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Burning Question: What If My Money Monster Comes Back?


Great question!

Here are a few scenarios and solutions.

1) You didn’t really get rid of your Money Monster in the first place, or

2) Something came up that distressed you, so you ditched your Money Honey and went back to seeing your old money monster on the sly (cause he’s familiar) , or

3) You’ve been taking your “Money Honey” (new relationship with money, personified) for granted, or coasting along in the relationship, and money wants to get your attention, or

4) You’re in the process of growing bigger, and you’re Money Honey wants to evolve too.

When you find yourself facing down your Money Monster, and all your related fears, anxieties, disappointments and discouragements, you have a choice to make: do you return to this old, familiar relationship that can’t possibly make you happy, or do you stay with your new relationship with money (your “money honey”) even when you’re uncertain of the outcome?

Sometimes it’s enough to choose one Money Honey over your old, monstrous relationship with money. Oftentimes it’s good to start all the way back at the beginning.


Years ago my client Lisa was selling her very successful business to pursue her dream full time. Lisa knew how to make money. (She built a multimillion dollar business–and became a leader in her industry–from a $2,000 investment.) She hired me to be her coach because her experience making money was it was hard and painful. Financial Alchemy made it FUN and EASY.

So here she is, with her great new relationship with money, having fun and getting richer, and she’s getting ready to sell her company. WHAM!!!! A monumental new Money Monster shows up and has her quaking in her boots.

Why? Because she was evolving and getting bigger, and her relationship with money had to evolve and get bigger!

She got a bigger Money Monster so she could get an even bigger, better, more wonderful Money Honey. (As big as your monster is, your Money Honey will always be bigger.)

And now she’s living her dream.

Cool, huh?

My client Athena went from making a few hundred dollars to making tens of thousands of dollars a month in a very short time. I asked her what her secret was. She said she’d done the process SEVENTEEN TIMES (with me, with my coach trainees, and on her own).

But you don’t have to wait for the monsters to come out before you upgrade your Money Honey:

Back in 2008 I had a client who wanted to repeat the Financial Alchemy process at least once every month! Even though she had a terrific new relationship with money, and fabulous things were happening for her financially and personally. She’d say, “I just feel like I could feel even CLOSER to my Money Honey if we did it again!”

And we’d start from the beginning and invent a whole new money monster…

And she was right: she DID get closer to her Money Honey. And by communicating with her Money Honey (her new, monster-free relationship with money), she brought in tens of thousands of dollars in new clients, and she magnetized her Human Honey, too!

EVERYTHING hinges on your relationship with money and your connection to your Money Honey. USE your monster to your advantage. Use it to evolve and revitalize your new relationship with your Money Honey.

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