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“What if your Money Monster creeps back in?”

A reader asks: “Is replacing my money monster with my money honey an ongoing process at first? I do the visualizations as you suggest and get a sense of the MH, but over time, the money monster creeps back in.”

My response: I have a hunch you never really got rid of your original money monster, which is why you only “get a sense” of your Money Honey. I’m going to give you a tool today to help you with that.

And even if you totally got rid of your first Money Monster (which is always the hardest one), I encourage you to embrace repeating the process as needed…


Life Happens

It’s an absolute fact of life that no matter how enlightened, healthy, positive and empowered we are, things will happen in your life and the world around you that will challenge you and trigger your insecurities, your sense of outrage, your worries about the future.

Even after you get rid of your Money Monster and replace him with your (personified) “Money Honey,” life still happens. Earthquakes, tsunamis, unexpected life changes… things happen, and they can throw you for a loop!

These are the prickly life experiences that spur your growth and evolution. They are not a mistake. They are part of the design of your life.

Slaying your monsters and re-aligning your relationship with life (via the “honey) helps to accelerate your evolution from pain to prosperity.


Seduced by other people’s Money Monsters

And it’s not just our own Money Monster we need to worry about. We are constantly being tempted and seduced to buy in to other people’s money monsters–our parents, friends and communities have compelling monsters, too, talking to us and feeding our insecurities 24/7.

We can sense the monster’s presence in our lives in the way we feel about ourselves–our worthiness, loveability and safety in the world, the way we allow others to treat us, in our struggles to make or keep money, or in the conflicts money causes in our relationships.

Whenever life feels “off,” you have the power to slay a new monster. The good news is each time you destroy a Money Monster, you gain a more intimate and more powerful relationship with your Money Honey, with Life, and  with Yourself.

This new relationship with your personified Money gets you very different results than you’ll get with your soul crushing monster.



There’s really no limit to the ways you can get rid of your money monster, but if you’ve been stuck, give this a try. Because real change is not an intellectual exercise, we want to get the shift INTO YOUR BODY and make it  a real experience.

1) Draw a picture of your Money Monster’s face. Do not worry about drawing well.

2) Write down the terrible things he (it’s usually a “he” but doesn’t have to be) says to you and has done to you and in the world.

3) Put the list and the face on a pillow, take out a hammer, and smash your monster for 15 minutes. Rip up whatever remains of the paper. Get rid of the remains.

4) Go outside and meet your Money Honey.

Life and the world will throw us some curves, and it’s DIFFERENT when you have your “Money Honey” by your side guiding you and loving you. You have a different experience, you get different results, and “happy miracles” happen with surprising frequency.  🙂


  1. Annie says:

    Wow – yes!

    I really feel the power in this – it’s honest, it’s clear and it resonates. It strikes that chord of recognition in me.

    So thank you Morgana for articulating this with such acuity.

    I have a question that relates to this and previous post about staying connected with your Money Honey ..

    And I wonder do you, personally, still sometimes have to repeat the Financial Alchemy process again, or is your Money Monster well and truly gone for good?

    I recall reading some people replace their Money Honey coz it’s not working out and develop a new relationship with a new incarnation of Money Honey – and I wonder does this entail going through the full process of money monstericide first?

    In general, do you think we have lots of money monsters and different ones surface at different times and need to be dealt with as and when? Or does FA “get rid” once and for all in one single ecstatic swoop?

    Annie x

  2. Beth says:

    Love the idea of this exercise.
    I’ll be scouring the basement for our hammer and proceeding ASAP.
    Ready or not Money Monster, here I come!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Good for you, Beth!

  3. Dr. Karin Wettig says:

    Oh, I know this crocodile, my personal money monster. It is so hungry for more fear and worry and creeps in day and night….instead of fighting it, I start singing my opera program now….
    I found that the idea of this money monster is just a fabulous way to make clear how the subconscious mind works in dramatic stories. The mind simply loves stories and it doesn’t matter to him if it is a criminal one or a romance….it loves to devoure things that come to mind….
    I discovered that I myself and many others have a whole party of monsters around: – hold me back from stage – monsters, – don’t stand out in a crowd – monsters, lacking beauty – monsters, being unworthy monsters and when I look at my coachees and pupils – this hoarse voice monster screaming – my voice is not good enough –
    Moreover persons over 70 start having this – I can’t do it anymore – monster which brings to them Alzheimer and other terrible diseases….

    Oh my God, we need to install a demonstrization and a kill your monster day every week and a memorial day for the honeys to make them win this war… These monsters are lurking everywhere around and often it is hard to see one’s personal honeys in that crowd. I think I need an anti – monster- Bible or a “kill the monster – weapon” in my pocket. I am still training the taste of my honeys around and I feel grateful for more ideas how to get rid of the monsters quickly as soon as they they appear hungry in my back…

  4. Gloria says:

    I have spent years on forgiving and releasing the past. which has given me a better understanding of myself, but when i heard you on healing with the masters and to think of a money monster. I couldn’t come up with something evil looking. I kept thinking of something invisible a ghost that sneaks around in my thought and others telling lies and feeding the fear and past growing up issues and when i thought of it that way it opened a whole new way of cleaning out the past and things that have lingered . it has made me excited to put everything i can still come up with in it and become a ghost buster lol. As for the money honey i see and feel an angel that wants to wrap me up in the love and safety of her wings but i can see a man in the way back coming my way and i can’t wait for it to be here .

  5. enrique says:

    I wonder if at tbe end is not negative(demons) attachment everyone is suffering with.

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