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“How do I connect to my Money Honey?”

Take My Hand

One of the big distinctions between Financial Alchemy
and all those other “Law of Attraction” programs is we
make money a PERSON.

You will connect with a person (especially if that person
is HOT) on a more intimate and emotional level than you
will every enjoy with an idea.

“Universal Principles” are never going to
sweep you off your feet like a lover.

But like any other relationship–and even more so
when you can’t physically touch your Honey–the
sparks cool and you need to wake it up from
time to time.

Here are some recommendations:

    • Get closer.

Step into your Money Honey’s arms. Sit on his lap (or have her sit on yours, as the case may be). FEEL your Honey’s presence!

    • Create a daily practice.

How does your Money Honey want to stay connected? A daily meditation? Lunch together? Dancing? My Money Honey and I share my morning coffee in my garden.

    • Every day, without fail, ask Money, “How can I
      make you happy?”

This is the BEST way to start the day. Or prepare for the next.

And here’s an essential tip: the BEST way to make your Money happy will always relate to self care. Even if it’s something you don’t feel like doing, or something that doesn’t make obvious sense… the action your Money wants you to take will always be in service of your highest good.

    • If you’re just not “hearing” it, try writing.

Most people are visual/kinesthetic. This means we receive and process information primarily through seeing and feeling. Journaling with your Money, just writing your thoughts and questions, then channeling your Money Honey’s responses, can make the communication flow more easily.

    • Tune into that “love vibe”.

Stop. Take a breath. Feel that hot, sexy yummy love. Then ask, “What do you want from me, darling?” and see what comes up.

    • Have a fight.

I hate to say it, but sometimes the best way to re-connect with your Honey is to have a full out, screaming fight. When you see your Money “going away”, it wakes you out of your complacency and forces ou to re-commit to the relationship and do what it takes to make your Money happy. This is MAGICAL. My income skyrockets every time.

    • Start over.

Sometimes your Money wants to go deeper, deeper than you can go by yourself. Yes, your relationship has already changed, but it wants to change again. Each time you go through the process, you take off another layer of separation, and your Money Honey–and you–emerge with a new covenant, a deeper connection, and more in love than ever!


Let’s add to the community wisdom. Please share what you’ve discovered in your own relationship with Money, and post your tips and “Aha!” moments below.   😀




  1. Andrea says:

    Morgana, these tips are perfect! You just made it so much easier (and fun) to connect to my money honey. Thanks for your help and service…

  2. Keala says:

    Dear Morgana,
    I can not thank you enough, your idea to create the Money Honey is the very BEST I ever came across and I ” work ” on prosperity since a loooooong time( 25 years?) read all the books…listened to many authorities in this field, participated in many seminars and finally I found YOU… I am soooooo happy with my Money Honey. The most amazing fact is that your story – I listened to your interview to-day- is my story, almost exactly, it was mind blowing for me, even the $ 100 story in a month, I felt so close to you, it helped me tremendously!!!!!!! I am not alone and I know my life will change for the BETTER! Much Love Keala
    Thank you for the recommendations how to get closer to HIM. Very helpful. I just love you for doing this. I can’t wait to tell my daughter about it and many of my clients need this help, I will send them to your website.

  3. Beth says:

    Thanks Morgana for keepin’ it real! Your ideas are so much fun and personable. I find it easier to connect.

  4. grace says:


    I have a burning question. I have my Money Monster, and I’ve tried to fire him, but he’s still around. I am thinking maybe I should turn him into my Money Honey by talking to him and blessing him. Has anyone else done this?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Grace. It won’t work. Your Money Monster wants to KILL you, and always will. I’ll address the subject of Money Monsters in an upcoming article.

  5. grace says:

    Thanks, Morgana. So the Money Monster is the evil, self-destructive part of our psyches. I look forward to your upcoming article. Are you familiar with New Avatar Power? Is the Money Honey like the Magic Mentor?


  6. George says:

    Seems my MM is getting stronger. Will try to apply these tips and hopefully something good will happen soon. Thanks.

  7. Lisa says:

    A while back, my first money-honey left. I had made a list of things he wanted me to do, and I did all the things he asked me to. After awhile it began to feel like I was being very obedient, and he was rather enjoying it. I started over again, but wasn’t sure what I was looking for. Within the next day or two, this energy just showed up in the room, it felt powerful and huge. I was a little reluctant to explore it, but I asked what this was. I got a name from him, and he said he was an alchemist. His questions for me have been about self examination and self reflection. I am often examining my beliefs and clearing them as needed, while I still do the things on the list I had before. To keep connected with him, I have discussions with him in the car, or in the evenings in meditation. When I’m writing, I ask for his advice and write down my impressions. I am amazed how smoothly things are going and how much I get done. This entire exercise has been a huge support for me emotionally as well as financially…in all areas of my life.

  8. Harry Husted says:

    Hi Morgana,

    Sometimes I find myself complacent. When I do, and money is not coming my way, I’ll mediate and ask my MH what to do. I’ll get a message and when I respond, I get a client that calls or emails me with work.

    So the method you prescribe does work.

    Thanks for sharing and being a part of my life.

  9. Paz says:

    When I created my money honey, I fell in love, and I was mesmerized by all the love I received and gave, it was perfect. But the challenge I faced by the thoughts I had was, ‘am I not just talking to myself’ aren’t I just answering my own questions. I don’t know whether I was over analyzing things but this is where I stopped trusting, I wasn’t sure and I started to loose the connection/ feelings, I somehow got into what was right or wrong. At some point I did realize, unconditional love is unconditional love, from that point I knew I would never let go, committed and if I got those kinds of thoughts I would just allow it to be, love is love is love is love. I also didn’t want to let go also because she is a hottie 🙂 thanks for the tips Morgana, they were awesome, Love Always x

  10. Karen says:

    Thanks for the tips – my MH and I started out strong and then it fizzled and I just didn’t know how to reconnect. I’ll start tonight!
    To Paz, if i may add my two cents (or two million:)! : I always knew that my MH is really my “spirit self/higher self/soul” or however you refer to it. And it makes perfect sense, because when we love and accept ourselves, all life , including money, loves us back. So, I guess it doesn’t matter who you are talking to – if it gets you to feel love and passion, gets you excited about life, helps you to honor, serve and love yourself, then a MH is a fabulous and fun way to do so!

  11. Anna says:

    I have less time (with payments, etc), I need money to come in on this week. My husband and I have been struggling since long time with few clients, debt, trying with Law of Attraction, etc.
    I can see very well my Honey Money, I ask him what does he need from me to be happy and he says, I´m not crystal clear if he says that or if it is what I want, that he wants to live a constant and passionate romance with me.
    Is there anything that I can do to accelerate the process?
    I was used to ask for guidance to my Higher Self although I wasn´t able to receive the messages, but now with the Honey Money I´m a bit confused, do I ask both for guidance?
    Love, Anna

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Anna. It’s very challenging when you’re in a state of crisis. When we’re anxious our energy tightens up, our intelligence goes down, and we get this desperate energy that makes us less attractive to things we want. So… let go of attachment to any particular financial result this week. That attachment keeps you afraid, and fear keeps you in relationship with your Money Monster. Kill the monster again, and have that passionate romance with your money honey. I have no idea what will come in for you financially if you do this, but you’re far more likely to produce favorable results when you feel beautiful, happy, confident, and optimistic… and that’s how love makes us feel.

  12. Kaoko says:

    Hi Morgana~ very happy to see the picture from Bali, I can feel the GLOW! What works for me- I have connected with one of my spirit guides several years ago, and started channeling since then, however I had not connected with “him” much. Now, he has a real lover energy. That is how he presented himself, as a suggestion, in my dream once. Amazing romantic beloved unconditional love. So, when I heard you, in some way I already knew where in my being to go for Money Honey. My mind was expecting something else, trying to create a more human feeling honey, but love is love, and my spirit guide is also part of me and my imagination/psyche.

  13. Ann says:

    My money honey lately has been helping me heal in another big area of my life… being a woman. I received so much negativity growing up that it was wrong being born a girl.

    My money honey holds me, caresses me, we soak in the Jacuzzi, wipes away my tears etc.

    I kill monsters over those messages and my money honey is there to reassure me and comfort me.

    I printed this post when you first published it and keep in my manifestation workbook for a reminder on keeping my money honey around.

  14. YVONNE says:

    Hi Morgana

    Thank you so much for your extraordinary fresh approach to an old problem. I have just begun what I feel to be an amazing relationship with my Money Honey. Sometimes though, I ask and can’t hear the answer, so thank you for suggesting I write things down.

    Once again, thank you for making me aware of this truly magical and yet intuitively “right” method of healing so I can enjoy a fulfilling relationship with my Money Honey/Wealth/Happiness.

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