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She keeps killing her monster… where are the results?

A reader wrote that she keeps killing her monster, but her financial situation is still making her anxious.

A couple of points for this reader, and anyone else in the same boat:
1) You didn’t get into your financial situation over night.
2) Your “Money Honey” isn’t here to save you from yourself and your own learning and growth.

So I shot a video to give you a more helpful perspective, so that you really can have a shift, that leads to the results you want…

What’s worked for YOU? Join the conversation! Please post your own experiences and learnings below.

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  1. Joanne says:

    Thank you Morgana, This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. My husband and I are struggling financially and last week we were forced to file for bankruptcy. We had been very successful previously and now have lost everything! I know I need to focus on the positives and take ownership for the part I played in all of this which was to allow my husband to make decisions about our financial future without seeking professional advise. I realize that we both failed and now I must stand up and be accountable. Due to our financial situation obviously I cannot invest in your program at this point but will appreciate reading everything I can to assist in developing my money honey!! Thank you again!!

    1. Karin Wettig says:

      Dear Joanne,
      I just came along this comment, because I like this video of Morgana very much. In a few phrases she puts the situation – love or fear it and it leaves you – very clear. I wish to say, that you should not focus on feeling guilty but focus on the positive side of bankruptcy. I read from so many millionaires that in their former lives they faced a bankruptcy that brought them more awareness about risk handling. Here is the message.
      I once faced a major betrayal through which my money disappeared, because I thought that a professional person could handle my investments better than me and I did not need to understand so much about it. That was the moment of awakening where I decided that I would learn to invest and trade myself. I paid a lot of money for the learning and doing, but now I feel that I know what I do and the results are much better. I am still fighting with the fear monster, but I am becoming more and more aware every day. I am sure you will have your successes back when you let go of your failures. Best Wishes from Karin

  2. kumi says:

    Dear Morgana,

    From when I first heard you speak, I had a sense I could learn from you something I had been missing about financial abundance. The teaching from your own life about the Monster/Honey, totally makes sense and resonates.

    My problem is this…my money Monster is definitely my mother!!! How do you kill your money monster when it’s your mom and on top of that, she’s very very ill and has been for a long time.

    I took care of my mom for ten years, and though a sibling has taken over now, she then, before and still treats me terribly, and our disfunctional relationship continues…despote all my efforts to improve and heal it. I fear everyday she will pass away leaving our situation frozen in its current condition…

    At the same time I deeply resent all the betrayals, hurts, neglects in addition to her ideas about money and relationships, while simultaneously feeling guilty about my deep negativity toward her and her actions in my life and child’s life, due that she is extremely ill. Even though her treatment and energy on this was such long before her illness…it still feels terrible to think about her and all the things she did and does now. Still, “kill” is a difficult idea for me toward her even though my feelings are beyond raw, it just feels wrong. And I am aware I need to dismantle this abusive dynamic and the anger that goes with it.

    I feel because she is my mother, she will always be there, living or not…how do I eradicate this familial money Monster, and replace it with the perfect love, something I have no idea of?



    1. morgana says:

      Hi Kumi.

      This is why I consistently teach that your Money Monster is NOT a parent. No matter what your mother did to you, you’re not a sociopath. You would never really kill your mother, so pretending to kill her isn’t believable and isn’t going to work.

      Instead, look at it this way: your monster USED your mother to hurt you. Your monster is bigger than your mother. Look for the monster BEHIND your relationship with your mother.


  3. Laura says:

    Dear Morgana,

    Everything I have heard you say resonates with me, and I am so grateful to find this community you have engendered <3. Having tried so many programs and gurus; I have yet to find one where I can get a response if I havent paid a price.

    I have identified my Money Monster some time ago…yet not realizing it as such, only as a block to my health, joy, happiness and abundance. I was born into an abusive dysfunctional family'; seriously abusive, and was even told by a Jungian analyst years ago that my "understanding would be the death of me" as I did see and understand the cause of the abuse wanting to forgive and change it for myself at the very least.

    So having lived in the Shadows of addictions; drugs, food, tobacco, emotional and physical abuses I have been feeling like Alice with my nose PRESSED against the mirror:o))o: I SEE Life from both sides having had some contact with Source..a little for me, and more for others. As a Nurse, I had the "uncanny" gift of knowing who we would keep and who we were letting go.

    I have experiences of instant healings, instant knowings, instant winnings at games of chance; and now soon to be 65 years old, the last few years of total downward spiraling, bankrupt, unemployed, homeless, advanced on my meager 742. social security check…in the hold of the Matrix Money Monster of fear, lack, unable to afford anything…it was winning at Keno that did pay the rent for the last few months….I went for a job interview and got a title loan on my car…my unemployment of $106. is on hold and car insurance is overdue….The Monster is LOOMING…the Job is as a Hospice Nurse…which I had been very satisfied with in years gone by.

    You mentioned the Monster with Life and Death…And YES it is. I do know that is true. I even asked "myself" playing Keno, how I would pay to get my taxes filed last April…and hit $1000. Now with no money to play or pay…
    What do I do???

    Your guidance is sooooooo needed and appreciated.
    I feel so numb, and then anxious and fearful beyond belief.
    Heaven knows this is not the way it should be.

    From a lifetime of Abuses, I feel like such a woos.

    Please reply.
    Sincere Thanks

    1. remi says:

      Dear Laura,
      I hope I can say a little but am not a coach adviser, mentor or anything am just a person that was so so moved by your email especially since I am equally getting on in age but still in my early fifties. I think the first thing You MUST do is not dwell on the horrible or negative things your are feeling. You know why? it just makes everything seem much worse. I speak from personal experience. I had some problems years ago, got severely depressed and awfully scared of everything till a friend told me I had to look inward for the solution as I was the one solely responsible for my situation. I did this ,and bit by bit things started to get better as I had to change my thought processes. At your age feeling the way you do is an added burden as stress hastens high blood pressure something I know you are very well aware of. Please please please think of the good things you have I promise you it will help . I did it and it didn’t help me IT SAVED ME. Laura you didn’t come this far to crash and burn at this stage nope, not at all. You’ve just got to look far enough as I know there is something around you that can help you, but your not able to see it because you have allowed the negativity to blur your clarity. I wish you the very best in all things and want you to kill that awful money monster. BE STRONG!

      1. morgana says:

        Thank you for your supportive words, Remi!

  4. Susanna says:

    I’m having similar problems–not to complain, but I feel like I have killed the monster more than once. Your talk tends to make it sound like, “I killed the monster and boing! there was the MH right behind him!” Not so much for me. I don’t feel like I have really seen my MH yet.
    In one of your talks you commented it was often harder for someone to accept the love of the money honey than it was to kill the monster. I feel like this is me!


    1. morgana says:

      Hi Susanna. USUALLY when someone has trouble connecting with their Money Honey, they didn’t really uncover and get rid of their monster thoroughly enough.


  5. Eli says:

    I dont care of my money monster.
    I want step after step to invite my Money Honey to come, to visite me. What is Money Honey I dont know: emotion, feeling, thought.
    I can not personize Money Honey.
    There are some positive changes in my life this month.
    I have to get in my new job results. After one month I have to show the results in numbers.
    May be by that time I will feel my Money Honey…

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Eli. My approach doesn’t work without personifying money, and the relationship with money comes before the cash. If you’re waiting for cash to show up before you feel your “Money Honey,” this may not be the right program for you. I wish you the best!


  6. Gretchen says:

    Wonderful video. I purchased your book, have had many home intrustions and now it is gone. I hope to get another book and doo all of the exercises. Still have lots of fear around money and fear about making financial decisions. This is not a secure, happy way to live. Thank you for your work and lovely attitude.

  7. Robbin says:

    Thank you Morgana for shedding light on my need to kill my money monster over and over. I guess I still have work to do. I had to read the point over and over that you were trying to make to me, but it’s clearer. Like the sun peeking in and out of the clouds, I feel a battle between my money monster fading in and out as I begin to feel more empowered.

    Thanks again for what you do, and answering my reply.

  8. Mark "The Sharp Guy" says:

    Hello Morgana,

    First congratulations on your marriage and new house. I took advantage of your mortgage sale and bought your Financial Alchemy eBook and Money for Men audio. Still reading the book but loved the audio!

    I found that I don’t have one money monster. I have these toadish trolls that live under my furniture that I eradicate with my imaginary flame thrower. A day or two later another one appears.

    After listening to your audio I decided to ask my Money Honey (who goes by the name of Crystal Ball) why I couldn’t get rid of the monster. She said that there is a Mother Troll somewhere and I am going to have to keep fighting these troll babies for a while until I can get at the mother.

    I know this all sounds odd. I am battling imaginary trolls who steal small amounts of money from me but until I get rid of these little creatures, I won’t be able to get to the Mother of all these trolls.

    I hope that my thoughts can help some folks on this topic. I consulted my Crystal Ball and she told me it was a good idea to post.

    Mark “The Sharp Guy”

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Mark. Nothing sounds odd to me. I’ve been doing this a very long time!

      I encourage you to concentrate all your troll/mini monsters into one entity and go after that directly. Don’t waste your time on the little trolls. Go DEEPER into your source of pain to find the really big monster.

      Here’s a good article for you to read:


      1. Mark "The Sharp Guy" says:

        Hi Morgana,

        Thanks for the comment. I read the article and it was very interesting.

        I found myself yesterday (Monday Apr 27th) starting to get upset thinking about all the money I lose in taxes and then this conversation tapped me on the shoulder and I could see the Mother Troll standing in my front door way. I used my flame thrower again and it melted her to the floor so she couldn’t get away and then I blew her up!

        It certainly relieved some stress and the cool thing was, when I got home I got a letter from my electric company that they were lowering my payments!!! It wasn’t a huge savings but that was my big money complaint that I was being nickeled and dimed with all the fees and taxes so I didn’t have much money left for me and my family.

        I can feel that all that is about to change!

        Bless you and your work and thanks again for your comment,
        Mark “The Sharp Guy”

  9. Robbin says:

    Hello Morgana, It’s not a financial priority for me at this time to take advantage of the program, but I just ordered your book financial alchemy, and I’m looking forward to benefiting from it.

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