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make money by putting LOVE first

How to set your fees, do what you love, and GET PAID WELL, no matter what’s going on around you!

In this video Morgana teaches you:

  • How to end that “downward spiral”
  • Why mindset doesn’t matter
  • What to do when making more money leaves you even more broke!
  • How to change your relationship with money when you’re gripped with fear (this one may surprise you)

And more…

  • Flourish in a “down” economy
  • Choose the right business for you
  • Prosper when your spouse has a “scarcity” mentality
  • Have a bigger, better impact in the world
  • Get paid well, even when your local competition is cheaper.


Only one more video to go…

Got any questions? Ask them below. I’ll answer every one!


Joslyn ZaleMy life is more fabulous, rich, and filled with love now than it has ever been. I can say without exaggeration that it improves daily and effortlessly with new insights, creations, and releases of other limiting beliefs. I can access this part of myself whenever I choose. It is so EASY!” Joslyn Zale




SarahHClymer“Through Financial Alchemy, I was able to create a whole new relationship with money. This relationship not only allows me to show up as a wealthy, empowered, successful woman, but gently demands it. And this has in turn rippled out into every area of my life so that I am now a wealthy woman in every sense of the word. Thank you, Morgana and Financial Alchemy. I am so grateful.” Sarah Hoskin Clymer

  1. vinod says:

    i am a taxi driver and i want more tourist customer i want to be a success tanidriver

    1. vinod says:

      i want to be a more successful taxidriver. what can i do

      1. morgana says:

        Hi Vinod. I’d research what the more successful taxi drivers do to be more successful.

  2. desiree says:

    I have trouble to visualize my money honey, because bad experiences in love, it was either a sex realtionship or a relationship that a man took advantage of me financially. How to deal with that?

    Now he looks like d’ Artagnan, one of the musketiers, gave me a beautiful neckless, and says to buy myself flowers and write my finances down. He is older, but a man I can trust. Do i have to be sexually attracted to him??

    What is the best way to get rid of your money monster???, for me it is a bunch of limiting beliefs about just being a girl, not suppose to be in business, never to be more succesful than a man, but also if i become succesful, they will only really love me because of the money and the fame, like my monster is putting me down not to shine, like if I do I am going to be burned a the stake. Having car troubles all the time, there goes the money.. Do you tackle all these on for one, or put them on a paper and burn them?
    Thanks you Rock!!

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Desiree.

      Great question!

      The best way to get rid of your monster is to make him a PERSON, not an abstract collection of beliefs. Have all those negative thoughts come out of his mouth, as if he says them to you. Include all of your negative experiences with men in this creation of your monster.

      Then annihilate him.

      For the best examples of Money Monster eradication, go to the Money Monster related blog posts at for ideas, examples, and more advice.


  3. Adry says:

    How do you ask your money honey? What to do if he does not answer? How to know he is answeing and it is not myself making it up?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Adry. Those are great coaching questions.
      1) There are a number of reasons you may not be hearing your MH. And there are different techniques for hearing your Money Honey.
      2) If we’re honest here, of course you’re making it all up… but the stuff coming from your MH will feel different, and it will FEEL like it’s coming from another person.

      I’ll have more resources for you in the next email…

  4. Bob says:

    You mentioned that the Limiting Belief Obliterator was included. Can you tell me where I can find it?


    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Bob. My Limiting Belief Obliterator is available at

  5. Jo says:

    Hey Morgana!
    I just discovered you via twitter this week and signed up for these videos. I’ve not gotten further than acknowledging the monster vs honey idea and knowing the next step for me is creating my honey BUT in the past 24 hrs I’ve received some unexpected income! Coincidence or law of attraction?? If that’s what happens just being introduced to the ideas, I can’t wait to see what happens when I really work on this! Thank you!

    1. morgana says:

      Woo hoo! How exciting!

      You’re welcome. 🙂

  6. Pat says:


    Is that your house in the background on the Q&A? Gorgeous! One of my passions is home decor, interior design, color, organization. This is such a pleasing, delightful space! Love your insight with all the questions 🙂


  7. Johnny says:

    Hello Morgana 🙂

    I know loving money is important, because
    I heard it so often from different teachers. I went to bank last week and get some money in different notes (250€ for the beginning) to do exercise.
    Morgana money godness please help us to fall in love:
    Sorry money honey, that I fear you, I promise you to take care of you and do my best for you. I still love you, even when sometimes the fear or something gets in. I know that you my money honey are my true valuable friend, because you can help me to do all the things I want to do and come along with me. For example go to singing classes in the future. You will always be by my side and support me that’s a real trustable money honey. We can have a great time together and I will always use you for positive things. My money honey looks like Justin Timberlake :DDD

    Morgana does the money honey get jealous of a loved one ?
    I don’t think so, because I see him like an angle, right 😉

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Johnny. If you’re feeling fear, you’re in relationship with you Money Monster. Start over and get rid of the monster FIRST!


  8. Caite Mathis says:

    Your video clips are just beautiful! Thank you so much. I love the way you speak to us so directly and intimately. And the blend of gray colors! Question: I believe I have properly killed my monster and i have created my money honey but both situations
    feel a bit shaky…what do I do with this doubt, how do I know I have done it well enough?
    I feel I have done the best I can. I really do believe in this process! Through your process, I have understood that I have been protecting myself FROM money all my life because I saw so much toxic evil around me from those who craved it (my mother) and those who had it!

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Caite.

      It takes practice. Keep talking to your Money Honey. Share you concerns. Ask him for advice. Keep building the new relationship. It’s still new.


  9. Olivia says:

    Dear Morgana,

    Thank you for this positive energy you are sending me and to the universe !

    I have started my new Money Honey process and I am feeling it, I have had a flow of positive energy, a couple of jobs offers.

    My Money Honey is so sweet, handsome, a tan young fellow with an Austalia accent, his smells so good – I even decided today to get him a little sample of Man after-shaving. Hummmm Hummm. I guess I could talk about him for at least 1 hour and half.

    Building a relationship isn’t easy but I guess take baby steps and it only gets better !

    I wish to “Thank you” again for everything for all this hard work and making easy for us to understand. You are truly gifted !

    Warm regards,


  10. Sylvia says:

    My Dear Morgana,

    At first of ALL… I love YOUR nature kind of YOUR BEING , this brings so much EASE and TRUST over.
    …I actually feel repulsive from many people WHO show up as “Autorities and know everything and even better as others…”….

    I JUST RECEIVED YOUR BOOK TODAY IN MY MAIL-BOX from Amazon and for sure will spend the whole weekend reading this…
    I did waiting so impatiences for IT !

    NOW Dear Morgana, I have this “issue” that I AM NOT an VISUAL Person !
    … I am NOT able to visualizing ANY PICTURE in my mind ..!!
    I am a absolute `Feeling Person` (I think I am not the only one like this…or ?)

    WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND to do… to get into a great MH_Relationship without being able to “SEE” “HIM”..???

    ThanX so very much for ALL You do here !


    1. morgana says:

      Hi Sylvia. Nothing’s wrong. Focus on the feeling, and be sure you entered your receipt info on the book launch page, so that you get access to my live Q&A call on February 28.


  11. Sylvia Uhlig says:

    Dear Morgana …

    in my emails..

    can you please send me the LINK to this again in my email ?

    Thanx very much Dear !

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Sylvia. Please email your request to my assistant Angela at


  12. tahina says:

    Dear Morgana,

    thank you very much for your inspiration.
    I’m watching your videos and working with the Financial Alchemy book for two days.
    It’s fun and I can feel that something is in motion!
    I’ve learned that I need and want and am able to disconnect my individual money situation from the unfair situation in the global finance sector. I don’t have to be solidly united with the lower class, on the contrary I’m having a bigger impact when I have more money.
    Unfortunately I can’t see the Money Monster and the Money Honey very clear.
    I can feel that Money Honey loves me and he wants me to pretend a solid financial situation already: buying flowers and good clothes. Investing in things and actions I love and appreciating everything I have, included the beauty of my home and myself.
    I’m so curious how he looks like! Goerge Clooney?
    Thank you!

  13. tahina says:

    So I’m asking the same question as Sylvia did in February. What do I do if I’m not getting a picture of my Money Honey? Inventing it? Creating it? Is it a sign that I’m in doubt about him? I don’t think so. (I’ve just bought orange tulips for him and my favorite cosmetics for me as he told me!)
    Two of my clients cancelled their lessons for today and tomorrow and I’m curious what it is giving space for. Perhaps time to dig deeper into the Money issue. Or simply challenge and opportunity to look at it in a relaxed way.
    Anyway, it is fun and I love to explore this new relationship with Money!

  14. jayakrishnan g says:

    I am from India how can I Buy Financial Alchemy, I searched in many online shopping available here , but unfortunately the book is not available with them

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Jayakrishnan.

      I searched on line for “Amazon” for India, and I came up with this link for my book:

      Thank you for your interest in my book!


  15. Gigi says:

    Hi Morgana,

    Thank you very much for the videos, it`s been very helpful. I have a question and I`d really appreciate your answer. I tried to identify my money monster and what I came up with makes no real sense to me. A picture that came to me was a very tired accountant sort of person who is like very depressed and under pressure all the time. I feel like I keep him under pressure because I am so desperate for money, when I recive some I feel joy but another feeling joins to it that I want to keep it, like hold it as long as I can. Every time I need to pay a bill or anything I feel like I do not want to do it, do not want to let my money go. Is it possible that I am the monster of my money?? I am the one who is making him depressed and tired and sad. It feels like money is the good guy, and I am the bad. How could I get rid of the monster if the monster is me??
    Thank you in advance and wishing you a wonderful day!

  16. Peter says:

    Thank You
    Morgana, You are very encouraging.

    I am new in this. I watched only few of the videos you sent me. So far, I’m beginning to learn something I have not heard from anybody all my life before. I believe my money monster is limitations, you can’t make it in life, you can’t do it, it’s too late to be rich. I have tried to kill this monster. My question is how do I know my money honey? What do I do? I want to know him now.

  17. Peter says:

    Thanks Morgana, I love your style. Please how can I recognize my money honey?
    How do I talk with him? I am sure that your coaching will lead me to recognizing him.
    I have been speaking to any money that come my way of recent, but there were bills that I made, was I wrong to spend, please help.

  18. morgana says:

    Hi Peter. The only way to meet your Money Honey is by FIRST personifying and getting rid of the Money Monster. The Relationship comes first, and it’s separate from the cash.

    When you’re really experienced your Money Monster fully, and gotten rid of it completely… then there’s room to meet your Money Honey.

    I have more tools to support you through the process in my Money Magnet Store at

    And I answer a lot of detailed questions in video #3.


  19. chris says:

    Hello Morgana,
    thank you for your wise words. I was really surprised about your advices. I have a long history of money, comming in and going out real fast. I understand now tha

  20. chris says:

    that I kept on hanging on to the monster. I now get rid of a big monster immedialtly. I always, from young age, have a relationship with monney connection but lost it because of influences from others. now I am focusing on re entering the money business .I started my career in banking but let it slip away; now I’m getting back in banking and that makes me feel so conected with money honey. I feel I found a friend after so many years of wondering around. Thanks Morgana for giving me the courrage to believe in myself and succeed in my dream. With love, Chris

  21. Ramila says:

    Hi Morgana,
    I love your teaching about Money Honey.
    From childhood i always heard negative things about Money which i never agreed with,
    but even thou i try to stay positive about having more money is great thing,still i got
    effected by negative minds around me one day i believe i deserve money next day i think
    only lucky people mean to be rich.
    And this believe effected and destroyed my relationship with my ex husband because
    i use to think its too good to be true.I now understand how Money Monster can play
    with human mind to destroy trust,loving relationships.when i think about it i get angry
    and upset about it.
    My Question is it right thing to do to give a name to Honey Money because every time i
    think about Money Honey name comes to my mind Michael?
    Thank you kindly Moragana.

    Best Regards,

  22. Sam says:

    You have just have answered most of questions. I have been deliberating about joining a particular business. Your timely prompt of asking my MH first is priceless. I would love to get on your Accelerated Program to get me going.
    Thanks again !

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Sam. I see you signed up for my Money Magnet Rapid Transformation 90 day program. Good choice!

      And your first entry regarding your action for your MH was priceless. (I read it.) It sounds like you’re on track, Sam!

      When this program ends in 3 months, we may want to look at an actual mentorship program, because I really like the way you’re diving into the material.


  23. Salome says:

    I was waiting for my license for a few months and the day after I joined your program I got it. Kinda figure out how it works. Joined quite a few abundance programs which I did not understand and did not work. Thanks. Morgana.

    1. morgana says:

      Woo hoo! That’s awesome news!


  24. madhukar says:

    Hi mam dis madhukar i am not getting any vedio’s not playing any vedio’s

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Madhukar. I don’t know why your videos aren’t working. I recommend trying a different browser, or device, or internet connection.

      Best wishes,

  25. Tom Sanchez says:


    Thank you! Yesterday, I truly discovered what lies behind my money monster: lack of trust that love and money will be in abundant supply because my parents withheld love from me as a child, though often giving me money when I asked for it. I asked my Higher Power to remove or transform my money monster into my money honey. I had a day of unease (fear) about such a change happening. Last night, I was rocked when Facebook charged $50 for an ad I had taken out for my business, without my permission. With a looming bill that could shut off my home’s electricity and no signups yet for my two-week old tour business, my threshold for trust and patiently waiting for a 90-day program you or anyone else might have is minimal at this point. I know what I’ve already believed in doesn’t work but I want fast proof that any alternative I choose will work as fast and better than what I have.

    What can you advise me in terms of removing that fear and taking definitive steps that will truly cement faith in more positive thoughts and actions?

  26. Johannes says:


    I’m Johannes from germany.
    I prayed to god, the creator of the world, that he/she help me to letting go all negativ patterns about money.
    I imagined a dark cloud representative for the negativ patterns and let it go.
    I also smell and inhale banknotes and say affirmations and feel the love from god symbolized as money to me.
    I’m gay, so I choose a german gay football player thomas hitzlsperger, who is also gay, as my money honey symbol for money.
    I think it is easier to have a person who is also gay, because a straight may not love a gay.
    I imagine he ist petting me, cuddle with me and to embrace me.
    I said please god help and support me, that I can trust, believe and feel in his love for me, because I didn’t feel the love.
    Then I feelt love and warm in my heart like I was a little child who’s love.
    I am a person who has not experienced much love in his entire live, so maybe therfore it was difficult for me to belive I am loved.

    Morgana thank you for showing up, I use several techniques, and I believe as you said love yourself, because Louise hay also teach this. I think this is true.

    When you look at popstars interviews for example they say I think we are blessed. It is the feeling that creates the reality. The bliss creates the sucess. Having a magnificent statemend for yourself.

    thank you

    My Question: Is it okay for the money honey when you have a partner in life. At the moment I’m single. I think he doesn’t get jealous about it. He is happy to se me happy. I think you said that earlier. That was a fear thought that came up. I thought what is when I fall in love with another man than thomas, but he will allow it and be happy to see me happy, yes. Thats kind of tricky.

    1. Morgana says:

      Great question, Johannes! All the years I was single, my Money Honey would tell me to hold out for someone who would love me as much as my MH does.

      I held out, and my Human Honey is better than anything I ever imagined possible.

      Your happiness makes your MH happy. There is no jealousy.

  27. BARB says:


  28. Diane says:

    Well, I started over 4 yrs ago. I returned to school, became a Specialiste, took a business program and started my business Jan. 2014. I moved it Oct 1st 2015 and love love love it! I have networked and did some simple advertising and always believed I was in the right place at the right time. The last 2 months I realized I needed to get a second job because I nweded more time for the business to grow. I have applied for dozens of jobs and got none. Now I’m out of cash, can’t pay bills and thinking I have to let go of my dream??? Was I unrealistically positive and optimistic? There’s a good market for what I do and I’m the only Specialist. What have I done wrong?

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Diane. Because there’s a good market for what you do, my hunch is the block is coming from inside of you.

      What I would do right now, is have a fight with money. Create an all new Money Monster. (Look on my blog for articles on creating and destroying your Money Monster.)

      Then, when the MM is completely gone, establish a new relationship with your Money “Honey” and take a look at your opportunities together, in partnership with your new relationship with money.

  29. Ong, Chee Hock says:

    Morgan Rae, I have on my Investment Portfolio of about @ million dollars, everytimes, there is a request on my Down Payment for the investment through my Bank of America account transfer. Unfortunately, till today I have no idea of what is going on this great scared finacial opportunity now. After your video now, I am starting to ask earnestly on my Money Honey. And would get back to you soon.

  30. Kelley says:

    I have anxiety when it comes to taking action. So many times I’ve taken action which is like the roller coaster going up only to have something – and it’s typically something different than all the previous times – block the success. I’m so scared of failing again due to the anxiety I end up feeling, so that now the feeling of rejection and fear of failure has stood in the way of my acting.

    1. Morgana says:

      Thank you for sharing, Kelley. I find it helpful to make that anxiety part of the Money Monster, and get rid of it when you destroy the monster. Your world will look completely different in partnership with your Money Honey, AFTER you’ve completely removed the monster.


  31. Kelly says:

    When I want to talk with my money honey, do I need to meditate? Do I need to focus on anything? I do know what my money honey looks like. I even found a picture that showcases my ideal money honey so I do have a face to look at. Sometimes I feel as though it’s my voice that is coming through and not his. So what could I do to make his voice more clearer so that I can really hear him. What is a good way to determine my voice vs my money honey’s? Thanks.

  32. Kalyan says:

    Hi Morgana, I have been trying the Money monster and MH relationships for a couple of days. I had a few beautiful sweet moments with MH. However Money monster is laughing ( actually croaking ) at me ” Romance at 57 — wake up old man ”
    So my question is ” Will it really work at 57?

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Kalyan. Oh yes, it’ll work at 57 and older! I’ve received reports from clients in their 60s that they fell in love and had better, healthier relationships than ever before. And of course there’s the story of Catherine (not quite 57) who did my Bali retreat at 55 and met her soul mate 10 days later. They were just married in August of this year. This is her first marriage.

      I personally found dating was better at mid-life than when I was younger. The quality of candidates goes up because they’ve lived more and they’re more relationship ready.

  33. Chris Trend says:

    I’ve watched your videos and tried out your ideas. Although I’ve tipped my toe in the water I’ve had a couple of surprises. I applied for a pension and I’ve received more than £2,ooo more than expected. I do some tutoring work and in the envelope that the parent gave me was double my fee. Small amounts but it’s encouraging. Does this work for people too?

    1. Morgana says:

      Do you mean, does this work for attracting people? Yes! How do you think I met my husband? 😉

  34. Denyse Leblanc says:

    Hi. Morgana,

    I sign up for the 3 free video and never received the 3 one. Can u please send it to me, thank u. Also i wanted to ask what r the 5 things that repel money. 1 is to not price r services high enough but what r the 4 others?

    Thanks for u r kind heart and help, TRULY appreciate it.

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Denyse. This IS Video #3.

      Here’s a link to my 5 easy ways to repel money:

  35. Cindy Zuhlke says:

    1, 2, 3. I’m beginning to see! What’s next?

  36. Cindy Zuhlke says:

    I’m ready for #4.

    1. Morgana says:

      Check your email, Cindy! You should be getting one video a day for 4 days.

  37. NITINDRA says:

    Video three got finished abruptly and I have remained clueless. What next? Could we expect something more? I depend very heavily on you now.

  38. NITINDRA says:

    So what next? Eagerly and anxiously awaiting your guidance. Please !!!

    1. Morgana says:

      What great enthusiasm! One more video to go… (and plenty more resources on my blog, too.)

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