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True Story: How She Got Rid of Her Money Monster

moneymonsterClient results have been getting bigger and bigger:

  • Pirie reported making over $12 million in 3 years using my “spiritual tools.”
  • Leslie made over $1 million dollars in her first 3 weeks doing my Financial Alchemy® process.
  • Catherine was putting together a first 7 figure deal on the last day of my Ultimate Money Goddess™ retreat in Bali. Now she’s writing a book and planning international retreats with world leaders.
  • Pam went from being an employee with financial anxiety to being a business owner of her multi-million dollar company.

The biggest key to all their successes is getting rid of the Money Monster FIRST.  We cannot attract and keep what we fear or despise.

Today I’m re-publishing a story from one of my favorite former clients. Sarah has been doing this work for about a decade now. She’s a consistent source of success stories, and even she finds opportunities to go deeper.

This particular story is good for anyone who is having trouble destroying their money monster…

Here’s what Sarah Angelli wrote (shared with her permission):

“I want to thank you again for the incredible work you put out into the world – I wanted to share with you an experience I had this evening –

I was noticing that money and I just were not in a good place – work has been feeling awful – like I’m trapped, husband making no money, overdue bills, not enough clients and the clients I have not the ones I want, projects falling apart – and just feeling bad.

So, I decided to go deeper with your work as it has been powerful always for me – I bought the workbook and listened to the bonus call today – which answered A LOT of questions that cleared the way to do some really powerful work.


Money Monster Much Bigger

I saw that there was a monster that was much bigger than money that was still very active in my life – I had very serious abuse as a child – all under the guise of “it’s for your own good – I’m doing this because I love you – even if it feels bad to you I’m trying to protect you” (my mother had severe mental illness)

I saw I needed to go to that place that was the most scary – the most painful – the most uncomfortable in order to really be free – the monster was actually a Nurse Ratchett but nicer which was scarier (from One Flew Over Cuckoos Nest) and had me trapped in an asylum. The monster didn’t smell like anything which was really scary and did all these horrific terrifying things all under the guise of “you need this to get better – I’m doing this for your own good” and wore a very nice nurses uniform and white shoes and seemed so helpful –  in an extremely caring, loving, nurturing, warm kind of energy – totally non-threatening and so loving – but then doing these horrifically awful things –  like a sweet nun who does the most sadistic things and says “I’m doing this because I love you and it’s what you need sweetheart” this was the monster I’ve been avoiding and the one whose been fucking with my life – this was exactly the way my mother was so it’s been the toughest one to see – but the monster was not my mother – that piece on family being a mouthpiece for the monster caused a huge breakthrough for me.

I imagined that I was now outside of that awful place and was wearing combat gear and blew up the asylum – I saw the money monster come out and turn into a little angelic looking child “How could you hurt little old me” and I saw through that and destroyed it, and it kept changing forms – saying that I could never kill it.


The Decision

And from that bonus call I got the ultimate missing piece – I made that decision to end it and I said “Okay – we’re done now. You’re fired. You’re not in my movie anymore- CUT! ” and suddenly it turned into this little powerless, out of work actor and everything it kept saying that was threatening suddenly became hilarious – like a bad crazy actor who forgets they are still acting – so they just look pathetic – I couldn’t stop laughing – at that moment my neighbor came home who I often hear screaming at people on the phone and she sounds very scary – so I imagined I was her and said “off the set – right now – you’re done” And I lost every ounce of fear – I really saw that if a money monster won’t die it’s because we haven’t made the decision in the gut for no more – and when that choice is really made it’s life changing – because the fight is gone – it’s truly is 100% taking that power back and the monster looses all power.

Then, it really was like my money honey has always been there – like those great action movies where the trouble is gone and the two going through all this trouble together look at each other and realize they are in love with each other -I felt this profound peace – and profound love – on levels I’ve never felt with previous alchemy sessions – and this sense of calm – the same calm I felt when I met my husband who I’m wildly in love with still after 12 years together – like “Oh there you are!” not a lot of fan fair but deep magic – the silence and peace of real depth and truth – and that call also helped me just to be with Money – without trying to do stuff –

The biggest thing I felt is connecting back to myself – as I’ve felt lately disassociated from myself and my power – I am looking forward to sharing with you more that unfolds but in a way all of those things don’t really matter because it really is the relationship.


The Lover

The other piece i found about why it needs to be a lover – is that lovers are the only energy that can literally create new life – even if it’s not physical – it’s alchemical and any lover we have our lives are forever changed by the fact that this bond can create new life (even w LGBT as they can create a partnership that brings in new life thru adoption and surrogacy) And so I really felt alchemical that with my true money honey relationship an entirely new life is being created now – that’s completely different from the past one.

And as I’m writing this I realized I dreamed writing this email last night – AMAZING!

Thank you so much for your incredible courageous work.”

~ Sarah Angelli


(Reader, if you haven’t picked up the Financial Alchemy® workbook yet, go here for instructions on how to order it and get the bonus call Sarah was talking about.)

PS. Are you female and curious about my Ultimate Money Goddess retreat? Check it out HERE.









  1. Denyse Leblanc says:

    To whon that maybe be reading this PLEASE forgive my so so English, but English is not my native language, thank you.

    Wooooow what a BEAUTIFUL TESTIMONY! !! Thanks for sharing Sarah Angelili!! I as well had a HELLISH life, conceive out of drug induced rape and from the moment i was born all HELL broke lose on i and my twin!! I learn how to fIght from the moment i drop out my mothers’s womb and fought for my twin, who was a ddelicate and BEAUTIFUL SOUL…I HAD MORE PAIN SEEING HIM SUFFER THEN I, THAT i ask GOD please spare him and HAVE me go through what evil was meant for him!! I REALLY dont know if that REALL spared him…all i KNOW i loss the persone i LOVED THE MOST REGARDLESS OF MY WISHES BECAUSE THE PAIN AND SUFFERING WAS TOO GREAT FOR HIM TO BARE ! Just writing this i think i finally find the block that seem to prevent me from breaking this money monster…i process most of the bad HORRIFIC things the money monster had his agents do to i (which was not easy to relieve) but still i feelt some thing were not right!! ibut now i think i nailed, its MY TWIN!! I need to look at and deal with the effing monters and what he had token away from me and completely destroyed l!! Thank u again Sarah, and most of all Margana for doing what u do..SPREADING LOVE AND PEACE!!

    Denyse J Leblanc

    1. Caroline Roberts says:

      I’m reading some amazing stories. I understand it is about eliminating the Money Monster, first. I’ve not done that. I need to get my Money Monster first. Then create a Lover. I see the process now I need to create that. Thankyou Morgana, I love your work and thank you Sarah and Denyse for being so vulnerable and kind.

  2. Alice says:

    Hi, I have the book, both actually, but Im not sure where this recording is or how to find it

    1. Morgana says:

      Great question!!! You’ll find it inside the workbook itself. A link is given at the end of the Financial Alchemy chapter.

      But there’s a second, secret audio class… go to my book page at and enter your name, email address, and receipt number to get the audio recording of a Q&A bonus call I did for book buyers when I launched the book.

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