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Ask Morgana: “How do I start over with money when I’ve allowed my Money Monster to ruin me financially?”

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Reader Question:                       

Hi Morgana, I am a fan of your work and of the “money honey” idea. Here is my question: How do you go about attracting and then courting your Money Honey, when you are on the verge of foreclosure and will be filing bankruptcy? In other words, how do I start over with money when I’ve allowed my Money Monster to ruin me financially? I find myself this situation and it feels like I’m in a dark dungeon surrounded my my money monster and all his money demon friends and I just don’t see how I can even start a new relationship with Money Honey, let alone find him. I wish I would have found your website a long time ago before I got myself in this mess, because I am not sure how I’ll see myself out. Do you have any advice for those in similar situations wanting to find the Money Honey of their dreams, while dealing with the effects of the Money Monster?

My response:

Congratulations! This is a perfect time to CHANGE your relationship with money. You’re connected to the fear and pain of your unhappy relationship with money.  This is the easiest time to get in touch with your “Money Monster” and make its presence REAL for you. The deeper you take yourself in the fear, panic, and despair of your present relationship with money, the more you’ll experience a powerful transformation. The process doesn’t work until you eradicate your Money Monster, and you really need to “get” your monster before you can get rid of it.

There’s no need to “court” your Money Honey: he’s already there. But he’s waiting for you to choose him over your monster.

I have many, many stories of clients in serious financial duress who turned around their money situations. Take a look at my letters from Athena Burke and Ruth Leilani Smith, and many others, at

Here’s how to get started:

  • If you’re on a micro-budget, start diving deep into this blog. There’s a lot of guidance for you here.
  • Make sure you’ve opted in to my VIP List to get access to FREE videos, articles, and audio classes on changing your relationship with money.
  • When you’re ready to work with me directly and get my personal guidance, take a look at what’s available on my Mentorship Path.

Transformation is available to anyone, at any economic level, no matter what’s going on in your life. Your financial situation is a perfect reflection of your inner relationship with money. We change the inside first, and the outside follows.

  1. cath mcdonald says:

    Dear Morgana,
    I am looking forward to your new coaching program. I feel like I’m in suspended animation in regard to my finances and that my committment to changing things is brittle. I know you have a system that is unique and I do want to manifest changes that will give me more financial freedom.
    I am so pleased I heard you speak at last years WISH summit and remember laughing out loud when I heard your approach re money monster, money honey. Itr was funny but it also touched a cord within me and that cord said ‘this will work’.
    Cath McDonald

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Cath — sign up today! The price goes up $300 on Saturday, and the doors close on the 14th. I look forward to having you in the group!

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