Morgana Rae & Charmed Life Coaching, Inc.

make money by putting LOVE first

In today’s video you’ll get your NEW, MAGNETIC, Relationship with Money!

Getting rid of your “Money Monster” is just the beginning…

Nature abhors a vacuum! We need to replace your monster before it comes back!

In this video I introduce you to your NEW relationship with money, and I teach you EXACTLY what qualities need to be present for maximum magnetism.

In fact, the MOST IMPORTANT quality is not what you expect!

Get ready to meet your “Money Honey”!


Nimmoo Kinger“Morgana, you are the single person in my life who has transformed my life! I have worked a lot on myself and my beliefs about money and scarcity , but with one session you changed my life over! My monstrous relationship with money has been transmuted into a loving, caring fact, I had NO idea at all that any relationship could be as wonderfulas mine is now with my Money Honey. It is a magical process
and I am deeply grateful.My healing practice has increased and clients are coming in. There were days when I would be sitting idle with not a single client..and now I have a tough time scheduling them! And thinking of new ways to accommodate more people in the same time! And, this only in two weeks!”  Nimmoo Kinger, India

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