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“How do I connect to my Money Honey?”

Take My Hand

One of the big distinctions between Financial Alchemy
and all those other “Law of Attraction” programs is we
make money a PERSON.

You will connect with a person (especially if that person
is HOT) on a more intimate and emotional level than you
will every enjoy with an idea.

“Universal Principles” are never going to
sweep you off your feet like a lover.

But like any other relationship–and even more so
when you can’t physically touch your Honey–the
sparks cool and you need to wake it up from
time to time.

Here are some recommendations:

    • Get closer.

Step into your Money Honey’s arms. Sit on his lap (or have her sit on yours, as the case may be). FEEL your Honey’s presence!

    • Create a daily practice.

How does your Money Honey want to stay connected? A daily meditation? Lunch together? Dancing? My Money Honey and I share my morning coffee in my garden.

    • Every day, without fail, ask Money, “How can I
      make you happy?”

This is the BEST way to start the day. Or prepare for the next.

And here’s an essential tip: the BEST way to make your Money happy will always relate to self care. Even if it’s something you don’t feel like doing, or something that doesn’t make obvious sense… the action your Money wants you to take will always be in service of your highest good.

    • If you’re just not “hearing” it, try writing.

Most people are visual/kinesthetic. This means we receive and process information primarily through seeing and feeling. Journaling with your Money, just writing your thoughts and questions, then channeling your Money Honey’s responses, can make the communication flow more easily.

    • Tune into that “love vibe”.

Stop. Take a breath. Feel that hot, sexy yummy love. Then ask, “What do you want from me, darling?” and see what comes up.

    • Have a fight.

I hate to say it, but sometimes the best way to re-connect with your Honey is to have a full out, screaming fight. When you see your Money “going away”, it wakes you out of your complacency and forces ou to re-commit to the relationship and do what it takes to make your Money happy. This is MAGICAL. My income skyrockets every time.

    • Start over.

Sometimes your Money wants to go deeper, deeper than you can go by yourself. Yes, your relationship has already changed, but it wants to change again. Each time you go through the process, you take off another layer of separation, and your Money Honey–and you–emerge with a new covenant, a deeper connection, and more in love than ever!


Let’s add to the community wisdom. Please share what you’ve discovered in your own relationship with Money, and post your tips and “Aha!” moments below.   😀




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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...