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Your Money Monster and Forgiveness

money monster and forgivenessA reader asked, “What if my Money Monster is personified in several real people? Can I forgive them and still get rid of the Money Monster?”

My Response:

Brilliant question!  Your “Money Monster” is the personification of any thing that has ever made you feel unworthy, unlovable, or unsafe in the world… including the meanest thing that has ever been said to you (or you’ve said to yourself), and things that have happened to you or been done to you by others… even things that you’ve observed in the world, things that have seemed unfair.

The monster is BIGGER than the people in your life. It is NOT your parents, though it may have used your parents or abused you through your parents.

We make your monster SEPARATE from you or your parents.


Because we are going to DESTROY IT.

And it’s not healthy to destroy our parents (no matter what they did), and it’s certainly not healthy to destroy a part of yourself!

So, Reader, you’re right on the money (so to speak). Yes, you get to forgive the people but destroy the monster.

*** A word on Forgiveness: I don’t believe in “forgive and forget.”***

Let me explain…
It’s not necessary to hold a grudge. In fact when you finally feel safe I find that grudges go away naturally. Grudges can be very expensive, so we want to let them go. That’s why we forgive.

At the same time forgiveness does not let the other person off the hook, does not make what was done “okay.” (Some things are simply not okay!) Forgiveness really means, “What you did was NOT okay, AND there’s nothing you can do to me that I cannot learn from and grow from and use for my own betterment and the greater good.”


————–>  For tips on HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR MONEY MONSTER, and any other sticky monster questions you have, dive into the MONEY MONSTER section of my blog! Chances are good you’ll FIND YOUR ANSWER HERE:


  1. Beth says:

    Wonderful explanation of forgiveness.

  2. Simone says:

    In order to truly forgive we must forgive ourselves first. We forgive ourselves for denying our own Self-love; for pushing away Divine love and light.

    I feel that my Money Monster has been something I created out of a lack of love for my true essence. If I love that unworthy part of myself so completely and so fully, it will cease to exist. Then, my Money Monster will be not only destroyed, but transformed by my love.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Simone. One of the greatest acts of self-love is to create a monster so terrible that you’re willing to utterly reject and destroy it. Experiencing the love of your “Money Honey” is life changing experience, and avoids the problem of putting “love yourself” on your to-do list.

      Read what Kirsten Nelson says about being loved by her Money Honey, and how it helped her marriage:
      “What I found was that having my money honey loving me completely and supporting me absolutely helped my marriage immensely (you’ve probably already heard stories like this) but suddenly because I was being supported perfectly in all the ways I needed to be supported, I was able to love my husband so much more and allow him to be him, imperfections and all. He was no longer responsible for filling all the needs I had that he just couldn’t fill (as wonderful as he is) and that really aren’t his job to fill to begin with and it’s unfair for me to expect him to fill anyway. My “Money Honey” now was there to fill that void. Pretty darn cool!”

  3. Sandy says:

    How exactly do we destroy our money monster????? How do we now its destroyed forever after we do it??

  4. Tanya says:

    Interesting question Sandy…. I am thinking, maybe some kind of ritual or visualization or something that finalizes and destroys….I know on my own, several years ago. I wrote things I wanted to release on balloons (purchased at a balloon shop and wrote on them with magic marker…carefully… it was a cloudy day. went to top of the hill and released them …saying I release these things…at same time. strangely enough a cloud swallowed them up quickly and I couldn’t see them!! It began a downpour..which was over quickly! Driving home at the top of a hill…a double rainbow which I haven’t seen since and only one thing left I currently struggle with. Duh..guess what? At any rate, the day after I heard her on a webinar..I fell into a funk and impusively parked in a non parking space. Got a 100 ticket…so I guess that is why the course is can help…but how do we rid ourselves of the monster in order for us to take the course. Of course, there is incoming money. I just sabotaged that remaining money. does it make sense? The monster (osama bin Laden) has me terrified about spending the money on this course///

  5. Tanya says:

    Sandy, it was my intent to be in agreement that we need help in ridding ourselves of the money monster and that probably comes with one of her packages. I am trying to unfreeze myself but most likely will access my finances tomorrow as I find fear to be freezing my thoughts up. I don’t know your situation but I am so sick of this cycle but how do you get sick enough.. Morgana said use the fear and anxiety but what if the fear freezes you or provides an anxiety attack. What is being whispered to me is the same muddy mess since I haven’t gotten rid of the monster. It is so OLD MONEY to call unemployment and ask if I will be extended and get dates..I don’t want OLD MONEY. I want new money and will I, should I, do as this whisper, and set a date for mid March to buy the kit? Talk about a bad relationship..And you know I don’t wanna be in this relationship. I couldn’t hate this guy more…eeeeccchh

  6. Tanya says:

    Okay, already something amazing has happened! A few hours ago I found a specific Morgana how to rid yourself of money monster step and took the 40 minutes to do so. Afterwards looking online for job opportunities I found a 60 minute (the show) video and article on if you are unemployed for over a year…less desireable to employers…mmmnn. I say to money honey. What do you think? I mean? Okay, first remain calm… and you are with several agencies so email them to find out if this is a problem they are having with you, and do they recommend anything. NOT FIVE MINUTES LATER…I received an email from another site ..for this webinar which I am listing because my mouth is hanging open….”Would you hire You? Are employers afraid to hire you?
    Thursday, February 23, 2012 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST…

    I will be at this webinar…no, I have only just followed two steps people…I can not wait to talk to money honey tomorrow morning. He is so different from that monster…I mean look at him, honoring the fact that I am willing to change and he knows I work hard. I get up two days a week at 4 am to go to a job that pays minimum wage. Oh, I am feeling something here. BUT I will check back in 48hours and update you all. So exciting..did I mention he sings like Al Green…you oughta be with me….I can’t wait to see what he says about having Morgana as my coach. I mean there has to be a way for me to be like these other people on the site. 🙂

  7. Sandy says:

    Thank You for your great comments. I think I will do some kind of ritual.
    My first impulse was to blow up my money monster but then I noticed it was already made of fire with a scary cartoon face, so blowing him up would only make him bigger. So instead, I had it come with me out on a little row boat out onto the ocean then I
    smacked him with my oar and drowned him in the water till he disappeared and turned into smoke then my row boat turned into a yacht and it parked in a slip where my money honey was there to greet me with crystal blue eyes and roses and a lovely romantic meal in our new house on the water. He is very nice to me and I can talk to him but I have yet to have my financial condition change so I will try the physical ritual.

  8. Morgana Rae says:

    Hi Sandy. The relationship can’t be conditioned on financial change. That’s just another money monster. The relationship is really about love. Just about love. Then, when you look at your situation, you can look at it without fear and come up with your next action steps. Your Money Honey is not going to rescue you.

  9. Sandy says:

    Thank you soo much for answering my questions! So what your saying is… my Money Honey is a great love companion, a friend, I love him for just being him not what he can do for me because he is money? He’s there just so I can fall in love with money, to have a good relationship with money, so I have the strength and courage to move forward in a healthy way with actual energy of real money. Is that correct?

  10. Jen says:

    Forgiveness really means, “What you did was NOT okay, AND there’s nothing you can do to me that I cannot learn from and grow from and use to discover my true nature as Divine Love.

    Thank you so much for this quote on forgiveness. I feel this will help me release some pain and confusion I have been carrying around regarding people in my life who I cannot forget how they treated me but they are still in my life.

  11. Jane says:

    Talking of Monsters, the US government shifted blame to Britain for the horrific oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico by referring inaccurately to BP as British Petroleum. It is not a British owned or controlled company. The purpose of shifting this blame was to avoid responsibility. There was no mention of the repeal of environmental protection laws by the previous Bush government. Was there any subsequent environmental protection put in place? The US is instrumental in engineering global addiction to oil, despite knowing since the 70’s that we’d reach Peak Oil production at the turn of the century it still acts like the solution is to find more and more environmentally destructive ways (Deep sea and Arctic drilling, wars in the Middle East) to find or claim oil supplies. Please amend your blog post to BP. And challenge your leaders to act environmentally ethically and responsibly – we’ll challenge ours. Thanks, Jane. UK.

    1. arthur d bradley says:

      Would like to get more info on this.

  12. arthur d bradley says:

    Thanks for the enlightenment on BP.

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