides and transmute him to light because he wasn’t gonna leave. Bastard! I then poured acid over and over on any remaining bits or blood remaining. Then when it was over I called my money honey to me and we had a reunion that was very powerful. He was happy I was able to finally conquer my money monster and hopes he gets to stick around this time. We danced to a beautiful song and he made my heart flutter. I tried to ask him what he wanted me to do to so he would stay with me and he just put his fingers to my lips to not speak. I guess he would rather bask in the moment of the reunion and not talk just yet! Dreamy!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Congratulations L.D.!

  13. LAMB says:

    Dear Morgana,

    I listened to a free recording featuring you quite by whim. The money monster really resonated with me. I was always denying myself even the smallest thing. But when I started following your advice it felt like a switch was flipped. I felt totally different and things have gotten better ever since. Thank you very much!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      That’s awesome! You’re welcome, LAMB.

  14. Amy says:

    Hello Everyone..
    Thank you all so much for sharing. Reading all the amazing Monster death stories not only make me laugh out loud, also empowered me to go on the killing mission.

    A bit about my Money Monster, Large hard blob of mess, bulging eyes, fat blog of a butt that has been sitting on my chest for years. The blob of crap has not only been crushing my chest but bringing others in my physical life that matches his energy sucking, selfish… Its all about me, my needs, my desires and you are to give to me.

    Time to kill the bastard…. No longer will it interfere with my Joy, love, desires, expansion and all around love of this amazing world.

    Our came my true powerful goddess from deep inside me.. I ripped that blob right out from my chest.. Threw it to the ground and stood over him..
    “you will never interfere in my life again. Enough with your mess… “I am a powerful goddess and its time I reclaim her..
    Out came my favorite weapon of choice… My Super goddess Studded High Heels.
    I stomped so hard on his ugly face… I never want to feel or see you.. I stomped out each eye ball with the power heels… smash, smash….. This is fun,
    Then i stuck my heels into his chest, as he has been doing to me for years….
    Finally, I stomped hard to his privates,,, take that you mess….
    Never will you interfere with my eyes and what I see in the world, never will you interfere with my joy and thirst for life and expansion… Never will you interfere with my love and bring more garbage…………
    Finally, out came by super vacuum… (diamond studded of course)… cleaned up the mess…. then used the vacuum also on my heart and chest.. Needed to clean up the webs he had built up there…..
    My chest and heart loves the feeling of cleansing….

    I then asked My Money Honey ” Please come and find me, I am ready to give purely”
    Off to an amazing sleep i went…

    Thank you again to everyone for the inspiration…..

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Very cool, Goddess Amy!

  15. Aidan says:

    Hi Morgana
    I came across one of your web calls and was really struck by your ideas which resonated deeply – I was brought up the son of a priest and money was always short, but also somehow dirty. It was unacceptable to want or like money. You gave me serious insight into my relationship with money. Heartfelt thanks for that. My money monster came quite clearly – but as a combination of my dark, depressed, sad Dad and an old boss of mine, the original thieving, greedy, bullying liar. You say don’t make it a real person, but I keep coming back to these images.
    Then I can see my Money Honey as a sweet, loving, sexy blonde – I normally go for dark women – but I’m not sure about nurturing our relationship. Any more quick comments?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Dear Aidan,

      I just adore when a Money Honey isn’t your usual type. Apparently your MH is her own woman, and that’s what we want!

  16. Harry Husted says:

    Hi Morgana,

    I sent you a lengthy email about my money monster and money honey. What I will state here is that I really believe deep down in what you have been saying. I had an abusive father and buried many of my fears. I was always told that I would never be successful in life because I wouldn’t do what my father wanted me to do. He wanted to control me and hurt me. I said no.

    What I did was take all that frustration, anger, hurt, and resentment, and placed it in my money monster. My money monster is pictured as a two-headed beast. So ugly that if you looked at him for too long a time, you would get sick to your stomach. I shot my monster until he was dead. Then I through a lighted torch on him, until there was nothing left.

    I then turned around and saw my money honey. I fell in love with her instantly. She and I have a nice relationship now. I ask her constantly what she wants from me for her to help me. She told me she wants me to love her and not fear her. She told me she just wants me to lose the fear and worry about lack and trust that God will deliver. She told me that I have to believe in myself and know how good I am. She told me I am a very loving person and deserve everything life presents. I believe that to.

    I love you for who you are and what you are doing to help others. I want to do the same thing myself very soon.

    Take care.


    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Oh Harry! That’s beautiful!

  17. Hi Morgana —
    I just love reading about all these disgusting & demonic Money Monsters here — not because I’m a masochist but because these descriptions help me assemble my own image of that filthy beast MM who has been a mercyless tyrant, a major killjoy in my life. I also love seeing all the imaginative, irreversible execution methods described here!

    I really resonate to those contributors here who describe their MM as pious and supposedly “spiritual” — NOT! These “righteous” people create a hell on earth for all those who do not have the inner strength, self-confidence and vision to withstand these misleading, death-dealing messages.

    Money Goddesses rule forever! Thank you so much, Morgana!

  18. Barbara says:

    Thank you Morgana! My Money Monster was a huge drooling monster whose large feet had been stepping on me since I was very young. It wasn’t easy to kill, and required lasers to dissolve it from the inside out. There were bits and peices everywhere that kept coming back to life and had to be thrown into a pool of acid, but eventually it was done! I could feel the empty space. My gorgeous Money Honey showed up and we sat together watching sparks shoot up out of the pool. I am looking forward to spending time with my new guy!!!

  19. autoprt says:

    Morgana, for the longest i couldn’t figure where my block with money was and I figured it out through on of your sessions. My aunt was the executor of my dads estate when he passed and she was in charge of $10K for my son who was 8 at the time. She never would tell me when it would be time to access it and she is very money manipulative and eventually stopped talking to me and in turn cut off my family on that side because they didn’t believe me.

    She passed away 2 years ago and I found out she spent it. After hearing you I realized I didn’t want to be like her and I have an image of my monster and I’m killing it today.

    I am looking forward to returning with a report something I believe will be amazing.
    Thank you.

  20. autoprt says:

    This works and fast. I was 3 months behind in my car payment and low on cash.

    Saturday, I started by stabbing the monster but I didn’t notice any difference, so this morning I was really angry at the monster and my situation keeping my money from me so i started using a shotgun and saw it working as it squealed and writhed in pain and died but i continued to keep shooting it afterwards blood everywhere.

    things began changing this morning. i work on a marketing project for an associate and he deposited $250 in my account.

    i was 2 1/2 months behind in my car payment so i let them know i could send them a small amount from the money i received and the person on the line was very polite and told me i was eligible for a program that would catch up all my payments which i was really worried my car would be repo’d, so now i am paid up until June.

    i have a beautiful money honey i imagined and now the money is all ours, i can feel things changing and will keep my shotgun handy in case that ugly monster somehow tries to revive again…thank you so much Morgana, your info is life changing.

  21. Maira says:

    I saw my Money Monster as a very poor threadbare old woman. I can’t kill her. Then I realised that my Money Monster was under this misserable woman. And I saw him as terrible beeing. And there was no more problem to kill and get rid of Monster.
    Thank you Morgana and thank you all for shareing

  22. Michael Koh says:

    How do I identify my money monster? I don’t quite understand what’s this all about.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Michael. That’s more of a coaching question than I can address here. (It can take me hours to help a client nail their monster.) If you’re just coming across my material for the first time, a nice place to start is with my free video series at, where I talk about the roots of your money monster in Video #1.

  23. Julie says:

    My monster is slowly forming as is my money honey.
    As my monster is male my money honey is feeling female, but I don’t want to fall in love with a female MH. Do you have any thoughts regarding this?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Julie. Your monster and honey don’t form simultaneously. You must COMPLETE the creation and elimination of your monster before it’s possible to meet your MH. That’s the only way it works. In 9 years of my experience, and over a thousand clients, I’ve never seen it work any other way.

  24. Julie says:

    Thanks Morgana. Need to do more investigation on the monster clearly ! It is evasive thats for sure….

  25. Claire says:

    I really want to get rid of my horrible relationship with money but I’m really not clear how to “get rid” of this money monster. I’ve read your post and understand what you’re saying but now what?

  26. Laura says:

    Dear Morgana,

    I just wrote to you and subscribed.

    Yes! I must Slay the Monster once and for all.

    As I sit amidst the remains of my lifetime…
    in a motel room, penniless, waiting for unemployment
    to ajudicate the last $106. payment…

    I wonder if the Matrix Monster is the best identifier to slay.
    Please lend your insight because I am at the door of last hopes
    and breaking through to the other side…
    Feeling like Alice with my nose against the mirror…

    Even the American Monk is now asking is Alice a Quantum Jumper?

    Thank You

  27. Leanna says:

    I’m dumping a big-ass bucket of water on that (my) green cackely bitch! Then sit in delight as I watch it melt! Poof!! Gone! I’m outta the woods, outta the dark and into the light 🙂

  28. Jamie says:

    hi Morgana, I watched the first video yesterday. Then last night my money monster came to me in the form of Ebenezer Scrooge! Now I just need to get rid of him.

    1. Morgana says:

      You’re off to a great start, Jamie! You might want to check the “Money Monster” section of my blog for insider tips on getting rid of your money monster.

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