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Reader Question: “Am I Cursed?”

Here’s the letter that came in:

“Hi Morgana. My concern is that every time I get a job and start making money, I can never have enough money because something always comes up (i.e paying bills, etc…) and don’t have enough to buy things that I really want (i.e car, house, etc…). I want to just be financially free and live happy without stressing over not having enough money. I mean I don’t necessarily have to be rich but just have enough. Am I cursed financially or why is this happening to me?”

I answered in a video:

  1. MONICA says:

    Morgana, what an great response! I am grateful that you share your expertise with all of us. Money is, from my point of view, a great liberator, especially for women (haven´t you noticed women are usually more guilty about having it and handling it than men? ); a factor more than a “thing” to pursue; a natural result rather than an obsession. Thanks again for your clarity!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You’re welcome, Monica, and YES: women tend to feel much more guilt about having money than men do. That’s why the real issues around money aren’t even about money. It’s a question of our Worthiness and being Loveable. Key “Money Goddess” issues!

  2. Gabriella says:

    Hi Morgana,
    I watched your last video about the question that you have received from a woman who cannot keep her money and that made me think about my situation and therefore I have a question for you too!
    I hope you don’t mind and you will answer me when you have a moment …
    So far in my life I always had enough money to live decently, either from somebody or working or receiving it as a gift, etc.
    I am at a stage in my life though where I want to start creating my own wealth by doing what I love and feel called to do, but I am struggling with it and am wondering if there is something within myself that is preventing me to make money and have the success I deserve …
    I don’t have consciously negative thoughts about money at all …
    Can you help?
    Could you maybe shed some light for me on this riddle?
    I am looking forward to reading from you soon.
    Love and hugs from The Flying Witch

    alias Gabriella for mortals …

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      I know ALL about this, Flying Witch Gabriella! There are generally two reasons why we don’t make money: 1) we lack a certain knowledge to translate our gifts into a profitable business. Maybe that’s a question of communicating our benefits, packaging our talents, understanding our impact, attracting and enrolling clients, knowing what to charge and how… and 2) something inside of us is getting in the way. That may look like a lack of confidence. In women it often includes an unconscious desire to be rescued and taken care of. For most idealistic and spiritual entrepreneurs, it and it usually includes an (unconscious) negative relationship with money.

      That’s why my signature coaching program is my six month “Money Magic and Marketing Mentorship.” Though I’m thinking of expanding it to a year. I’m fast, but I find clients do better the more time they get to implement.

  3. Kristi says:

    Hi Morgana,
    Well this was very timely. October 1st was my birthday and I decided on that day that I was DONE with the negative thoughts and beliefs around money. Sooo I did a meditation and asked my money monster to be revealed. He showed up and I went through a process of burning him so he could be transformed and out of the fames popped my money honey!

    Since the 1st I have imagined in my mind the abundance I want, the clients I want, the life I want, all the while pushing away the monkey mind that tries to tell me I can’t have what I am imagining.

    I started to believe that my intentions were working because I came very close to signing 2 new clients, but when I told them what I charge they bailed. And then on the 10th I was in a car accident. And now I will either have to come up with $500 for the deductible OR if the adjuster decides it is totaled, buy a new car and have a car payment!!

    So I completely relate to this question! As soon as I start to move my feelings, thoughts and beliefs in a better direction, BAM something happens to suck more money away from me.

    And I’ve been working on my money issues for several years now, starting with the Prosperity Partnership Program with Elyse Hope Killoran, so I’m really really really tired of feeling like I can’t get this money thing figured out!

    I do feel like I am cursed!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Kristi. I love your business name! My mother calls herself a kitchen witch, and she means it literally!

      I happen to be good friends with Elyse Hope Killoran, and I really love her and believe she’s a great coach and comes from a place of true integrity. And her approach may not work for everybody. (But does anything really work for every body?)

      I think relying too heavily on positive thinking and visualization has severe limitations… it doesn’t matter how hard you put your foot on the gas. If your other foot is on the brake, you’re not going to go anywhere.

      My client Jean Virnig (she’ll be speaking about her experience at my Money Goddess Experience retreat in Los Angeles this weekend, worked with a Law of Attraction coach (NOT Elyse) for SIX YEARS and saw NO RESULTS!!!

      When I saw that in her application, I booked her for an interview… not to get her to be my client, but to do an INTERVENTION! (Leave a coach if you aren’t experiencing results.)

      Working with me was a different experience for Jean, and she booked her $70,000 dream job in a couple of months.

      So even though it looks like you did a good job on your own, it appears to me there’s still a monster at work in your relationship, because you’re not feeling safe and loved and trusting. The new relationship isn’t *sticking.*

      You can 1) revisit the process again on your own, which is something I highly recommend
      2) find a way to work with me privately, so I can help you really root out the monster and teach you how to make the new relationship stick… and perhaps even mentor you on filling your practice.

      We have “curses” in life to get our attention to grow…

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