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Killing the Money Monster of Child Abuse.

This letter came in from Mellisa Jonas-Hill, and is published with her permission. It gave me chills when I read it, and brought (happy) tears to my eyes.

Mellisa Jonas-Hill

Mellisa Jonas-Hill

Mellisa and I are sharing her story for anyone else who has abuse (any kind!) in their background. Take a look so that YOU can have transformation, too:

I wanted to let you know that I have had trouble with money for almost 20 years now and I grew up in an affluent family and lacked nothing growing up except LOVE.  I was a victim of child abuse and I know that is why I have had such a monster breathing down my neck for years.  I wasn’t aware of this until the real life monster died in September, my father.  His monster was diabetes and he did not handle it well so he took it out on his family. To make a long story short, I knew when he died I actually felt him going through the process of dying.  The next morning my sister, whom I had not spoken to in years, came to tell me.  It seemed as if the abundance gates opened.

I got a business online and at this point my $200 per month was abundant!!!!!!  Yes I said $200 per month.  I thought I was living the high life. 

Then I found you, as intended by a plan set forth from the beginning of time, and now I put two and two together.  This abuse was part of my money monster.  Every time in the past when I had trouble with money it was because I felt violated.  When we had lots of money for a short time, I felt abused or was fearing I would be abused.  So thank you.  I saw my money monster.  He looks like Homer Simspon’s boss.  Greedy little creepy guy in a suit.  

I did see my money honey too.  He wears the same flannels shirts as my husband and he is big guy, a lumber jack.  I saw him tell this creep to let me go as I told him we were through.  He refused to let me go, his hands were cold as ice and his skin was blue.  So my money honey picked him up and said, “see my ax?  If you don’t let go you will loose your hand.  The thought frightened the little creep so much that he died of a heart attack.  So  my money honey went and buried him.  I envisioned this in a nice upscale restaurant.  and when this creep died the entire room stood up and cheered.  As I was sitting there imaging all this I was saying, “Mellisa I forgive,  I love you. ”  I started crying and sobbing.  

Mellisa's MoneyHoney

Mellisa’s MoneyHoney

I fell to my knees and when I looked up my Money Honey was standing right there.  He bent down.  He said, “I couldn’t help you as long as you stayed with him.  As soon as you were willing to leave I could help you.  You must take action.  I forgive you.”

I asked what you taught us to ask, “How can I get you to stay with me?  How can I make this up?  He said be my friend and see me as yours and we’ll go from there.”

It was very powerful, and today I was exhausted from all the imaginary excitement.  I played the entire scene over and over to make sure I had really gotten rid of that thing, that monster.

Today,  A creepy guy, well known and very rich and powerful sent me a message via Facebook about how pretty I was and attractive,etc…..I felt like my money monster had come back to life.  Then I looked at the time on the message, it had come while I was getting rid of the monster.  Weird!!!!!

Thanks again,
Mellisa Jonas-Hill

Check out Mellisa’s RADIO SHOW at

(She’ll be interviewing me on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 9am pacific time!)



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  1. Jennifer Morgan - Johannesburg South Africa says:

    Dear Mellisa, Thank you for sharing your story, so many of us grew up
    under difficult circumstances that unknowingly shaped our lives to a
    quiet/or not so quiet form of hoplessness; the abuse in South Africa
    is a huge problem, and with all the challenges we face, those of us who
    can have to courage to reach out and reach up above our abuse can
    give hope to those yet struggling and not yet aware that hope and help
    is available. We also know that it is a ‘human condition’ for us to have
    challenges throughout our lives however, with a money honey friend
    we can but be reminded of ‘love’ and that to be love in all it’s forms has
    to feel good, if not it can only be something else (money monster).

    Well done for having faced the mm and found your MH – and for having
    the courage to share this so openly, we don’t always get to hear how what
    we shared changed someone for the better, just know you have.
    Be blessed going forward – Jennifer

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