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Should You Stop Managing Your Money?

Ann RusnakLetter from Financial Alchemist Ann Rusnak:

“Hi Morgana,

I wanted to share some things with you.

I fired my original money honey back in August. He expected perfection
from me. The moment I fired him this dreamy, sexy french guy, Antoine, showed up. It was
like he was waiting for me to get the other guy out of the way.

The first thing Antoine said to me: “close your business” So I did and
it felt good even though I had no idea what I’d do or how to fill the income gap. I was
at peace (still am) knowing things will work out just fine with my new money honey. He feels like a

I just love Antoine. I always ask him what
I need to do to keep him around. He’s told me what I felt were pretty
weird or didn’t make sense things, but I trusted him and  they worked out.

Often times Antoine would say, work on yourself. Own your new
money beliefs until they become a part of you. I know realize this
is a wonder gift given to me and glad I did it.

During this time, all our finances were taken care of… received
many many blessings. As money came in, I realized I didn’t have
the skills to “manage” it. I asked Antoine how do “manage” money

Antoine said, we are in a relationship… you don’t manage
a relationship, we’re partners.
You take care of it. Would
you want your husband to “manage” you. You’ve been
married for 25 years not because you two “managed”
each other but because you two cared for each other.

I asked Antoine how do I take care of money.
Boy did he guide me on what to do. I have a dedicated
spot in my office where take care of our finances. I
look forward to “visiting” that spot.

Six months ago, I hated and dreaded doing the bills,
checkbook etc. Now I enjoy it.

I’m so grateful for all our financial blessing.

I’ve let Antoine guide me on what to do business
wise… I will be telling my story… and I’ve been
getting a clearer and clearer picture on how
to go about it. I’ll be reappearing again very

I’m so grateful for meeting you. This past
six months would not been possible if
it wasn’t for your healing session with me.

I’m so happy and so at peace and I know
my financial blessings will continue to

Much Success,

Ann Rusnak”

Read Ann’s “Money Mind 21 Day Challenge” blog:

  1. Beth says:

    Love that way of thinking about it.
    I will start “taking care” of my money, not managing it.

  2. Fico - Books on Success says:

    Good for you Ann! I’m glad that you have everything in balance now and that you are now ready to receive in prosperity and abundance

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...