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Cure for a Money Curse

A reader wrote that she feels financially cursed, so I recorded a video response!

What do you think I said?

Watch the video and share your thoughts, experiences, and wisdom below!

  1. Anna says:

    What if I cannot do the internal changes/shifts on time and my entire household finances fall apart?
    Warmly, Anna

    1. Morgana says:

      I believe you can. But if you really believe you cannot make the changes on your own, then perhaps we should consider an “Abundance Day” Intensive coaching session.

  2. Roberta says:

    Watching this video I thought of my furnace blowing up that very cold dark winter morning, my septic system malfunctioning and a few similar things just when I was getting into a place of financial balance.
    Physically I have done what I was told by the top experts that I would never be able to do; but, I had simple yet profound Japanese Reiki on my side. Financially I am not yet in a comfortable place.
    I have purchased books on your site and read/watched your messages. Recently I am finally hearing what you say, and know I can continue focsing on being humble and placid without being poor.
    What you say is a lot like the original Japanese Reiki in that the simple yet profound is the key.
    Recently I asked my money honey what I can do and he said ‘you just have to be yourself’.
    Then I realized and said to him, ‘wow you are the only one that has never let me down’. People always do their best, but that has not always been the best for me; on the other hand money has always helped me do what is best.
    Looking at my checkbook and end of the month bills it might sound a bit crazy, but money has always gotten me out of tight places and allowed me to have great fun in giving, sometimes very small but from the heart, things to others.
    I look forward to the day when my checkbook says go ahead and see if Morgana has room for another client, and I know this will happen because of the way in which I have been guided to see money. Like universal energy, the more I have coming in, the more I have to give.
    Morgana, thank you and Daianshin

  3. anne kofman says:

    Hi…Am having a ball with working your program…after last call, killed a second monster and Tarzan came in as my money honey vs Clark Gable type on cruise ship who likes to travel as do I. Then had profound dream with yet another money monster to kill where was in party atmosphere smoking and drinking and trying to fit in where had followed the tall, dark, handsome “taker” emotionally unavailable type used to seek. Harlequin costumed man watching me and led me out of there once killed monster….can feel and relate to him but coming out slowly and don’t know what he looks like but inner child guide very comfortable with him and the heart connection is felt and strong…and perfect am working on patience in healing codes today and feels very right. Looked back at scene of dream and swamp and vortex sent lock nest monster down after killed him now a peaceful serene lake and all lowlife people gone and it’s all an illusion just as new money honey says and I get to create a new wonderful one in its place!
    Love your work. On call with JenniP who met through you and her live call yesteday was wonderful and full of good insights as well. Went to Christian Pankhurst’s Heart Summit in Miami and had a wonderful loving, connected time with 270 people…My heart is wide open and I’m ready to quit playing small and step into my Bigness and let my light shine…Love you, Anne

  4. Harry Husted says:


    I appreciate so much the video. My situation is unlike the person you spoke about in the video. I can get a lump sum amount of money, but that will only last so long. I then begin to worry if that money will last long enough. So i asked my money honey what I need to do in order to have money keep coming in. My money honey told me in meditation, to start an e-book publishing business, but focus the business on one niche and I’ll be successful. I contacted a few people and they told me they thought my idea was a great one, and that they would hire me to publish their book.

    I am also working on creating a website right now where I am selling a product that will help improve the way people use English in communicating. I researched it and found it is a good niche to get into. Wish me luck.

    Thanks again for your wonderful insight. I will always consider you as my inspiration and help. Take care till next time.


  5. Manlio says:

    I am following your advice with regards to creating a money honey person and is really changing my viewpoints with regards to money. Altough I will be honest with you I am using your viewpoints as part of a big puzzle that needs to be solved. I have integrated more courses and viewpoints. Your approach though is unique. I love the imaginary lover concept with regards to money. I never took that approach before. It really feels much better now. Like the reaching of a point of balance. I am getting there. Thank You

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You’re welcome, Manilio!

  6. Nana says:

    DoI have to be physically attractive in order to attract my money honey? I am in my 50’s, and just don’t look like a sexy 30 something anymore. Thank you!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Dear Nana,

      No matter what you look like–big or little, young or old, you will look beautiful to your Money Honey. No matter what. By definition, YOU are your Money Honey’s ideal.

  7. Grace says:

    Hi Morgana
    I feel like if I have a Money Honey who is tall dark and handsome that I take walks with and be romantic with that it would almost be like mentally cheating on my husband! How do I do this without it feeling this way? Could my Money Honey be just a really close friend rather than a lover?

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Grace. If you are able to successfully cheat on your husband with your imaginary friend, you’ll be the first! 🙂

      Please look up my blog post “hot sexy and ready for a tumble” for your answer.


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