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True Story: He destroyed his monster… money is fun and caring

I received to letters last month, and the author gave me permission to share his Financial Alchemy® journey.
There are any number of ways to envision and slay your money “monster” before embarking on a new, love-centered partnership with a money.  I think Burton’s vivid account of how he visualized and slayed his monster — and the actions he took afterwards, with his Money Honey — will offer inspiration and guidance for YOUR monster-slaying journey.
Of course the follow up email, weeks later, kind of seals the deal.



On August 10, 2023:


Dear Morgana,


I am so happy to know you and your work. I have read and listened to everything you have emailed to me. I took notes.


I reified my monster, following your guidance. I drew a picture of my Money Monster with dark-circled narrow eyes, blood dripping from the corners of its mouth and fangs, and holding a knife. I wrote out single space on two pages all the evil things the Money Monster had done to me and said to me. Eccch! Evil, arrogant, hurtful, right to the core demeaning me.


Then I got really angry about all that, tore up the three pages, crumpled the torn pieces, and burned them all up to ashes.


After that, I filled the vacuum with an idea of personifying Money Honey based on first Sissel, then recreating second Money Honey based on Sissel plus Steph Rayner, then recreating third Money Honey based on Morgana Rae, then recreating fourth Money Honey based on my passed trial lawyer Frank Haddad, with whom I worked closely for twenty-five years dismissing indictments and winning jury trials. Bingo! Perfect choice.


Soon after knowing and feeling the major appropriateness of this choice personifying Money Honey, I felt throughout my mind and body a sustained rush of energy, together with a renewed wave of self-respect. Money Honey suggested I advise a well-placed academic about my book, my only business offering. So I emailed the academic about the book. Then, with the greatest respect and affection, MH and I decided to acquaint literary agents, two in particular, and publishers about my book, you know, give some opportunities for my sole business offering to grow and prosper!


I will say that with the death of hateful, evil, bully Money Monster and the arrival of life-giving Money Honey, the present plunge into life and its joys is truly a pleasure! Thank you for your wisdom and willingness to share it in a technique that demonstrably works. Thank you for your obvious and abundant love. Morgana, I am so happy to know you and your work.


Best wishes, Burton



On August 31, 2023:


Dear Morgana,


My life has greatly improved since the death of a money monster on August 10, 2023, and the working companionship of my Money Honey, especially in the intangible way that money now helps and loves and relates to its environment. Money is fun and caring instead of something to grasp for and hoard. It breathes and its heart beats, and my Money Honey understands completely. Thank you so much!


Best wishes, Burton



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