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make money by putting LOVE first

In today’s video you’ll get your NEW, MAGNETIC, Relationship with Money!

Getting rid of your “Money Monster” is just the beginning…

Nature abhors a vacuum! We need to replace your monster before it comes back!

In this video I introduce you to your NEW relationship with money, and I teach you EXACTLY what qualities need to be present for maximum magnetism.

In fact, the MOST IMPORTANT quality is not what you expect!

Get ready to meet your “Money Honey”!


Nimmoo Kinger“Morgana, you are the single person in my life who has transformed my life! I have worked a lot on myself and my beliefs about money and scarcity , but with one session you changed my life over! My monstrous relationship with money has been transmuted into a loving, caring fact, I had NO idea at all that any relationship could be as wonderfulas mine is now with my Money Honey. It is a magical process
and I am deeply grateful.My healing practice has increased and clients are coming in. There were days when I would be sitting idle with not a single client..and now I have a tough time scheduling them! And thinking of new ways to accommodate more people in the same time! And, this only in two weeks!”  Nimmoo Kinger, India

  1. Tanja Jaeger says:

    I just had to share this with you.I cleared my money monster and invited my money honey in last week and this morning I hit a wobbly( a bit of old money monster stuff:-) ) and my money honey said that he loves me and I deserve happiness and how he can’t stand to see me sad. He showed me a suitcase full of money and said it was for me. Literally three hours later, I received a loan to pay my debts in full!!! Thank you Morgana, I look forward to my new relationship with money and all the adventures that we will have. I send you Love and Light Tanja

    1. morgana says:

      Wow Tanja! That’s wonderful!

  2. fakhira aziz says:

    i need a job plz morgana help me find one

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Fakhira. I wish I could help you with this, but job searching is not my specialty.

      Best wishes,

  3. fakhira aziz says:

    ok lemme repharase my question. how can i generate lots and lots of money in weeks like others. i am following every suggestion of urs. so would i b able to do that?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Fakhira. I can’t answer that for you. I don’t know you, and I’m not your coach.

  4. Lynda says:

    Good Morning Morgana … I am enjoying the videos … I understand about the Money Monster … now it is to wrap my mind around the Money Honey … btw I chose George Clooney …. LOL …. I am a Booking Agent for bands …. and I know that I can make large sums of money in this industry and grow huge within this …. it is getting the venues !! Any suggestions? In the past I was extremely successful … my personality is that I need to be on top again … for well over a year I have been working on myself development … this area of money … well … looking forward to hearing what you have to say.
    Thank You … Lynda

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Lynda.

      Video #3 is going to be LOADED with deep content. I recommend you watch that first and see if you discover your answer there..


  5. Bob says:

    Hi Morgana,

    The transformation from an energy sucking monster to a caring and supportive honey is awesome. I actually feel myself vibrating at a higher level. I still find myself anxious about money, as client payments are dreadfully slow, but somehow I feel this is changing as we speak. Stay tuned.


    1. morgana says:

      That is great, Bob!

      Here’s a tip: it’s okay to feel anxious. It sucks. We don’t like it. And you get to use it.

      Tell your MH that you’re feeling anxious, and ask her what she wants you to do so you can feel less anxious.

      See how it works?


  6. Maria says:

    Hi Morgana,
    I purchased your progam and lisent. Then I kill my money monster and immediately replaced for my money honey who adores me. The second day I asked for a five thousand dollars raise, and my boss offered me four thousand dollars. I was very happy. I have been working in the same job for four and a half years without raise or benefits. My money honey looks younger than me. My heart feels warm and joyful.
    Light and love,

    1. morgana says:

      Wow! What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing, Maria.


  7. Elena says:

    Dear Morgana, I was lucky to listen to your interview and got a lot out of it. As soon as you said “If your money were a person who it would be?” I immediately saw a dirty, sleazy, disgusting and smelly beggar who would kill for your money or just for fun or because he doesn’t like how you looked at him. He was standing leaning on a brick wall. Would you believe it? No wonder I am penniless! Who would want to have such a creature in their lives! I also didn’t know how to get rid of him. I imagined him being blown away. It didn’t happen straight away. Soon after he disappeared I saw a nice but clearly poor girl standing near the same wall with a bunch of flowers. She looked like Eliza Doolittle. Obviously not like my Money Honey. When I “visited” this place again, there was just a brick wall with some flowers growing there. And then, finally, the wall disappeared and I saw beautiful vistas and mountain range in the distance. As to Money Honey, I finally saw a man who didn’t resemble anyone. He was just a type I would trust and could fall in love with. He came with a dog! I didn’t receive any unexpected pay rise or gifts but I am much less anxious and there were few interesting developments at work that could lead to very positive outcomes. Thank you very much, Morgana. I am looking forward to more work and more tips. Love it!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Wonderful! It sounds like you’re on the right track!

  8. sheekha says:

    hello morgana i would like to thank u…am new to your website and i feel so nice to know that there’s still people like u who like to share…may god bless u with loads of success and happiness…i just met my money honey n got rs 500..there was a time when i was sad and had no hope to survive but after watching your videos i feel back to life with a smile…thnk u loads ur indeed a gr8 lady…
    from mauritius

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Morgana, I heard your interview with Manifest Everything Now months ago and tried killing the money monster that showed itself, but then there were little monsters along the way and I have been struggling to kill them all. I tried again and this time, My money honey showed himself as the young Robert Redford in the movie The Way we Were and I feel so in love with my money honey!

    1. morgana says:

      Yay, Jacqueline! I’m so happy for you!

  10. Jacqueline says:

    I have been given the name ‘Jorge’ while thinking of my MH (spelled that way) and so whenever I talk to him I call him Jorge. I have been feeling confused and stuck with my business while struggling with personal issues and so I asked Jorge what to do next. There were a few suggestions from him (like registering for a virtual office, even going to Versailles to get some inspiration for my next collection!) So despite being on a budget I did what I was told. I was offered a merging with a brand a month ago but I refused it because I wad too traditional in a sense, but I think Jorge wants me to take it because after a few days asking him, I dreamed of an amount of money that was si vivid I coukd remember them!

    There were also some amount of money that came in my bank account! I love Jorge, and I love your work Morgana!:)

  11. jay says:

    My money monster REALLY loved smoking weed, but I deleted his dealer’s number from my phone and then chopped that pot head in half diagonally with a sweet broad sword! At that point the two halves of his body shriveled and disappeared and I hosed the entrails down the sewer grate. Then, money HONEY (a beautiful brunette!) told me to update my resume, go figure. I was listening to CTR and saw your picture on the schedule and I’m so glad, cuz your message is so good! Thanks for inspiring me Morgana!

  12. James McKeon says:

    Right now my money honey looks like the Wicked Witch of the West. My mission is to make it look like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      LOL, James. “Wicked Witch” doesn’t sound like a Money Honey at all.

  13. Claire says:

    Okay, after video 1 I went away and got really clear about the messages my money saboteurs/monster is giving me.
    I listened to his good intentions for me too.
    Ifelt really angry that I had let this greasy, lying car salesman treat me like this for soooo many years.
    I felt like a weight had been lifted from me.
    I “got” it.
    Today, I went to work ( I have a part time job too) and found out I got a pay rise. I came home to find my mobile phone company wanted to raise their fees, so I rang them – they ended up reducing it by £10 per month.

    Tomorrow I am going to to meet my friend and fellow coach for coffee in the most elegant hotel around.
    Get me?!

    1. morgana says:

      Bravo Claire!!!!!

  14. Amanda says:

    Hi Morgana – well after watching the first video – what came straight though my letter box a letter from the council saying that my council tax was going to be hugely less than I was expecting. So that was a great beginning. I have been listening to the recordings with your programme which I purchased yesterday and I think my money monster came through generations and was more like a spider web, dust laden ghost. My money honey is warm and loving, and thoughtful and loves me and I love him – who’s he like well he’s a fount of wisdom, and principle – and big and strong a Liam Nesson character – perhaps. His name … I still have to think of that one. I am looking forward to your next video. Thank you, Morgana.xx

    1. morgana says:

      Woo hoo! Yay, Amanda!

  15. abdifarah says:

    hi morgana-since I have watched the first video, I have completely changed and I am in a positive state of mind. I have just finished the second video and have appreciated. I am still in an upbeat state of happiness and looking forward to receive my honey desire.
    I want thank you and I am gratefull to you for empowering me a lot, thank you so much

    1. morgana says:

      That’s wonderful, Abdifarah!

  16. Robert Payne says:

    Hi Morgana – I purchased your special offer on

    When I went to bed, I imagined my money monster as Godzilla. To destroy Godzilla, I used the big turret guns of the battleship USS Missouri. A little while ago, I got an overwhelming sense that I needed to go outside and take a walk, which I did. As I was coming back to my driveway, I had an epiphany. As you say, I was pushing money away to protect myself.

    Specifically, whenever things were going good financially, my fiancee proposed that we buy a house, which would require debt and a long-term financial commitment. And my typical answer was, “Just because I have money coming in now does not mean it will be coming in six months from now. I am self-employed, and the money I bring in is not consistent.

    So, I apologized to Money for doubting her and not trusting in her. I’m not sure if I needed to apologize to Money, since it was Godzilla who was in control, before. But as I have learned when it comes to women, when in doubt, apologize. 🙂

    1. morgana says:

      I love it! Great story, Robert. Thank you!

  17. CARMEN says:

    Hello Morgana:
    It has been an enlightening process to see the “visual” tools you talk about! I have had for so many years….a “block” where money was involved.I once was very wealthy,and LOST it all!! So I had a terrible fear of losing it again. I have never been able to change that “pattern” since it happened. Because it scared me to work so hard only to see it go away,again….this was my perception, and I couldn’t understand it.
    You have given me NEW hope and helped my “self image”, because now I know it isn’t me,it’s someone else. And that I can actually change my financial condition, to something better,simply by changing my thoughts was a “great find”
    I look forward to your “Videos” and your support and in time would love to take your course….when my “Money Honey ” tells me do it!!!!!!!!

  18. ann Gray says:

    Never received Video 1

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Ann.

      According to our records, you received (and clicked on) video #1 on June 18.
      The invitation for Video #2 was triggered to go out when you clicked on the Video #1 link.
      I’ve asked my assistant to resend you think link for the first video.


  19. Donald reed says:

    thanks’ for this Morgana

    1. morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Donald!

  20. Margaret says:

    I am having a hard time realizing and combining my MM and visualizing him in or der to destroy him. Also, there are so many qualities in a MH taht I like that I have too many choices! HELP!

  21. Valerie says:

    I am so thankful for you and your transformational gifts. I feel a new found giddiness within me.
    Thank you!!!

    1. morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Valerie! My pleasure!

  22. Fely says:

    I relly love this money honey ur most welcome in my life,thank u Morgan sharing ur important video to learn it.i surely knw I will get success from u.ur great bless u more

  23. Jason says:

    Thank you so much Morgana, for ‘channeling’ my money honey. That was wonderful, I needed to watch the video twice so hard to wrap my head around that I must wonder; do we ever?

    1. morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Jason!

  24. donna says:

    Hello Morgana. I am new to your program and just watched your second video. As I was going to sleep last night I was wondering if my money honey could come to me even before I find and destroy the monster? have you ever had that happen? Thank you for your excellent work.

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Donna. To have a NEW relationship with money, you must get rid of the old.


  25. gulay says:

    Hi Morgana,
    Thank you so much for the videos. It seems like there is no end to my money monsters. Everytime I think They are gone and I meet my honey money, my honey money starts changing in a monster gradually.
    So finally I started getting rid of them just like Neo did in the movie Matrix and Neo ( Keanu Reeves ) is my money honey now.
    Now he kills all the money monsters everytime they pup up. I was wondering if it is ok to let my money honey kill off the money monsters?

    1. morgana says:

      Do whatever works for you Gulay!


  26. Kay says:

    Brilliant work! Thank you so much!
    The monster revealed itself today as I was reading all the people’s posts my mind was revealing situations from my childhood. I can see the monster’s path of destruction.
    Okay, I’m on it! The light has come to my dark side.

    1. morgana says:

      Yay! Keep up the good work, Kay!


  27. Jerry Higgins says:

    Morgana…. I like your style!!!

    Last night, I was writing in my journal about how I felt about unworthiness and my inability to attract more money into my life. I thought the process would help me with flushing out an image of my MM, so I could then go ahead and kill it.

    I proceeded to go off on a tangent about my parents, who abandoned me (different times) when I was a young boy. I let them have it with both barrels and held absolutely nothing back (they both passed on quite some time ago so I couldn’t do it in person). I realize that our MM isn’t supposed to be a real person, but I definitely feel that I killed ‘something’ last night. I slept like a baby and feel totally alive (and worthy) this morning.

    Thanks so much for your help!!!

    1. morgana says:

      Yay! Bravo Jerry!

      You’re welcome. 🙂


  28. Elona says:

    In this video you mention its is best to have a romantic MH. In my visualization of money honey (after destroying the money monster) I got the feel and vision of the Dalai Llama. Should I grow and nurture this relationship or create another one with a more romantic feel to it (rather than the wise and compassionate one with the Dalai Llama).

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Warm Regards

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Elona. That’s a great question. (And I’m a big fan of the Dalai Lama.) The reason why the Dalai Lama (or Gandhi, or Oprah, or Jesus) are not ideal MH’s is because we want a relationship that feels real, between equals. And the passion and yearning between lovers is most intimate, real, vulnerable, and equal relationship there is. You have tremendous power when your MH is “in love” with you.

      That said, if you need to start with the Dalai Lama, then let that be your transitional first Money Honey.


  29. Beatriz says:

    Hello Morgana,
    thank you for sharing your gift with us via these free videos.
    I am an artist and a healer. I’ve seen my money come and then go over the years. I have done work on myself
    in relation to this area of my life and progress has been made. However, when listening to this video, and absorbing
    the concept of the “money honey” and creating it, I became aware of fluctuating trust in the form of doubt within me.
    Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


  30. anne ku says:

    Hi Morgana, thank you for the videos. Just saw the 2nd one. Strangely i had a dream after watching your 1st video and in it appeared a monster which was trying to choke me. I shouted and chased it away. Somehow i think its my money monster. I do feel relieved. And now after watching the 2nd video, I have started to think of my Money Honey.

  31. TIMOTHY MURRAY says:

    Thank you again for helping out with getting rid of the money monster with the money hunny this new relationship is beautiful I never new that this was possible thanks to your video’s I’m in love again with my money hunny I look forward the the next video can’t wait peace ,love ,an thank you for directing me to my new relationship Namaste.

  32. Robbin Richardson says:

    Hi Morgana, I had an emotional fall out with
    My money monster the other night. I know it
    Is my mother who always made me feel unworthy
    Umong other things, along with every relationship I’ve been in.
    I’ve tried starting a relatioship with a really loving money honey, but I get anxious
    About money. I think I may have to kill this monster several times.

    1. Morgana says:

      Good work, Robbin. Take a look at Sarah’s story. She’s a former client of mine, and she’s still killing monsters whenever she needs to:

  33. Jude says:

    Hi Morgana,
    I created my Money Honey and have been talking to her regarding decisions that I am having some difficulty
    making. She is very intelligent and gives me some really good suggestions on how to handle situations in my life. I feel really grateful that she is with me while I am making this really important transition. I have changed my perception and
    this is changing my life. I always felt like I had to make all the decisions and I have realized this is far from true. I am more aware of why I am getting stressed and now am able to consult with MH and resolve the challenges before they become a problem. I have consulted her on three situations over the last week and have very good results.I really like
    her sense of humor and she is so easy to talk to.

  34. Witchuta says:

    Hello Morgana,
    I am from Thailand. I am 29 years old women. I have been working but I never get enough money. I need new condo and cars and pocket money to buy clothes, bags and food.Also I want to meet the love of my life and get get marry. Can you help, Morgana?

  35. Ingo Schönhoff says:

    Hello, Morgana; thank you very much; first minutes I couldn´t identify my money monster; so I “told money” why I am angy with it. After having made a very short break, the monster appeared and it told ME then why I am … english isn´t enough, so I say, the mnster told me, why I am a looser and one must shame about me ( or BEING with me, hehehehe )
    Now I immediately found my MH, because I thought some weeks ago about an entertainer ( singing, talk, symathic, worth to be loved) that: “We NEED people like Ina Müller!” She is fantastiv, amazing, and looks very good, too! hehehehehe, thank you!
    So I´m excited living with my MH now together!
    Kindest greetings, Ingo Schönhoff

  36. Meshach says:

    I am yet to kill my monster and I did not see any video

  37. Veena ROY says:

    Can my Money Honey be a Deity?
    Thanks forr your reply Morgana

  38. Yolanda says:

    Thank you for the videos. Something really feels good about your method. Is there a best way to kill the money monster? You say get rid of him, but i have not heard you be specific as to how or what ways are effective. How did you get rid of yours?

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Yolanda. I have a whole section of my blog devoted to Money Monsters. Dig around and you’ll find info on killing your Money Monster, including people sharing how they killed theirs. Here’s the link to the Money Monster section of my blog:

      1. Yolanda says:

        Thank you Morgana. I will certainly follow that link as well as continue to explore your blog and website. I so much appreciate your prompt reply!

        1. Trang Nguyen says:

          I started talking with my Money Honey today and it felt sooooo good!! There were words I gave myself that I have deeply wanted to hear from so long. Thankyou for this exercise I love it so much!

  39. NITINDRA says:

    So far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed I am eagerly waiting for the next video with full faith and trust for a miracle because I know only a miracle can bring me out from the rut that I am in. Regards and Best Wishes for more success.

  40. Dorothy says:

    Imagining money honey being kind and GENEROUS with me without the abrasive salt.

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