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Money Magnet Burning Question: How Do You Get Rid Of Doubt (and make money?)

Morgana Money cropHere’s the question that came in:

“How do I set the intention of creating multiple income streams and attracting money to me daily without becoming doubtful about the HOW?”

Great question! Intention and action are different animals. Very different energies. Intention is light, not held in by the limitations of time and space. Action is weighed down–literally–by actual physical matter and resistance. We can feel that heaviness as we approach the border between intention and action. I call this the daily struggle of being a spiritual being in a human body. Our spirit–and our imagination–is omnipotent, and sometimes being on earth feels like a cognitive disconnect.  (In my mind’s eye I can see myself doing a double axle, but in reality I can barely stay on my feet in ice skates!)

So, because you’ve been on earth long enough to know that things go “wrong,” or not as planned, and you may not have mastered certain skills that will help you achieve your dreams, or you’ve had dreams that didn’t materialize in the past… of course you’re going to have doubts! In some ways the doubts are your friends: they want to protect you. They play the role of the “black hat” in your inner boardroom–calling attention to what could go wrong so you can prevent trouble or come up with contingency plans.

But you never want the “black hat” running the company. Nothing will get created. Your doubts exist to minimize risk, to protect the status quo, and change is all about killing the status quo.  We need to manage your doubter, so YOU can run your company.

The first thing I’d do is check to see if this voice of doubt is coming from your “Money Monster.” If you haven’t changed your relationship with money, your money monster will sabotage you constantly, telling you you aren’t good enough, resourceful enough, deserving enough, or smart enough for the lifestyle you desire. You can’t reason with this monster. He exists on autopilot to wear you down and destroy you. You must destroy him first.

When you’ve removed the monster, ask your “Money Honey” (new money relationship) for advice. I have clients who make multi-million dollar decisions based on their Money Honey’s advice! Nothing cuts through your head chatter and your doubts, and your short sighted anxieties than your Money Honey’s bigger perspective. Use your MH as your spiritual advisor/#1 cheerleader/business partner to reconnect you to your deeper wisdom. But let the answers come out as if from this other person we call “money.”

And let’s not forget the power of Love that your Money Honey brings to the picture: the only thing stronger than fear is Love. Those feelings of romantic love and loveability simply crowd out any room for self-doubt. You’ll feel your body shift from the cold heaviness of fear to the hot excitement of amore!

Other tools, once we know your Money Monster is out of the way:
1) Get support. With every new venture you’ll hit that “Holy Moly!” moment of making decisions, taking actions, and discovering how much you don’t know.  Save yourself a few years and a few hundred thousand dollars buy hiring coaches who’ve mastered what you want to learn. Get really specific on what you want to learn.

For instance I’m a whiz (and a mentor) for selling info products, filling teleclasses, selling coaching programs, etc, but I have minimal experience with Real Estate investment, and I’ve hired someone else to manage my investment portfolio. You’d want to find other teachers for those topics.

2) Take baby steps. Make your long term goals bigger and your short-term goals much, much smaller. The genius of taking this approach is it gets you into action doing what you already know how to do (an instant doubt killer, there!), and your next “how” reveals itself. Your baby steps quickly get bigger and faster without you even noticing.

3) Occasionally old patterns and beliefs stop us in our tracks. This is true for EVERYBODY!  My Limiting Belief Obliterator CD gets down to the deep unconscious root of the limitation, and transmute it into a new success strategy that operates on all levels of consciousness.

With your specific intention–multiple streams of income–do your research!  There are so many scams out there, and there are also legitimate opportunities that may not be a good fit for you. I know sooooo many people who went bust with MLM’s, and I know other people who did well. YOU want to go for the low hanging fruit–the easiest and most obvious baby steps–that capitalize on your talents, your joy, and your divine purpose. Money is not your whore. We should all have multiple streams of income, and they should all be in alignment with our values, our contribution to the planet, and what will grow us as human beings.

  1. Annie Wigman says:

    Nice post Morgana and full of core grit thoughtful, empathic, practical advice. Really nice and I very much appreciate!

    One question – so how DO you get rid of the money monster/s?? Mine seems most persistent – how ever much I try to dump them they prevail … (and I say ‘they’ as there appear to be more than one of them).

    Any tips on how I might loosen their grip and get rid … and thus be free and ready for a new relationship with delicious Money Honey?

  2. Morgana Rae says:

    Annie–I share as much as I possibly can of the process in my workbook, CDs, e-book, teleclasses, live demos, (and including demos and transcripts of demos in some of my products).

    You don’t need more information, Annie. You need transformation. You’ve never really gotten rid of your money monster. This is a question of coaching you through the process.

  3. Annie says:


    Yep you’re right, I know the steps!

    And I’ve never “really gotten rid” of my money monster and his brothers. His/their hold is most tenacious. And I’m tenacious too and I haven’t given up…

    But I do get frustrated when progress eludes me on a loop – I seem stuck eternal in this vice-like grip with the money monster. Darn it, am I doomed never to enjoy relationship with money honey instead??

    Sure I’d love coaching through the process – and until I have the funds, I’m gonna have to be more patient! And persistent – I’ll keep trying to work through it and progress further. One day Morgana Rae …. one sweet fine day! 🙂

    Annie x

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Don’t blame yourself Annie. What many coaches don’t understand–in particular the ones who try to “be” me and coach their clients through this process without my training–is that it’s not an intellectual exercise. I lay out all the steps and try to give all the guidance I can cram into teleclasses and interviews, but this work is emotional, physical, spiritual, and below the radar of your conscious mind. It’s EXPERIENTIAL. I’ve done this many hundreds of times over many years, and someone who isn’t me can’t be expected to know all the tricks and hidden traps in the process.

  4. Annie says:

    Yes I can see and sense this work is emotional – I totally resonate when you say it’s about our sense of worth, worthiness, safety and loveability (or lack of) in the world.

    I know it’s not just about money – it’s bigger than that. More core than that.

    Aye, tricks and hidden traps – a minefield ….

    Now that I’ve stopped trying to find an Annie version of “someone that causes fights at parties” – I’ve got more clear on what my monster really is – captured more of its essence and I’m feeling and what happens when it runs things. Makes it that bit easier to not let it run things like it did so much.

    Ooops it’s taken me 3 or 4 years to cotton on that I don’t need to – am not meant to even – come up with an Annie version of the hairy biker … my monster doesn’t have to be someone who causes fights at parties. It can be whatever and however it IS. Oooh, I seee! doh!

    love Annie x
    Friday, July 22nd 2011 6:30pm London Time (British Summer Time)

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Annie…

      My clients quickly discover that it’s really NOT about money at all. Money is the portal to access the real issues.

      That said, the financial results of the work are still very important.

  5. Annie says:

    Portal – interesting choice of words – hot intuition Morgana. would you know it, i’ve realised my monster guards the portal ..

    It’s a sort sort of a gatekeeper/picker … you know the one’s with the power to say “Yes, you, you, you and you – but NO, Annie, NOT you ….”

    “Your name’s not on the list …. You don’t qualify… we don’t want you, you’re not getting past the velvet rope …”

    Whatever you want and no matter what you do the answer is NO … the answer will be NO

    We dont’ want you in our club and we have the power to keep you out. Banished to exile in the reject pile. No money and no romance…

    You don’t get to come through the portal. You don’t get to come past the velvet rope. Nope … You just get to be Cinderf*ngrella

    Hmmmm – this is the monster that eats away at me. This is the one to slay.

    Portal – yep! – Indeed!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Thanks for your note, Annie!

  6. Annie says:

    You’re welcome Morgana!

    There’s a thing we used to sing on the last day of term at school – goes something like this:

    build a bonfire, build a bonfire,
    put the teachers on the top
    Put the headmaster in the middle
    and burn the ruddy lot

    think I fancy adapting that to get rid of my sneering disdainful monster(s) – well there’s a male and female version ;-)) – my monsters and their equally sneering words

    what’s really interesting for me here is that my Money Honey “looks” very much like my Money Monster – but he behaves oh so much better. I’m gonna have to find a strong cue to distinguish between them from afar – maybe the bad version will simply smell bad. a nasty whiff! while my honey’s scent will draw me closer. hmmm, nice .. 🙂

  7. Emma says:


    I read your replies and I get the sense that behind that you have something going on that says “If only I could figure out what to do and figure this out and break it down into all its little components and move them around to the right places then I could control it and feel good.” It is well-intentioned desire to intellectually control, but it is also an attempt to avoid suffering/helplessness/grief underneath it. And you are trying, valiantly, to do what you think is the right thing, swim against the tide of “negative” emotions, and be the right kind of person to get what you want.

    (I am being rather forward in saying the above, but I only have this hunch because it reminds me of my mom. Are you a Gemini? :P)

    So, question: have you ever had someone accept and validate your suffering/emotions, or, done processes that facilitate you being with (or in) the emotions that you are experiencing?


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